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HG/T 20634-2009 (HGT 20634-2009)

Chinese Standard: 'HG/T 20634-2009'
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Standard ID HG/T 20634-2009 (HG/T20634-2009)
Description (Translated English) Bolting for use with steel pipe flanges (Class designated)
Sector / Industry Chemical Industry Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard J15
Classification of International Standard 23.040.60
Word Count Estimation 32,375
Date of Issue 2009-02-05
Date of Implementation 2009-07-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) HG 20634-1997
Quoted Standard GB/T 2; GB/T 90.1; GB/T 90.2; GB/T 196; GB/T 197; GB/T 901; GB/T 1220; GB/T 3077; GB/T 3098.1; GB/T 3098.2; GB/T 3098.6; GB/T 3098.15; GB/T 3103.1; GB/T 5133-1985; GB/T 5782; GB/T 6170; GB/T 5779.1; GB/T 5779.2; GB/T 5779.3; HG/T 20615; HG/T 20623; HG/T 20635; JB/T 4730; JB/T 5822-1991; JB/T 8150-1999; DL/T 439
Administrative Organization ?PRC MIIT
Regulation (derived from) Engineering [ 2009 ] No. 27
Summary This standard specifies the steel pipe flanges (Class Series) fasteners of the type, size, material, marking, technical requirements and restrictions. This standard applies to HG/T 20615, HG/T 20623 steel pipe flanges with fasteners, including hex head bolts, fully threaded studs and nuts.

HG/T 20634-2009
Chemical Industry Standard
of the People's Republic of China
Replacing HG 20632-1997
Bolting for use with steel pipe flanges
(Class designated)
Issued by. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's
Republic of China
1. Scope ... 3 
2. Normative references ... 3 
3. Types, specification and dimension of bolting ... 4 
3.1 Bolting type ... 4 
3.2 Hexagon head bolts ... 4 
3.3 Full thread bolts ... 4 
3.4 Screw nuts ... 5 
4. Materials... 7 
5. Usage of bolting ... 8 
6. Dimension tolerance ... 24 
7. Surface treatment ... 24 
8. Inspection ... 24 
9. Acceptance, packaging and quality certificate ... 24 
10. Labeling and marking ... 25 
Appendix A (Informative Appendix) Plain Washers for Pipe Flange Bolting ... 26 
Appendix B (Informative Appendix) Bolting and Insulated Members for Insulated
Flanges ... 28 
1. Scope
This standard specifies the type, dimension, material, labeling, technical requirements
and application of bolting for steel pipe flanges (C1ass designated).
This standard is applicable to the bolting for steel pipe flanges (including. hexagon head
bolt, full thread bolt and screw nut) specified in HG/T 20615, HG/T 20623.
2. Normative references
The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text,
constitute provisions of this national standard. For dated reference, subsequent amendments
(excluding amending error in the text) to, or revisions of, any of these publications do not
apply. However, parties to agreement based on this standard are encouraged to research
whether the latest editions of these references are applied or not. For undated references, the
latest edition of the normative document is applicable to this national standard.
"Fasteners-Ends of Parts with External Thread" GB/T 2
"Fasteners--Acceptance Inspection" GB/T 90.1
"Fasteners--Marking and Packaging” GB/T 90.2
"General Purpose Metric Screw Threads—Basic Dimensions " GB/T 196
"General Purpose Metric Screw Threads—Tolerance" GB/T 197
"Double End Studs (clamping type)-Product Grade B” GB/T 901
"Stainless Steel Bars" GB/T 1220
"Alloy Constructional Steel" GB/T 3077
"Mechanical Properties of Fasteners-Bolts, Screws and Studs" GB/T 3098.1
"Mechanical Properties of Fasteners—Nuts—Coarse Thread" GB/T 3098.2
"Mechanical Properties of Fasteners-Stainless Steel Bolts, Screws and Studs" GB/T
"Mechanical Properties of Fasteners—Stainless Steel Screw Nuts” GB/T 3098.15
"Tolerances for Fasteners-Bolts, Screws, Studs and Screw Nuts” GB/T 3103.1
"Laminated Rods" GB/T 5133—1985
"Hexagon Head Bolt" GB/T 5782
"I-type Hexagon Nuts” GB/T 6170
"Fasteners-Surface Discontinuities-Bolts, Screws and Studs for General Requirements"
GB/T 5779.1
"Fasteners-Surface Discontinuities-Nuts" GB/T 5779.2
"Fasteners-Surface Discontinuities-Bolts, Screws and Studs for Special Requirement"
GB/T 5779.3
"Steel Pipe Flanges (C1ass designated)" HG/T 20615
"Large-diameter Steel Pipe Flanges (C1ass designated)" HG/T 20623
"Specification for Selection of Steel Pipe Flanges, Gaskets and Bolting (C1ass
4.0.4 Continued
Grade Chemical composition (Standard number) Heat treatment system Specification
Mechanical property
HB бb бa δ5(%)≥
0Cr18Ni9 GB/T 1220 Solid solution — 515 205 40 ≤187
0Cr17Ni12M02 GB/T 1220 Solid solution — 515 205 40 ≤187
A193, B8-2 ASTM A193 Solid solution + strain hardening
≤M20 860 690 12
>M20~M24 795 550 15
>M24~M30 725 450 20
>M30~M36 690 345 28
A193, B8M-2 ASTM A193 Solid solution + strain hardening
≤M20 760 665 15
>M20~M24 690 550 20 ≤321
>M24~M30 655 450 25
>M30~M36 620 345 30
A320, L7b ASTM A320 Slack quenching (tempering≥620℃) ≤M65 860690725550 1618 -≤235
A453, 660 ASTM A453 Solid solution + strain hardening — 895 585 15 ≥99
a Low temperature notch impact test shall be carried out for 35CrM0 which is used at
lower than - 20℃, and the average value of its three impact energy Akv shall not be lower
than 27J, which shall be indicated at ordering.
