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GB/T 31989-2015 (GBT31989-2015)

GB/T 31989-2015_English: PDF (GBT 31989-2015, GBT31989-2015)
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Standard ID GB/T 31989-2015 (GB/T31989-2015)
Description (Translated English) Power supply safety for high voltage consumer
Sector / Industry National Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard C65
Classification of International Standard 29.020
Word Count Estimation 12,130
Date of Issue 2015-09-11
Date of Implementation 2016-04-01
Quoted Standard GB 1094.1; GB 1984; GB/T 2900.50; GB 3906; GB/T 11022; GB/T 12325; GB/T 12326; GB/T 13499; GB/T 14285; GB/T 14549; GB/T 15543; GB/T 16434; GB/T 17468; GB 26859; GB 26860; GB 50061; GB 50140; GB 50150; GB 50168; GB 50173; GB 50194; GB 50217; GB 50229; GB 50545; DL/T 486; DL/T 587; DL/T 596; DL/T 995; DL/T 5352; GA 1089; JB/T 3855; JGJ 46
Drafting Organization China Electric Power Research Institute; ; State Grid Power Company Beijing Shougang Corporation; Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Corporation
Administrative Organization National Standardization Technical Committee spice flavors cosmetics (SAC/TC 257)
Regulation (derived from) National Standard Announcement 2015 No.25
Proposing organization China Electricity Council
Issuing agency(ies) Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China; Standardization Administration of China
Summary This Standard specifies the high-voltage electricity users (hereinafter referred to as "Users") of the power supply emergency power and self-configuration, device configuration, security management, operation and management of the basic safety requirements. This Standard applies to 10 kV electrical safety and more users. 1 kV to 10 kV or more of the following user security can refer to the use of electricity.

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GB/T 31989-2015
ICS 29.020
C 65
Power Supply Safety for High Voltage Consumer
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Standardization Administration of PRC.
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 4
2 Normative References ... 4
3 Terms and Definitions ... 6
4 General ... 8
5 Consumer’s Electric Power Supply and Self-Contained Emergency Power
Supply Configuration ... 8
6 Equipment Configuration ... 9
7 Safety Management ... 11
8 Operation Management ... 13
Bibliography ... 18
This Standard was drafted as per the rules specified in GB/T 1.1-2009.
This Standard was proposed by China Electricity Council.
This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of National Technical Committee for
Standardization of High Voltage Electrical Safety (SAC/TC 226).
Drafting organizations of this Standard. State Grid Beijing Electric Power Corporation,
China Electric Power Research Institute, Shougang Corporation, and Beijing Yanshan
Petrochemical Corporation.
Chief drafting staffs of this Standard. Tang Yifeng, Cai Chongji, Shi Jingjian, Song Peng,
Li Hongbin, Li Ligang, Li Guoxue, Jiang Min, Ma Quanru, Ding Rong, Liang Jie, Chen
Yanxia, He Yan.
Power Supply Safety for High Voltage Consumer
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the basic safety requirements for power supply and self-
contained emergency power supply configuration, equipment configuration, safety
management, operation management of high voltage consumer (hereinafter referred
to as “consumer”).
This Standard is applicable to the power supply safety work for the 10kV and above
The power supply safety work for the 1kV above and 10kV below consumers can refer
to this Standard to use.
2 Normative References
The following documents are essential to the application of this document. For the
dated documents, only the versions with the dates indicated are applicable to this
document; for the undated documents, only the latest version (including all the
amendments) are applicable to this standard.
