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GB/T 9174-2008 (GBT9174-2008)

GB/T 9174-2008_English: PDF (GBT 9174-2008, GBT9174-2008)
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Standard ID GB/T 9174-2008 (GB/T9174-2008)
Description (Translated English) General specification for transport packages of general cargo
Sector / Industry National Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard A80
Classification of International Standard 55.020
Word Count Estimation 9,925
Date of Issue 2008-07-18
Date of Implementation 2009-01-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) GB/T 9174-1988
Drafting Organization Bai Xing Industrial Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City
Administrative Organization National Packaging Standardization Technical Committee
Regulation (derived from) Announcement of Newly Approved National Standards No. 12 of 2008 (No. 125 overall)
Proposing organization National Packaging Standardization Technical Committee
Issuing agency(ies) General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China, China National Standardization Administration Committee
Summary This standard specifies requirements for general cargo transport packaging (hereinafter referred to as transport packaging) the general requirements, the type, technical requirements and identification checks performance tests. This standard applies to railways, highways, waterways, aviation and the carriage of general cargo transport packaging. Excluding dangerous goods, perishable goods transport packaging.

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GB/T 9174-2008
ICS 55.020
A 80
Replacing GB/T 9174-1988
General Specification for Transport Packages of
General Cargo
ISSUED ON. JULY 18, 2008
Jointly issued by. The General Administration of Quality Supervision,
Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ);
Standardization Administration (SAC) of the People's
Republic of China
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 4
2 Normative References ... 4
3 General Provisions ... 5
4 Types of Transport Packages ... 6
5 Technical Requirements ... 7
6 Performance Test ... 12
This Standard replaces GB/T 9174-1988 "General Specification for Transport Packages
of General Cargo"
Compared with GB/T 9174-1988, the main changes in this Standard are as follows.
— Cancel "Product transport packages shall meet each technical requirement specified
in this Standard" (1.1 of the 1998 edition);
— Cancel "Cargo transport packages shall be inspected, supervised and proposed of
evaluation of test results by national authorized quality inspection department, and the
certificate policy shall be gradually carried out"(Chapter 2 of the 1988 edition);
— Add Chapter "Normative references";
— Add dimension requirements of cylindrical and bag type and transport packages
dimension and mass limited range (3.9, 3.10, 3.11 of this edition);
— Chance Table 1 into provisions, and make corresponding modifications;
— Modify partial measurement units;
— Add "Package with its mass below 140kg shall be convenient for manual work;
case-cargo with its mass within 140kg~1,500kg shall be convenient for forklift work and the
center-of-gravity position of the cargo shall be marked out on package; case-cargo with its
mass more than 1,500kg shall be convenient for crane work and the center-of-gravity position
and the hoisting position of the cargo shall be marked out" (3.13 of this edition);
— Modify the performance test (Chapter 6 of this edition).
This Standard was proposed by and under the jurisdiction of National Technical
Committee of Standardization of Packing.
Drafting organizations of this Standard. Shenzhen Baixing Industry Co., Ltd., and
Standard Institute of Metrology of Ministry of Railways.
Chief drafting staffs of this Standard. Cheng Gang, Zhang Jin, Lan Shumei, Su Xuefeng,
and Bai Zhigang.
The previous edition replaced by this Standard is.
— GB/T 9174-1988.
General Specification for
Transport Packages of General Cargo
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the general requirements, types, technical requirements, and
performance test for identification and inspection of transport packages of general cargo
(hereinafter referred to as transport packages).
This Standard is applicable to transport packages of general cargo transported by railway,
road, water transport, aviation. Excluding transport packages of dangerous cargo and live
perishable cargo.
2 Normative References
The following documents contain provisions which, through reference in this Standard,
become provisions of this Standard. For dated reference, subsequent amendments (excluding
the correction) or revisions of these publications do not apply to this Standard. However,
parties who enter into agreement based on this Standard are encouraged to investigate the
possibility of applying the most recent editions of the standards indicated below. For undated
references, the latest edition of the reference document is applicable to this Standard.
