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SB/T 10021-2008 (SBT10021-2008)

SB/T 10021-2008_English: PDF (SBT 10021-2008, SBT10021-2008)
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SB/T 10021-2008English399 Add to Cart 3 days [Need to translate] Gelatinized confetions Obsolete SB/T 10021-2008

Standard ID SB/T 10021-2008 (SB/T10021-2008)
Description (Translated English) Gelatinized confetions
Sector / Industry Domestic Trade Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard X33
Classification of International Standard 67.180.10
Word Count Estimation 10,183
Date of Issue 2008-07-03
Date of Implementation 2008-12-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) SB 10021-2001
Quoted Standard GB 317; GB 2760; GB/T 5009.7-2003; GB 7718; GB/T 8883; GB/T 8884; GB/T 8885; GB 9678.1; GB 14880; GB/T 20083; GB/T 20884; GB/T 20885; QB/T 2319; SB/T 10346-2008; bulk food hygiene management practices Ministry of Health (Health Law Jian Fa [ 2003 ] No. 180); packing administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine supervision and Administration commodity metering Decree [ 2005 ] No. 75
Drafting Organization China Chamber of Commerce Business Standard Center
Administrative Organization Ministry of Commerce
Regulation (derived from) ?Ministry of Commerce Announcement 2008 No.48
Proposing organization China Chamber of Commerce
Issuing agency(ies) People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce
Summary This standard specifies the gel candy product categories, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, labels, packaging, transport, storage requirements. This standard applies to SB 10346-2008 referred to in 3. 4 of candy production, inspection and sales.

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SB/T 10021-2008
Gelatinized confetions
ICS 67.180.10
Record number. 24736-2005
People's Republic of China domestic trade industry standard
Replacing SB 10021-2001
Candy gel candy
Released on.2008-07-03
2008-12-01 implementation
Published by the Ministry of Commerce
Foreword III
1 range 1
2 Normative references 1
3 Terms and Definitions 1
4 Product Type 1
5 Technical requirements 1
6 Test method 3
7 Inspection rules 3
8 label 4
9 Packing 4
10 Transportation 4
11 Storage 4
Appendix A (Normative) Dry weight loss test method 5
This standard is a modification of SB 10021-2001 "Gel Candy".
This standard replaces SB 10021-2001 "Gel Candy".
Compared with SB 10021-2001 "Gel Candy", this standard is mainly revised as follows.
--- Changed some mandatory industry standards from SB 10021-2001 to recommended industry standards;
--- Add three types of "coating, coating polishing type", "sandwich type" and "other type of glue";
--- Loss on drying (g/100). plant gum type changed from 8.5 ~ 18.0 to ≤ 18.0;
The animal gel type was changed from 12.0 to 20.0 to ≤ 20.0;
The starch type is changed from 8.0 to 18.0 to ≤18.0;
The mixed gel type was changed from 8.5 to 18.0 to ≤18.0;
Increase the sandwich type ≤18.0, other glue type ≤20.0;
---Reducing sugar (g/100 in terms of glucose). from ≥19.0 (plant gum type), ≥18.0 (animal gel type, mixed gel type), ≥28.0 (precipitate
Powder type), unified to ≥10.0.
Appendix A of this standard is a normative appendix.
This standard was proposed by the China Business Federation.
This standard is managed by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China.
This standard was drafted. Commercial Standards Center of China Business Federation, Candy Professional Committee of China Food Industry Association, Want Want Group Sugar
Fruit Division, Dongguan Xuji Food Co., Ltd., Fujian Wellcome Food Industry Co., Ltd., Crayon Shinchan (Fujian) Food Industry Co., Ltd.,
Haiguan Shengyuan Food Co., Ltd., Shanghai Golden Monkey Food Co., Ltd., Fujian Yake Food Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hao (Group) Co., Ltd.,
Beijing Kangbeier Food Co., Ltd. (Ma Dajie Company), Guangdong Xiaomi Mi Food Co., Ltd., China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association
Hui, National Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Wrigley Candy (China) Co., Ltd., Unconventional Van Melle Candy (China) Co., Ltd., Shi Shili
Xiang Food Co., Ltd., Cadbury (China) Food Co., Ltd., Beijing Yili Food Co., Ltd., Beijing Dongfang Haowei Food Co., Ltd., Jin
Jiang Qifeng Food Co., Ltd., Nestle (China) Co., Ltd., Haoliyou Food Co., Ltd.
The main drafters of this standard. Ding Shaohui, Chen Guoxing, Le Wenxiang, Yu Mingda, Ma Hao, Shi Weizhen, Hua Benyuan, Liang Ding, Jing Hongbing, Dong Yansheng,
Fan Wenhua, Wei Jianhua, Chen Yushan, Zhao Yanping, Yuan Xiaomei, Xu Minqing, Ma Zhanming, Weng Yanjun, Du Chunli, Zhang Bin, Mi Guoliang, Liu Dong, Wu Chunzhu,
Dong Kun, Cheng Xiangdong, Qi Bing, Shi Yue.
Candy gel candy
1 range
This standard specifies the product classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, labels, packaging, transportation and storage of gelatin confectionery.
This standard applies to the production, inspection and sale of candy referred to in 3.4 of SB 10346-2008.
2 Normative references
The terms in the following documents become the terms of this standard by reference to this standard. All dated references, followed by all
Modifications (not including errata content) or revisions do not apply to this standard, however, parties to agreements based on this standard are encouraged to study
Is it possible to use the latest version of these files? For undated references, the latest edition applies to this standard.
GB 317 white sugar
GB 2760 Hygienic standard for food additives
GB/T 5009.7-2003 Method for determination of reducing sugars in foods
GB 7718 prepackaged food labeling rules
GB/T 8883 edible wheat starch
GB/T 8884 potato starch
GB/T 8885 edible corn starch
GB 9678.1 Confectionery Hygiene Standard
GB 14880 food nutrition enhancer use hygienic standard
GB/T 20883 maltose
GB/T 20884 maltodextrin
GB/T 20885 glucose syrup
QB/T 2319 liquid glucose
SB/T 10346-2008 Candy Classification
Health Regulations for Bulk Food Hygiene (Medical Supervision and Development [2003] No. 180)
State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine [2005] No. 75
3 Terms and definitions
The terms and definitions identified in SB/T 10346-2008 apply to this standard.
4 Product Type
The type referred to in 3.4 of SB/T 10346-2008 applies to this standard.
5 Technical requirements
5.1 Main raw materials and auxiliary materials (according to different varieties of formula)
5.1.1 Sugar
White sugar should meet the requirements of GB 317; liquid glucose should meet the requirements of QB/T 2319; other sugar should meet the corresponding national standard
Standard or industry standard.