GB 1094.1 Power Transformers – Part 1. General
GB 1984 High-Voltage Alternating-Current Circuit-Breakers
GB/T 2900.50 Electrotechnical Terminology – Generation, Transmission and
Distribution of Electricity – General
GB 3906 Alternating-Current Metal-Enclosed Switchgear and Controlgear for
Rated Voltages above 3.6 Kv and up to and including 40.5 Kv
GB/T 11022 Common Specification for High-Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear
GB/T 12325 Power Quality – Admissible Deviation of Supply Voltage
GB/T 12326 Power Quality – Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker
GB/T 13499 Application Guide for Power Transformers
GB/T 14285 Technical Code for Relaying Protection and Security Automatic
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GB/T 15543 Power Quality – Admissible Three-Phase Voltage Unbalance Factor
GB/T 16434 Environmental Pollution Classification and External Insulation
Selection for High Voltage Transmission Line, Power Plant and Substation
GB/T 17468 The Guide for Choice Power Transformers
GB 26859 Safety Code of Electric Power Industry – Part of Electric Lines
GB 26860 Safety Code of Electric Power Industry – Electric Part of Power Plants
and Transformer Substations
GB 50061 Code for Design of 66kV or under Over-Head Electrical Power
Transmission Line
GB 50140 Code for Design of Extinguisher Distribution in Buildings
GB 50150 Standard for Hand-Over Test of Electrical Equipment for Installation of
Electrical Installations
GB 50168 Code for Construction and Acceptance of Cable System Electric
Equipment Installation Engineering
GB 50173 Code for Construction and Acceptance of 35kv and under Over-Head
Power Levels Electric Equipment Installation Engineering
GB 50194 Safety Code of Power Supply and Consumption for Installation
Construction Engineering
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GB 50229 Code for Design of Fire Protection for Fossil Fuel Power Plants and
GB 50545 Code for Design of 110kv~750kv Overhead Transmission Line
DL/T 486 High-Voltage Alternating-Current Disconnectors and Earthing Switches
DL/T 587 Code for Operating Management of Microprocessor-Based Relaying
Protection Equipment
DL/T 596 Preventive Test Code for Electric Power Equipment
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GA 1089 Public Security Risk Levels and Security Requirements for Power
JB/T 3855 High-Voltage Alternating-Current Vacuum Circuit-Breaker
JGJ 46 Technical Code for Safety of Temporary Electrification on Construction Site
3 Terms and Definitions
The following terms and definitions specified in GB/T 2900.50 are applicable to this
3.1 High voltage, HV
The voltage level exceeding 1kV.
NOTE. In specific condition, it indicates the transmission voltage level in the power system.
3.2 Electric power utilization
The behavior of using electricity for a intended purpose.
3.3 [Power] consumer
The party receiving the power supply from the grid and power plant.
3.4 Important power consumer
The electric power utilizing organizations or electric power utilizing sites having specific
reliability requirements for the power supply, which take a crucial position in the social,
political, economic life of certain region (city) or country; the power-off of which may
lead to personal injury and death, greater environmental pollution, greater political
impact, greater economic losses, and serious confusion of social and public order.
3.5 Double power supply
Two buses from two different substations, respectively, or two buses in the same
substation with different power incoming lines; two power supplies generating load
electricity to the same consumer.
3.6 Double circuit
Two power supply lines generating load electricity to the same consumer.
3.7 [Electrical equipment] defect
the upper and lower levels of cooperation, 110kV and below device is suitable for
adopting the integrated digital protection device with the protection, control,
measurement, acquisition and communication functions. The relay protection device
with voltage level 220kV and above shall be configured by the duality principle.
6.3.4 The low-voltage configured electronic release shall combine the load
characteristics to have the delay or instantaneous protection function.
6.4 Automation and communication device
6.4.1 35kV and 110kV substation (power distribution station) shall be equipped with
automation system; 220kV-and-above substation shall be equipped with monitoring
system, and shall adopt the integrated monitoring system.
6.4.2 The automation system shall not only ensure the equipment operation
monitoring and accident analysis processing, but also satisfy the requirements for
dispatching the automation system to exchange data at the same time. When
dispatching the automation system to exchange date, it shall meet the requirements
for the safety and protection of secondary system, and shall be equipped with
uninterruptible power supply and time synchronization system.
6.4.3 The monitoring host in the 220kV-and-above voltage level substation shall
adopt dual-computer redundancy configuration; the monitoring host in 110kV-and-
below substation shall adopt the single-computer redundancy configuration.
6.4.4 Proper communication mode shall be selected according to the actual
situations and specific requirements of substation (power distribution station).
6.5 Electric energy metering device
6.5.1 The consumer shall not start the metering cabinet, box arbitrarily, or add lead
seal to the instrument; shall not move, change, damage, forge the electric energy
metering device arbitrarily.
6.5.2 The metering device, acquiring device and other devices equipped to the
consumer shall be protected by the consumer. In case of the loss or damage, and etc.,
the power supply enterprise shall be informed immediately.
7 Safety Management
7.1 General requirements
7.1.1 The consumer shall carry out the safety management work according to the
provisions of laws and regulations, and requirements of relevant national and industrial
standards like GB 26859, GB 26860, GB 50229, GB 50140, GA 1089 and etc..
b) For the consumer not setting the centralized monitoring center or monitoring
1) 35kV-and-above voltage level substation shall be arranged special
personnel to be on-duty for 24h in the whole day; no less than 2 personnel for
each shift, and one of the two ones shall be designated as shift leader;
2) The power distribution room with 10kV voltage level and transformer
capacity 630kVA and above shall be arranged special personnel to ...