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GB/T 35260-2017

Chinese Standard: 'GB/T 35260-2017'
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Detail Information of GB/T 35260-2017; GB/T35260-2017
Description (Translated English): Specification for the maintenance of public bus
Sector / Industry: National Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard: R16
Classification of International Standard: 43.180
Word Count Estimation: 10,152
Date of Issue: 2017-12-29
Date of Implementation: 2018-07-01
Drafting Organization: Ministry of Transport Highway Science Research Institute
Administrative Organization: National Automotive Maintenance Standardization Technical Committee
Regulation (derived from): National Standards Bulletin 2017 No. 32
Proposing organization: Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China
Issuing agency(ies): People's Republic of China General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, China National Standardization Administration

GB/T 35260-2017
Specification for the maintenance of public bus
GB/T 35260-2017
ICS 43.180
R 16
Issued on. December 29, 2017 Implemented on. July 01, 2018
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Standardization Administration of PRC.
Table of Contents
Foreword ...3
1 Scope ...4
2 Normative References ...4
3 Terms and Definitions ...4
4 General Rules ...5
5 Maintenance Grading and Cycle ...5
6 Basic Maintenance Operation Contents ...5
7 Quality Assurance ...17
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the general rules, grading and cycle, basic maintenance
operations, quality guarantee, and the like requirements for the maintenance of public
This Standard is applicable to the bus under use (except the fully electric bus).
2 Normative References
The following documents are essential to the application of this document.For the
dated documents, only the versions with the dates indicated are applicable to this
document; for the undated documents, only the latest version (including all the
amendments) are applicable to this document.
GB/T 5624 Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Terms
GB 7258 Safety Specifications for Power-Driven Vehicles Operating on Roads
GB 9656 Safety Glasses for Road Vehicles (for Certification)
GB/T 18344 Specification for the Inspection and Maintenance of Motor Vehicle
GB 18565 Composite Performance Requirement and Detecting Methods for Road
Transport Vehicles
GB/T 27876 Technical Specification for the Maintenance of Compressed Natural
Gas Vehicle
GB/T 27877 Technical Specification for the Maintenance of Liquefied Petroleum
Gas Vehicle
JT/T 1009 Technical Specification for the Maintenance of Liquefied Natural Gas
JT/T 1029 Technical Specifications for the Maintenance of Hybrid Electric Vehicle
3 Terms and Definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in GB 7258 and
GB/T 5624 and the following apply.
4 General Rules
4.1 The basic maintenance operation of the public bus shall be carried out in
accordance with Clause 6.For the equipment and parts with special maintenance
requirements, they shall be maintained according to the vehicle maintenance manual
and instruction manual.
4.2 Particular maintenance of special equipment for fuel supply public buses such as
LNG, CNG and LPG shall be implemented as specified in JT/T 1009, GB/T 27876,
GB/T 27877.
4.3 Particular maintenance of the electric part of hybrid electric bus shall be
implemented as specified in JT/T 1029.
4.4 According to the actual use conditions of the vehicle, combined with secondary
maintenance, perform the special maintenance of the bus body and assembly
interchange operations.
5 Maintenance Grading and Cycle
5.1 The bus maintenance can be divided into routine maintenance, primary
maintenance and secondary maintenance.
5.2 The primary and secondary maintenance cycle of the bus shall be determined
according to the vehicle type, mileage, use conditions, use ages, and the like factors,
combined with relevant national standards, vehicle maintenance manuals, and
instruction manuals.
6 Basic Maintenance Operation Contents
6.1 Routine maintenance
6.1.1 The routine maintenance shall be carried out before, during and after the vehicle
6.1.2 The routine maintenance mainly focuses on the cleaning, replenishment and
safety performance inspection; the operation items and technical requirements are
shown in Table 1.
6.1.3 If problems are found during the routine maintenance, they shall be repaired in
noise; no foam for steering hydraulic oil, no
Check the appearance and air
pressure of the tire
The tire crown and sidewall are free of
cracks, bumps, foreign matter penetration
and abnormal wearing; the tire air pressure
is normal
Check the bolts and nuts of
wheel and half-axle Intact, tight and without looseness
devices and
Check headlights
The headlights are intact, effective; the
surface is clean; near and far light change
Check signal indicating device
Turning lights, brake lights, reversing lights,
position lights, danger warning lights are
intake, effective; and their surfaces are
Check the horn The function is normal
Check the instrument
The instrument panel is firm, the function is
normal; data meet the driving requirements
of the vehicle
6.2 Primary maintenance
The primary maintenance mainly focuses on lubrication and fastening; and checking
the safety components in the relevant systems such as braking, steering, etc.The
operation items and technical requirements can refer to Tables 1 and 2.
Table 2 – Operation Items and Technical Requirements Added for Primary
Operation items Operation contents Technical requirements
Clean or replace air filter
(engine, air compressor,
crankcase ventilation system)
oil-water separator discharge
The filter is clean; the liner is not broken;
the filter element is not damaged.The filter
is securely mounted and sealed.
