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Chinese Standard: 'GPONSFU-2011'
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GPON SFU-2011English800 Add to Cart 0--10 minutes. Auto-delivered. China Telecom GPON equipment testing program [GPON SFU, Part ONU] GPON SFU-2011 GPON SFU-2011

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China Telecom GPON SFU
Translated English of Technical Document
China Telecom GPON Equipment Testing Program
China Telecom Corporation Limited
August, 2011
Table of Contents
Test Overview ... 4 
1 Overview ... 4 
1.1 Equipment profile ... 4 
1.2 Test time, venue and personnel ... 5 
1.3 Test environment and equipment configuration ... 5 
ONU Equipment Test (Test of OLT Equipment from Different Manufacturer) ... 9 
2 PON Interface Test ... 9 
2.1 Optical link measurement and diagnostic function test ... 9 
3 PON Basic Function Test ... 10 
3.1 LOID authentication function test of the ONU ... 10 
3.2 FEC function test ... 13 
3.3 Dyning Gasp function test ... 15 
3.4 Function of constant-luminescence ONU, under the control of OLT, to turn off the
power supply of transmitter ... 15 
4 ONU Layer-2 Function Test ... 16 
4.1 VLAN function test of the ONU ... 16 
4.2 QoS function of the ONU ... 18 
4.3 Traffic control function of the UNI port on the ONU ... 21 
5 Multicast Test ... 22 
5.1 Multicast function verification ... 22 
5.2 Multicast performance verification ... 28 
6 ONU equipment protection function test ... 29 
6.1 Optical link protection function test ... 29 
7 RFC2544 Function of the Single ONU ... 31 
8 OMCI Interoperability Test ... 32 
8.1 Logical identification authentication test during MIB REST and MIB UPLOAD
... 32 
8.2 Capability set query of OLT against ONU ... 33 
8.3 ONU performance statistics ... 34 
8.4 ONU status alarm reporting function ... 34 
8.5 ONU remote reboot ... 35 
8.6 ONU software upgrade function ... 36 
9 ONU Local Management Function Test ... 38 
10 ONU Remote Management Test (Only against 1FE+1POTS SFU) ... 38 
10.1 Voice service function test ... 38 
10.2 TR-069 remote configuration test (only against 1FE+1POTS SFU) ... 42 
10.3 Service security test (only against 1FE+1POTS SFU) ... 47 
10.4 Restore factory settings test ... 48 
Test Overview
1 Overview
This test specification was drafted by Shanghai Research Institute of China Telecom
Corporation Limited; it was prepared with reference to Technical Requirement for GPON
Equipment of China Telecom V2.0 (No.382 ZGDX (2011) Document).
The test contents of this specification include. ONU PON interface test, PON basic function
test, Layer-2 function test, security test, multicast test, ONU Layer-2 function test, OMCI
interoperability test, local management and remote management test.
1.1 Equipment profile
1.1.1 OLT
Equipment model
PON chip
Shape (diagram)
Dimension (W/H/D mm)
Power supply
Number of Slots
Control panel (whether support main and standby redundancy)
Rear panel switching capability
PON number of ports (single board/entire device)
Number of uplink interfaces
GE (optical/electrical)
1.3.2 Version of the tested equipment
Description Model Hardware Version Software Version Test Remarks
Network management
Main control board
PON panel
PON chip
Uplink board
Switching chip
Optical module
Optical splitter
Indicate manufacturer
and type
1.3.3 Networking topology of the testing equipment
Refer to Figure 1 for the topology structure of the testing system of GPON equipment. The
configuration of such testing system is mainly used for testing the interoperability, basic
function, system performance, and network management function. Such system consists of
Optical Line Terminal (OLT), Optical Network Unit (ONU), passive optical splitter, and the
supporting instruments and equipment; whereof the Optical Distribution Network (ODN)
adopts passive optical network structure of passive optical splitter; a trunk optical fiber
connects with several optical fibers, communicates with multiple ONUs, which can share the
upstream bandwidth through the passive optical splitter.
dial-up networking, STP and other equipment
 VLAN2 is routing mode, dedicated channel for TR069; the users’ application
equipment (e.g. PC, STB, and etc.) can’t access to internet through this
 VLAN3 is routing mode, dedicated channel for VoIP, users’ networking
equipment (e.g. PC), IPTV device (e.g. STB) can’t access to internet through
this channel.
 When accessing to the internet, users’ networking equipment (e.g. PC) must visit
1FE+1POTS SFU equipment.
The OLT and ONU devices involved into this test can come from different manufacturers.
6. Adjust the optical attenuator, so that the power value shown by the PON optical
power meter reach about -25dBm; repeat Procedure 3 to verify its measurement
7. Adjust the optical attenuator, so that the power value shown by the PON optical
power meter reach about -30dBm; repeat Procedure 3 to verify its measurement
8. Set the low threshold of optical power received by ONU on the network
management to be -20dBm; adjust the optical attenuator, gradually increase the
attenuation value; when OLT downstream optical power received by ONU is lower
than the setting optical power threshold, observe whether the network management
shall generate corresponding over-limit alarm.
9. Read the ONU parameters like operating temperature, power supply voltage, bias
current and sending optical power through OLT; verify whether ONU supports the
measurement of its own optical module parameters.
1. In Procedure 2. ONU can support the measurement of the downstream optical
power of the OLT..
2. In Procedures 3~7. within the range of -10dBm~-30dBm, the measurement
accuracy of downstream optical power of ONU against OLT is ±2dB.
3. In Procedure 8. ONU supports over-limit alarm when receiving optical power,
and the optical power threshold can be set.
4. In Procedure 9. ONU supports the real-time measurement of parameters of its
own optical module, like operating temperature, power supply voltage, bias current,
sending optical power.
instruction Record the optical module’s manufacturer, model and serial number.
Test results
Procedure 3
Procedure 4
Procedure 5
Procedure 6
Procedure 7
Procedure 8
Procedure 9
Optical module’s manufacturer, model, and serial number.
Test remarks
3 PON Basic Function Test
3.1 LOID authentication function test of the ONU
environment Refer to Figure 1 for the test configuration
1. Establish test environment according to the test configuration diagram of
Figure 1;
2. Disconnect the optical fiber on the ONU interface;
3. Start the LOID authentication function of OLT, and set it to be authenticated
according to LOID and password; configure a valid LOID and corresponding