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HG/T 20610-2009 (HGT 20610-2009)

HG/T 20610-2009_English: PDF (HGT20610-2009)
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HG/T 20610-2009English75 Add to Cart 0--3 minutes. Auto-delivered. Spiral wound gaskets for use with steel pipe flanges (PN designated) HG/T 20610-2009 Valid HG/T 20610-2009

Standard ID HG/T 20610-2009 (HG/T20610-2009)
Description (Translated English) Spiral wound gaskets for use with steel pipe flanges (PN designated)
Sector / Industry Chemical Industry Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard J15
Classification of International Standard 23.040.60
Word Count Estimation 14,168
Date of Issue 2009-02-05
Date of Implementation 2009-07-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) HG 20610-1997
Quoted Standard GB/T 912; GB/T 3280; GB/T 4237; GB/T 11253; HG/T 20592; HG/T 20614; JB/T 7758.2; JC/T 69; QB/T 3628
Administrative Organization ?PRC MIIT
Regulation (derived from) Engineering [ 2009 ] No. 27
Summary This standard specifies the steel pipe flanges (PN series) spiral wound gasket type, size, technical requirements, marking and signs. This standard applies to HG/T 20592 specified nominal pressure PN16 ~ PN160 steel pipe flanges with spiral wound gasket.

HG/T 20610-2009
Chemical Industry Standard
of the People's Republic of China
Replacing HG 20610-1997
Spiral Wound Gaskets for use with Steel Pipe Flanges
(PN designated)
Issued by. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's
Republic of China
1. Scope ... 3 
2. Normative References ... 3 
3. General provisions ... 3 
4. Dimension ... 6 
5. Technical Requirements ... 8 
6. Inspection ... 9 
7. Labeling... 9 
1. Scope
This standard specifies the type, dimension, technical requirements, labeling and
marking of the spiral wound gaskets for steel pipe flanges (PN designated).
This standard is applicable to the spiral wound gaskets for steel pipe flanges specified in
HG/T 20592 whose nominal pressure is PN16-PN160.
2. Normative References
The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text,
constitute provisions of this national standard. For dated reference, subsequent amendments
(excluding amending error in the text) to, or revisions of, any of these publications do not
apply. However, parties to agreements based on this standard are encouraged to research
whether the latest editions of these references are applied or not. For undated references, the
latest edition of the normative document is applicable to this national standard.
"Hot-rolled Plain Carbon and Low Alloy Structural Steel Sheets and Strips" GB/T 912
"Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Plate Sheets and Strips” GB/T 3280
"Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Plate Sheets and Strips” GB/T 4237
"Cold-rolled Plain Carbon and Low Alloy Structural Steel Sheets and Strips” GB/T
"Steel Pipe Flanges (PN designated)" HG/T 20592
“Specification for selection of Steel Pipe Flanges, Gaskets and Bolting (PN designated)”
HG/T 20614
"Specification for Flexible Graphite Plates" TB/T 7758.2
"Compressed Asbestos Sheet" JC/T 69
"PTFE Unsintered Tape for Screw Sealing" QB/T 3628
3. General provisions
3.0.1 The type, code name, section form and applicable flange sealing surface type of gaskets
shall comply with the provisions in Table 3.0.1.
Table 3.0.3 Service Temperature Scope of Gaskets
Metallic tape material Filling material Service temperature scope
( )℃ Steel grade Standard Name Reference standard
GB/T 3280
Chrysotile tape a JC/T 69 -100~+300
00Cr19Ni10(304 L) Flexible graphite tape JB/T 7758.2 -200~+650b
0Cr17Ni12M02(316 PTFE tape QB/T 3628 -200~+200
00Cr17Ni14M02(316 L) Non-asbestos fiber tape -100~+250
a The asbestos-contained materials shall be used according to the requirements of relevant law, and preventive measures
must be adopted in order to prevent serious risk to heath.
b When it is used for oxidizing media, the maximum service temperature shall be 450 . ℃
c Different non-asbestos fiber tape materials have different service temperature scopes, which shall meet the provisions of
the material producers.
2 The chemical compositions and mechanical properties of the filling materials shall
meet the provisions of Table 3.0.4 and Table 3.0.3 of this standard. Recycled materials shall
not be used for PTFE. The thickness of filling materials shall be stipulated by the producers
so as to meet the gaskets' compression load characteristics specified in Article 5.0.4 of this
Table 3.0.4 Main Performance of Filling Materials
Item Chrysotile and non-asbestos fiber Flexible graphite PTFE
Tensile strength
(transverse)(Mpa) ≥2.0 ≥2.0
Ignition loss (%) ≤20
Content of chloride ion
(X10-6) ≤50
Melting point ( )℃ 327±10
3 The inner ring materials shall possess the same or higher corrosion-resisting properties
as metallic tape materials and the stainless steel materials shall meet the requirements of
GB/T 3280 or GB/T 4237. Unless otherwise stated by the users, carbon steel may be adopted
for centring rings. The carbon steel shall meet the requirements of GB/T 11253 or GB/T 912
and surface treatment such as spraying, electroplating shall be adopted.
4 If other metallic tapes and filling materials are adopted, it shall be indicated at
3.0.5 In addition to the basic type, inner rings shall be adopted for PN63/PN100/PN160
gaskets as well as gaskets which use PTFE as filling material.
Table 4.0.1-2 Dimension of Basic-type (A type) Gaskets or Inner Ring (B type) Gaskets for Tongue/Groove
Face and Female Face/Male Face Flanges (mm)
Inside diameter of inner
Winding part
Inner ring thickness
t Inside diameter
Outside diameter
3.2 2.0
40 49 6l 75
80 90 106 120
100 116 129 149
125 143 155 175
200 222 239 259
250 276 292 312
300 328 343 363
350 381 395 421
400 430 447 473
450 47l 523 497
500 535 549 575
600 636 649 675
Figure 4.0.1 Dimension of Metallic Spirally Wound Gaskets
Type A
Type B
Type C
Type D
be less than four and there shall no welding defects such as overroasting or incomplete fusion.
3 The filling material on the upper and lower surface of the gaskets shall be smooth and
be appropriately higher than the metallic tape (about 0.15mm±O.1mm).
4 The inner ring and centring ring shall be deburred.
5.0.4 Performance
1 The gaskets shall possess the following compression-load characteristics.
Under allowable stress of 35CrMo bolt materials, the gaskets shall be able to be
condensed to near the centring ring.
2 Users may require other properties of the gaskets but shall indicate them when
6. Inspection
6.0.1 The material, dimension, appearance and manufacture of gaskets shall be compliant to
the provisions of this standard.
6.0.2 Other inspection requirements may be determined through negotiating with the
producers at ordering.
7. Labeling
7.0.1 Labeling and illustration
1 The gasket shall be labeled according to the following provisions.
1) Standard name;
2) Gasket type (refer to the provisions of Table 3.0.1 of this standard).
3) Nominal dimension (DN);
4) Nominal pressure (PN).
5) Material marking (refer to the provisions of Table 7.0.1; if there is no internal ring
or centering ring, the marking is”0".)
(including color code) shall meet the provisions of producers or users. The marking shall
contain the following content.
1) Name or trademark of the producer;
2) Standard No.;
3) Nominal pressure (PN);
4) Nominal dimension (DN);
5) Material marking (according to the provisions of Table 7.0.1 of this standard).
2 According to the users' requirements, the producer may label a color code of metallic
tape and filling material around the top circle of the centring ring. The color code shall be
determined through negotiation between the users and producers.