GB/T 191 "Packaging-Pictorial Marking for Handling of Cargo (GB/T 191—2008, ISO
780.1997, MOD)"
GB/T 325 "Packing Containers-Steel Drum"
GB/T 731 "Gunny bags; Technical Requirements"
GB/T 732 "Gunny bags; Grading Stipulation"
GB/T 4857 "Packaging — Basic Tests for Transport Packages"
GB/T 4892 "Dimensions of Rigid Rectangular Packages-Transport Packages"
GB/T 6543 "Single and Double Corrugated Boxes for Transport Packages"
GB/T 6544 "Corrugated Fiberboard"
GB/T 7284 "Wooden Framed Case"
GB/T 6980 "Calp Box"
GB/T 8946 "Plastic Knitted Bag"
GB/T 8947 "Composite Plastic Knitted Bag"
GB/T 9774 "Sacks for Packing Cement"
GB/T 12464 "Wooden Boxes (GB/T 12464-2002, JIS Z 1402. 1999, NEQ)"
GB/T 13201 "Packaging-Dimensions of Cylinder Transport Packages"
GB 13252 "Packing Containers-Steel Pails"
GB/T 13508 "Polyethylene Blown Containers"
GB/T 13757 "Packaging-Dimensions of Sack Transport Packages"
GB/T 16471 "Dimensional and Weight Constraints for Transport Packages"
GB/T 17343 "Packing Containers-Square Pail"
GB/T 18924 "Wirebound Boxes"
GB/T 18925 "Skid Wooden Boxes"
3 General Provisions
3.1 The main objective of transport packages is for the purpose of transport storage. It shall
be provided with such functions that guaranteeing cargo transport safety, convenient for
loading-unloading storage and transport, and accelerating handover check.
3.2 Transport packages shall meet the scientific, firm, economic and beautiful requirements.
3.3 At normal process of circulation, the transport packages shall ensure that it is capable of
resisting and defending environment conditions effects with no breakage, damage etc.
phenomena, and delivering the cargo to the destination safely and rapidly in intact state.
3.4 The packing material, accessory material and container of cargo transport shall meet the
relevant requirements of domestic national standards and professional standards. Material and
container without applicable standard shall be tested and verified that its performance may
meet the requirements of circulation environment conditions.
3.5 The transport packages shall be intact and shaped. The cargo shall be uniformly
distributed, compressed in volume, placed neatly, with appropriate gasket, its
center-of-gravity position shall be in the center and as low as possible.
3.6 According to circulation environment conditions such as cargo character and carrying,
loading and unloading, transport and storage, package with protective devices such as seismic,
anti-theft, rain-proof, moisture-proof, anticorrosion, mold proof and dustproof shall be
3.7 After filled with cargo, the transport packages shall be firmly sealed. For small light
cargo which is easy to be lost, strengthening with adhesive tape sealing, nailing or complete
bonding plus adhesive tape sealing shall be adopted. Adopt steel strip and plastic strapping
strip etc. to make bundling strengthening in types such as two strips, three strips, cross,
double cross, well-shaped, and double well-shaped according to the requirements of product
name, volume, character, mass, length and transport mode of the cargo. The strapping tape
shall be overlapped firmly with appropriate degree of tightness, smooth without torsion, and it
shall not be less than 2 strips.
3.8 The bottom surface dimension of all kinds of square transport packages shall meet the
requirements of GB/T 4892.
3.9 The dimension of all kinds of cylinder transport packages shall meet the requirements of
GB/T 13201.
3.10 The dimensions of all kinds of bag transport packages shall meet the requirements of
GB/T 13757.
3.11 The dimension limited range and the weight limited range of the transport packages
shall meet the requirements of GB/T 16471.
3.12 The transport package mark according to the figures and characters of GB/T 191 shall
be marked at distinct position of cargo in accordance with the cargo character and the special
requirements for cargo storage and transport. The mark shall be correct, distinct, complete and
firm. The cargo shall be in accordance with the mark. The mark shall be printed or marked in
general, tie-hanging or sticking may also be permissible; the mark shall be free from color
fading and shedding in the whole process of circulation. The old mark shall be erased.
for full winded cargo.
5.8.5 Adopt binding material with strong tension, and determine bundling mode and number
of pieces according to cargo character, form, mass and its characteristic.
5.8.6 For bound, winded and tied parts where it is easy to be broken and folding cracked, it
shall be thickly padded and fully winded.
5.8.7 Especially for cupboard, furniture etc., in addition to binding, they shall be specially
protected and strengthened for exterior, the leg parts and the parts with glass. Furniture such
as cabinet and cupboard are forbidden to be filled with stuff so as to avoid increasing the mass
causing damage.
6 Performance Test
6.1 Test purpose
To simulate or repeat all kinds of hazards which might be encountered by transport
packages in process of circulation and their capability to resist these hazards, or to perform
arbitration if accident happens.
6.2 Determination of test items
Performance test for cargo transport packages usually consists of stacking test and
vertical impact drop test.
Other corresponding tests may be selected according to the requirements of GB/T 4857
in accordance with cargo characters, package types, different transport modes and cargos,
circulation environment conditions and the requirements of the cargo owner and