Working fluid
Check the working fluids such
as lubrication oil, coolant, brake
fluid and booster oil, etc.,
replace and replenish as
No leakage, liquid level meets the
Engine and
ancillary device
a) Check the bolts and nuts
connecting to engine bearings,
radiators, oil pans, pumps, air
conditioning compressor, air
compressor, battery, starter,
generator, and the like
a)The bolts and nuts connecting to each
component are fastened; the lock pin,
washer and rubber pad are in good
conditions; each part is clean;
the bearing has no overheating
phenomenon; the sleeve and spline slide
smoothly; without looseness; the spline and
dust cover are intact; the lubrication is good
a) Check the appearance; a) No cracks or looseness;
b) Check the lubricant level and
replenish it as appropriate;
b) No leakage; the lubricant level meets the
c) Check the vent plug c) Vent plug is clean and unblocked
Table 2 – Continued
Operation items Operation contents Technical requirements
Braking system
a) Check and adjust the free
travel and fixing pin of the pedal;
a) The free travel of the brake pedal meets
the requirements; fixing pin fixes firmly;
b) Check the working condition
and sealing performance of the
brake master pump;
b) The brake master pump works normally
and there is no oil or gas leakage;
c) Check the appearance and
drainage of the air reservoir;
c) The appearance is good, no gas
leakage, no water accumulation;
d) Check the working condition
of the sub-pump;
d) The sub-pump works normally; no oil or
gas leakage; the stroke of the push rod
meets the requirements;
e) Check the pipeline and
e) The pipes and joints are in good
condition; and securely fixed;
f) Check the brake clearance;
and adjust it as appropriate;
f) The brake clearance meets the
g) Clean the outside of the
retarder and check the oil and
speed sensor clearance; shaft
does not move in radial
g) The retarder is clean; hydraulic retarder
oil level meets the requirements; the eddy
current retarder speed sensor and the rotor
clearance meet the requirements; and shaft
does not move in radial direction
Wheels and
a) Check the rim and retaining
ring for cracks and damage;
a) The rim and retaining ring are free of
cracks and deformation;
b) Check the appearance and
air pressure of the tire;
b) The appearance of the tire is intact, no
obvious wear; the pattern depth and air
pressure shall meet the requirements; the
valve cap is complete; the valve seat is free
of air leakage;
c) Check the tightening condition
of the bolts and nuts of the
c) The tightening torque of the wheel bolts
and nuts meet the requirements
Suspension a) Check the conditions of steel plate springs and bolts;
a) The steel plate is free of fragments,
incompleteness, displacement and
deformation; the bolts and nuts are intact,
exhaust pipe,
muffler, exhaust
tighten the bolts and nuts; damage; gasket is intact, no air leakage;
b) Check urea tank and
particulate trap; replenish, clean
or replace filter element as
b) The exhaust gas aftertreatment device is
functioning normally
Check and clean the
supercharger and intercooler
The supercharger insulation component is
complete; the supercharger runs normally;
no abnormal sound, no leakage; the
intercooler heat sink is clean; pipeline is not
aging; connection is reliable; sealing is
Air compressor
and dryer
a) Clean and check the air
compressor and drying cylinder;
a) The appearance is clean; the base is not
broken; the inlet and outlet oil pipes are
intact; no oil leakage;
b) Replace dryer filter element
as appropriate b) The dryer is no air leakage
Steering system
a) Check the steering wheel and
a) The steering wheel and the steering
shaft are connected reliably; the free travel
of the steering wheel meets the
requirements; the steering shaft and the
universal joint are free of cracks; connect
b) Check the appearance of the
steering gear whether there is
no abnormal noise, no oil
leakage; replace the sealing ring
as appropriate;
b) The steering gear housing has no
cracks, no oil leakage;
c) Check the steering arm
c) The steering arm rocker is free of
deformation; the lock is effective;
d) Check the horizontal tie rod
and knuckle arm;
d) The horizontal tie rod is free of
deformation, crack, tailor welding
phenomena; the ball pin if free of cracks,
no looseness; the knuckle thread is intact;
the nuts are not moved significantly in
radial direction; the matching clearance
between knuckle diameter and bearing
meets the requirements;
e) Check the steering knuckle
seal e) The oil seal is intact without oil leakage
main retarder,
a) Check and adjust the
transmission operating
a) The operating mechanism is functioning
normally; no abnormal sound; no jump gear
or disorder phenomena; the transmission
and main retarder work without abnormal
f) Check the brake shoe return
f) The return spring is free of distortion,
shackle damage, loss of elasticity, change
in free length;
g) Check the hub, brake drum
and bearing outer race;
g) The hub is free of cracks or damage.
The outer race of the bearing is not loose,
no damage.The brake drum has no
cracks, no grooves, or obvious
deformation; the outer edge is not higher
than the working surface;
h) When installing the hub
assembly, adjust the bearing
clearance and brake clearance
h) When installing the hub assembly, the
brake shoes and brake drum surface are
clean, no oil stains; the hub rotates flexibly
no axial clearance; the gap between the
brake shoe friction plate and the brake
drum meets the requirements
Disc brake
a) Check the wearing of brake
lining and brake disc;
a) The wearing of the brake lining and
brake disc shall be within the range
specified by the marking or required by the
manufacturer; their friction working surface
is free of oil stain, cracks, out-of-round,
grooves, and the like defects;
b) Check the clearance between
the brake lining and brak......
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