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GB/T 22255-2008 English PDF

GB/T 22255-2008 (GB/T22255-2008, GBT 22255-2008, GBT22255-2008)
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GB/T 22255-2008English239 Add to Cart 2 days [Need to translate] Determination of sucralose in foods Obsolete GB/T 22255-2008
GB 22255-2014English70 Add to Cart 0--9 seconds. Auto-delivery National Food Safety Standard -- Determination of Sucralose in Foods Obsolete GB 22255-2014

Standard ID GB/T 22255-2008 (GB/T22255-2008)
Description (Translated English) Determination of sucralose in foods
Sector / Industry National Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard C53
Classification of International Standard 67.040
Word Count Estimation 6,689
Date of Issue 2008-07-31
Date of Implementation 2008-11-01
Drafting Organization Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control
Administrative Organization Ministry of Health
Regulation (derived from) National Standard Approval Announcement 2008 No.12 (Total No.125); the National Health and Family Planning Commission bulletin 2015 No.2
Proposing organization People's Republic of China Ministry of Health
Issuing agency(ies) Ministry of Health of People's Republic of China; Standardization Administration of China
Summary This standard specifies the determination of sucralose in foods. This standard applies to the determination of sucralose in foods. This standard detection limit: When the sampling volume 5. 00g, volume to 5. 00mL, injection volume 20��L, the detection limit of 0. 004g/kg, quantitation limit of 0. 014g/kg. This standard linear range: 0. 100mg/mL ~ 0. 800mg/mL.

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GB/T 22255-2008
Determination of sucralose in foods
ICS 67.040
National Standards of People's Republic of China
Foods Sucralose (sucralose) Determination
Posted 2008-07-31
2008-11-01 implementation
People's Republic of China Ministry of Health
Standardization Administration of China released
This standard is proposed and administered by the People's Republic of China Ministry of Health.
This standard is drafted by. Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Chinese Center for Disease Control Nutrition and Food Safety.
The main drafters of this standard. Xiongli Bei, Daicheng Bing, He Qianqiong, Yang Jin.
Foods Sucralose (sucralose) Determination
1 Scope
This standard specifies the foods sucralose (sucralose) measurement method.
This standard applies to the determination of sucralose in food.
The standard detection limit. When the sampling amount of 5.00g, set the volume to 5.00mL, injection volume 20μL, the detection limit of 0.004g/kg; the limit of quantitation
To 0.014g/kg. The standard linear range. 0.100mg/mL ~ 0.800mg/mL.
Principle 2
Sucralose is a water-soluble substance, soluble in water and methanol. The sample was 75% aqueous methanol to protein separation, extraction with hexane
Take fat is removed, the water phase was evaporated water bath, deionized water volume, C18 reverse phase HPLC column separated by evaporative light scattering detection
Detector testing, based on qualitative and quantitative retention times and peak areas.
3 Reagents and materials
3.1 methanol (CH3OH, AR grade).
3.2 acetonitrile (CH3CN, HPLC grade).
3.3 hexane (C6H14, AR grade).
3.4 Distilled water (0.5mS/m).
3.5 neutral alumina SPE cartridge (2g) is installed.
3.6 Sucralose standards. purity ≥99.0%.
3.7 Sucralose stock solution (1.00mg/mL). Weigh sucralose standard 0.1g (accurate to 0.0001g), dissolved in water and constant volume
To 100mL, and mix (at 4 ℃ refrigerator 5d).
4 instruments and equipment
4.1 High performance liquid chromatograph. a evaporative light scattering detector.
4.2 swirl oscillator.
Centrifuge 4.3. more than 3000r/min.
4.4 ultrasound.
Step 5 Analysis
5.1 Preparation of the sample
Preparation of low-fat, no-fat and non-class caramel samples 5.1.1 Weigh accurately uniform sample 1g ~ 5g (accurate to 0.001g), placed in a centrifuge tube 50mL was added 5mL of distilled water,
After shaking on vortex oscillator 3min added 15mL of methanol, continues to oscillate 30s, ultrasonic extraction 20min, to 3000r/min from
Heart 5min, the supernatant was carefully transferred to 50mL glass Petri dish evaporation. precipitate 10mL75% aqueous methanol was added after the glass rod stir to 3000r/min centrifugal 5min, supernatant merger
In the evaporating dish, placed on a water bath, evaporated on a boiling water bath, the residue was dissolved in water and after a given volume to 5.00mL through 0.45μm membrane filter
Liquid reserve.
5.1.2 Preparation of fat-containing samples
Press operation, supernatant was transferred to a separatory funnel and the residue was operating according to, the supernatant was joined in the separatory funnel, and then take