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GB/T 4214.7-2012

Chinese Standard: 'GB/T 4214.7-2012'
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GB/T 4214.7-2012English234 Add to Cart Days<=3 Household and similar electrical appliances. Test code for determination of airborne acoustical noise. Particular requirements for tumble dryers Valid GB/T 4214.7-2012
GB/T 4214.7-2012Chinese18 Add to Cart <=1-day [PDF from Chinese Authority, or Standard Committee, or Publishing House]

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Detail Information of GB/T 4214.7-2012; GB/T4214.7-2012
Description (Translated English): Household and similar electrical appliances. Test code for determination of airborne acoustical noise. Particular requirements for tumble dryers
Sector / Industry: National Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard: Z32
Classification of International Standard: 17.140.20
Word Count Estimation: 14,151
Quoted Standard: GB/T 4214.1-2000; GB/T 18884.4-2002; GB/T 20292-2006; ISO 7235-1991
Adopted Standard: IEC 60704-2-6-2003, IDT
Drafting Organization: China Household Electrical Appliances Research
Administrative Organization: National Standardization Technical Committee appliances
Regulation (derived from): National Standards Bulletin 2012 No. 28
Proposing organization: China Light Industry Association
Issuing agency(ies): General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China, Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China
Summary: This standard applies to general household and similar purposes monomer electric tumble dryers, intends to place on the floor against a wall, install or place to the counter, the kitchen under the sink or operating surface, wall mounted or mounted to the