b When it is used at above -100℃, the minimum impact energy of the low-temperature
impact test shall be 27J.
4.0.5 The mechanical property test shall be carried out for the roughcast of full thread bolt
batch by batch. The hardness test shall be carried out for the roughcast of special screw nuts
batch by batch.
5. Usage of bolting
5.0.1 The usage of commercial grade hexagon head bolts and I type hexagon nuts shall be in
accordance with the following requirements.
1 Nominal pressure grade is less than or equal to Class150.
2 Be used in non-toxic, non-combustible medium as well as non-severe cyclic occasions;
3 Be matched with nonmetallic flat gaskets.
5.0.2 In addition to Article 5.0.1, special-grade full thread bolts and special screw nuts shall
be selected.
5.0.3 The working pressure and temperature range of bolting shall meet the provisions of
Table 5.0.3 of this standard.
Table 5.0.4 Match of Hexagon Head Bolt and Screw Nuts
Hexagon head bolts, studs Nuts
(Standard number)
Performance rate or
material trademark
Type and production grade (Standard
Performance rate or
material trademark
Hexagon head bolt GB/T 5782
Grade A and Grade B
I type hexagon nut
GB/T 6170, Grade A and Grade B
Full thread bolt HG/T 20634
Screw nuts for pipe flanges
HG/T 20634
25Cr2M0V 30CrM0
0Cr18Ni9 0Cr18Ni9
0Cr17Ni12M02 0Cr17Ni12M02
A193, B8 C1.2
A194, 8A194, 8M A193, B8M C1.2
A453, 660
A320, L7 A194, 7
5.0.5 The selection of bolting, flanges and gaskets shall meet the provisions of HG/T 20635.
5.0.6 The length and mass of hexagon head bolts or studs are given in Table 5.0.6-1~Table
5.0.6-18. Users may also choose other bolt length so as to satisfy the connection requirements.
The bolting length in the table excludes the thickness of cushion ring.
5.0.7 The length of hexagon head bolts or studs for butt welding ring loose flanges shall be
determined according to the following formula.
Hexagon head bolt or stud length=length of bolt for corresponding raised face
flange-2×raised face height+2×butt welding ring thickness
Note. The thickness of butt welding ring shall be determined according to the requirements of users at ordering; generally,
it is equal to the wall thickness of matched steel tube.
5.0.8 The mass of screw nuts shall be as shown in Table 5.0.8.
5.0.9 The usage of cushion ring may be in accordance with the provisions of Appendix A of
this standard.
5.0.10 The bolting for insulated flanges shall be selected according to the provisions of
Appendix B of this standard.
Table 5.0 6-1 Length Code Name of Hexagon Head Bolts or Studs for Flange Joints with the Same Pressure Rating
Code name Raised face Female face/male face, tongue Ring joint face
Length code name of hexagon head LSR — —
Length code name of studs LZR LZM LZJ
5.0.6-3 continued
Nominal size Screw thread Quantity
Hexagon head bolt
DN NPS LSR(mm) Mass(kg)
1150 46 M39 40 265 3164
1200 48 M39 44 275 4277
1250 50 M45 44 290 4463
1300 52 M45 44 300 4587
1350 54 M45 44 310 4711
1400 56 M45 48 315 4773
1450 58 M45 48 325 4897
1500 60 M45 52 330 4959
Note. 1 The length of bolting is excluded in the thickness of cushion ring.
2 The mass of bolting is the approximate mass of per 1000 pieces.
Table 5.0.6-4 Length and Mass of Hexagon Head Bolts for B-series Flanges of Class150 (PN20), D......
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