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Chinese Standard: 'HAD00202-1990'
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HAD 002/02-1990English480 Add to Cart 0--10 minutes. Auto-delivered. Local government - Emergency preparedness of nuclear power plants HAD 002/02-1990 HAD 002/02-1990

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HAD 002/02-1990
Translated English of Chinese Regulations. HAD002/02-1990
Table of Contents
Emergency Preparedness of Local Government for Nuclear Power Plant ... 2 
1 Introduction ... 2 
2 Contingency Plan ... 3 
3 Emergency Organization ... 9 
4 Emergency Evaluation and Protective Measures ... 12 
5 Public Education ... 16 
6 Training and Drills ... 16 
Appendix I Equipment Required in Emergency ... 17 
Appendix II Examples of Offsite Emergency Alarm and Announcement Plan
... 19 
Appendix III Protective Measures and Their Applicability ... 19 
Emergency Preparedness of Local Government for Nuclear Power 
(Approved and published by the National Nuclear Safety Administration, the Ministry of
Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Health on May 24, 1990)
This Guideline comes into effect as of the publication day.
The Guideline shall be responsibly interpreted by the National Nuclear Safety
Administration, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the Ministry of Health.
1    Introduction 
1.1 Purpose
The site-selection, design, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning
of nuclear power plant shall be in accordance with strict nuclear safety regulation. After
adopting a variety of preventive measures, although it is extremely unlikely that fault or
accident will result in nuclear emergency of the nuclear power plant, however, it can not
be ruled out completely. The difference between nuclear emergency and other
emergencies lies in that it may cause unacceptable release or radiation of radioactive
substance. To enhance the emergency capacity so as to be able to quickly and effectively
control the accident and mitigate the consequences in case of accident, each nuclear
power plant and the provincial local government at its location must have careful overall
contingency plan and full preparation for emergency.
The contingency plan of the nuclear power plant and the provincial local government at its
location must be made according to the specific conditions of the nuclear power plant. The
plan formulation must follow the principles of seeking truth from facts, practical and thrift.
These plans must be reported to relevant national supervision agencies as prescribed.
The contingency plan of the local government is a plan stipulating all actions implemented
or taken responsibility by nuclear accident emergency organization of local government
(hereinafter referred to as local emergency organization) in an emergency situation. The
local emergency organization is mainly responsible for off-site emergency actions and will
support the on-site emergency actions when necessary.
The contingency plan of the local government is an important part of the overall
contingency plan. This Guideline provides guidance for local government to compile
contingency plan; schemes different from this Guideline may be adopted in actual work,
however, the fact that the adopted scheme possesses a safety level equivalent with that of
this Guideline must be proved to the national nuclear accident emergency organization.
1.2 Scope
This Guideline summarizes the main points in formulation and implementation of
contingency plan of local government, which mainly include.
(1) Formulating contingency plan of local government;
(2) Establishing emergency organization;
(3) Maintaining ready condition of emergency organization;
(4) Implementing emergency actions.
2    Contingency Plan 
The provincial local government of the place where the nuclear power plant locates must
make off-site contingency plan and make preparation for emergency. The off-site
contingency plan of the local government and the on-site contingency plan of the
operating unit must be coordinated.
2.1 Accidents Requiring Consideration
The local emergency organization shall make contingency plan according to the analysis
of possible accidents of the nuclear power plant and their influence on the public and the
environment of the site. These accidents must include the serious accidents which have
low probability but whose environment influence is larger than that of the design-basis
2.2 Division of Emergency Planning Zone
The local emergency organization shall establish Plume Emergency Planning Zone and
Ingestion Emergency Planning Zone according to the analysis of severe accidents larger
than the design-basis accidents as well as the natural and social environment around the
plant, jointly with the operating unit of the nuclear power plant. The size and division
principle of the emergency planning zone shall be included in the contingency plan.
2.3 Requirements for Contingency Plan
The contingency plan of the local government must satisfy the following requirements.
(1) Determining the staff composition and responsibility of the emergency organization;
(2) Making a detailed plan of accidental emergency preparedness and response;
examined to maintain them in standby state. Some instances of specification
requirements of the emergency equipment required are listed in Appendix I. The
configuration of facilities and equipment shall implement the principle of active
2.5.1 Emergency coordination
One room or one set of rooms shall be pre-selected in safe place which is expected to be
free from the emergency situation of nuclear power plant as the emergency coordination
site. This site is the place where the responsible person of local emergency organization
coordinates, supervises and decides emergency actions of relevant emergency
organizations and directs exercises. An emergency communication office shall be set up
in the emergency coordination site and can effectively send and receive information
according to the stipulated line.
2.5.2 Emergency radiation monitoring
A mobile or fixed lab shall be set up to determine the activity of environmental sample.
2.5.3 Evacuation reception
One or several evacuation reception sites shall be selected in a safe place according to
the principle of active compatibility to provide food and accommodations for the public
when evacuation is a must. The local school, public auditorium, cinema, etc. can be
considered to act as evacuation reception site.
2.5.4 Information publishing
To make the public and the press fully obtain the information on emergency situation, a
public liaison information publishing organization may be set up in a safe place in the
emergency coordination site. It can be considered to use existing public buildings as the
office of this organization.
2.5.5 Facilities to receive and cure the personnel suffering from pollution and
To receive and cure the injured personnel and the personnel possible to suffer from
high-dose radiation or pollution, one or several hospitals nearby may provide facilities.
Plan arrangement and preparation shall be made for the rescue and treatment of the
suffering personnel. For personnel suffering from high-dose radiation, special equipment
is required and they shall be timely sent to specialist-hospital where conditions permit for
treatment. For this treatment arrangement, which hospitals (including the name and place
of the hospitals and transfer method) shall these personnel be transferred to under what
conditions shall be indicated in the contingency plan. The medical care personnel shall
also accept the training on treatment of personnel who suffer from pollution.
2.6 Communication System
2.12 First aid and Decontamination
It must be considered to provide first aid measures for personnel suffering from overdose
radiation and pollution of radioactive substance as well as personnel with injury or illness
caused by implementation of protective measures (for example, evacuation) after
accidents occur.
Local and (or) national government shall be responsible for providing personnel and
equipment for first aid and decontamination, which must be included in the contingency
plan of local government.
2.13 Alarm and Notice Issuance Procedure
The contingency plan shall strictly stipulate the alarm and notice issuance procedure. The
notice of alarm shall be issued through direct telecommunication and the recipient shall
notify that he/she has received the information. The co......
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