GB/T 4214.7-2012
Household and similar electrical appliances. Test code for determination of airborne acoustical noise. Particular requirements for tumble dryers
ICS 17.140.20
National Standards of People's Republic of China
Household and similar electrical appliances noise test method
Particular requirements for tumble dryers
(IEC 60704-2-6:2003, IDT)
Issued on: 2012-11-05
2013-03-01 implementation
Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China
Standardization Administration of China released
Table of Contents
Introduction Ⅲ
IEC Foreword Ⅳ
IEC Introduction Ⅴ
1 Scope 1
2 Normative references 2
3 Terms and definitions 2
4 measurement methods and acoustic environment 3
5 3 Measuring Instruments
6 test run appliances and set-3
7 sound level measurements 5
8 Calculation of sound pressure level and sound power level 5
9 recorded contents 5
Content Report 5 10
Appendix 8
Appendix A (normative) Standard test station 8
Annex AA (informative) standard muffler: list of available types 8
GB/T 4214 "Household and similar electrical appliances noise test method" consists of several parts, Part 1 General Requirements, other parts
Special requirements.
This part of GB/T 54214 Part of. This section should be GB/T 4214.1-2000 "Acoustic household appliances and similar purposes
Appliances noise test method - Part 1: General requirements "in conjunction.
Stated in this section "applicable" part indicates the corresponding provisions in the 4214.1-2000 GB/T apply to this section; this section states
"Instead of" part of the provisions of this section will prevail; this states "addition" part indicates in addition to compliance with GB/T 4214.1-
Outside the corresponding provisions in 2000, it must also comply with the provisions of this part in the increased provision.
This section uses the translation method identical with IEC 60704-2-6:2003 "Household and similar electrical appliances noise test methods - Part 2:
Particular requirements for tumble dryers. " The main differences are as follows:
--- According to GB/T 1.1-2009 some formatting has been modified;
--- Some will apply to international standard formulation applicable to our standard formulation.
This part is proposed by the China National Light Industry Council.
This part of the National Standardization Technical Committee appliances (SAC/TC46) centralized.
This section drafted by: Chinese Academy of household appliances, BSH Electrical Appliances (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., Qingdao Haier Washing Machine Co., Ltd., no
Tin Little Swan Co., Ltd., Hefei Rongshida Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Ningbo Le's Industry Co., Ltd., the British Kate appliances Meiling
(Hefei) Co., Ltd.
The main drafters of this section: Lu Jianguo, Pan right, Wu Jiantao, Luppe division, Ma Biao, Mi Yi Dong, Lin Haibin, Fuhong Wu, Song Lijiang, Sun Peng.
IEC Foreword
1) The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC ) is an international scope by all national Electrotechnical Commission (IEC NC) consisting of standardization organizations.
Its purpose is to promote international cooperation on all questions concerning standardization in the electrical and electronic fields. For this reason, IEC to carry out related activities,
And publishes International Standards. Their preparation is entrusted to technical committees. Any technical issues of interest to the IEC
National Committee may participate in this preparatory work. And IEC international, governmental and non-governmental organizations associated also participate in standard
Formulation. IEC and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO ) in close cooperation between the two organizations on the agreement.
2) IEC technical aspects of the formal decisions or agreements, is prepared by the Technical Committee of the National Commission of all their interest to participate in the
Given. Therefore, these resolutions or agreements related issues as expressed consensus in the international arena.
3) IEC standards recommended way for international use, and in this sense has been accepted by the National Committee. In order to ensure that IEC
When the accuracy of the technical content of the publication and make any reasonable effort to IEC standard is its use as well as any of the most
Misunderstanding the end user does not assume any responsibility.
4) In order to promote international unification, national committee should ensure that their national or regional standards to maximize the use of international standard
quasi. IEC Standard and the corresponding difference in standard between any countries or regions must make clear that in the latter.
5) IEC provides no marking to indicate its approval procedures, but does not mean any equipment declared to comply with certain criteria to take responsibility.
6) It should be noted that certain provisions of this International Standard may involve patent rights, IEC will not accept confirmation patent rights.
International Standard IEC 60704-2-6 by IEC Technical Committee 59: "Performance of household appliances", the first subcommittee 59D "household detergent
Fandi appliance "to develop.
This second edition cancels and replaces the standard published in 1994, the first version of the standard, and the formation of a technical revision.
This section is based on the following documents:
FDIS Report on voting
59D/224/FDIS 59D/227/RVD
When all the materials related to this section can be found in the voting by the report shown above.
This part is based on the ISO /IEC Directives, Part 2 of the draft.
IEC 60704-2-6 shall IEC 60704-1:1997 Noise test method 2nd edition "Acoustic household appliances and similar appliances
Part 1: General requirements "in conjunction.
IEC 60704-1 relevant text from the rear part of the revised test methods become tumble dryers.
This part supplements or modifies the IEC 60704-1:1997 the corresponding provisions. Where Part 1 is not specifically mentioned in this section
Provisions should be adopted as far as possible and reasonable. This section states "addition", "modification" or "replacement", the Part 1 of the relevant requirements, test specifications
And descriptive content should be modified accordingly.
IEC 60704-1 for additional terms and graphics are numbered starting from 101. Additional annexes letters AA, BB and so on.
In addition to the new provisions contained in the notes or in Part 1 comment other than to replace the chapter contains comments in the article, numbered starting from 101.
The Committee decided that the contents of this publication remain unchanged until 2005. When the standard will be:
● reaffirmation;
● abolished;
● replaced by a revised edition, or
● Added;
● bilingual version will later issue of this publication.
IEC Introduction
This part of IEC 60704 specified test conditions to determine the noise level and the comparison of different laboratory instruments issued by the test results mentioned
For sufficient accuracy while simulate actual use tumble dryer as possible.
Recommended to determine the noise level is seen as part of a comprehensive test program (including household tumble dryers characteristics and performance of various aspects) of.
Compared with the first edition of this section (1994), second edition takes into account the noise throughout the drying cycle.
Note: with the introduction of the provisions of IEC 60704-1, this test method only involves airborne noise.
Household and similar electrical appliances noise test method
Particular requirements for tumble dryers
1 Scope
The 4214.1-2000 GB/T this chapter except as follows, are applicable.
1.1 Scope
1.1.1 Overview
This section applies to general household and similar monomers electric tumble dryers intended to be placed on the floor against a wall, install or place
To the next counter, kitchen sink or operating surface, wall-mounted or installed on the counter. In view of the development of the intent of this section, when the drum-type washing dry
Dry one machine is used as a dryer, it will be treated as a tumble dryer.
Limitations of this section relates to test methods see GB/T 4214.1-2000 in 1.1.1.
1.1.2 Types of noise
GB/T 6881.2, GB/T 6881.3 and GB/T 3767 can be used to test the noise emitted by tumble dryer.
Dimensions 1.1.3 sound source
GB/T 3767 prescribed method is applicable to sound sources of any size. When using GB/T 6881.2 and GB/T 6881.3 standard
, Should pay attention to the maximum size of the measured tumble dryers meet the requirements of GB/T 6881.2 and GB/T 6881.3 specified in 1.3.
1.2 Determination of amount
To express the value of the noise requirements are not within the scope of this.
101 NOTE: To determine and verify product specifications, that express the value of the noise, see IEC 60704-3.
1.3 Measurement Uncertainty
According to an estimate of the standard deviation of sound power levels determined in this section are as follows:
Standard deviation/dB
σr (repeatability) σR (reproducibility)
0.4 0.8
1.101 standard deviations declaration and confirmation
According to IEC 60704-3, confirmed the statement in order to determine the order of the sound, using the following data:
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