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GB 7258-2004 English PDF

GB 7258-2004_English: PDF (GB7258-2004)
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GB 7258-2004EnglishRFQ ASK 9 days [Need to translate] Safety specifications for power driven vehicles operating on roads [including MODIFICATION 1] Obsolete GB 7258-2004
GB 7258-2017English265 Add to Cart 0--9 seconds. Auto-delivery [Including 2019XG1, 2021XG2] Technical specifications for safety of power-driven vehicles operating on roads Valid GB 7258-2017

Standard ID GB 7258-2004 (GB7258-2004)
Description (Translated English) Safety specifications for power driven vehicles operating on roads [including MODIFICATION 1]
Sector / Industry National Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard T09
Classification of International Standard 43.02
Word Count Estimation 44,465
Date of Issue 2004/7/12
Date of Implementation 2004/10/1
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) GB 7258-1997
Quoted Standard GB 1589-2004; GB/T 3181; GB 4094; GB 4599; GB 4785; GB 5948; GB 8108; GB 8410; GB 9656; GB 10395.1; GB 10396; GB/T 11381-1989; GB 11567.1; GB 11567.2; GB/T 12428; GB 13057; GB 13392; GB/T 13594; GB 13954; GB 15084; GB 15365; GB 16735; GB 17352; GB/T 17676; GB 18100; GB/T 18411; GB 18565; GB/T 18697-2002; GB/T 19056; GB 19151; GB 19152; GA 406; QC/T 659-2000
Drafting Organization Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Science Institute
Administrative Organization Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Standardization Technical Committee
Regulation (derived from) Announcement of Newly Approved National Standards 2004 No. 8 (total No. 70); National Standards Bulletin 2012 No. 9
Proposing organization People Republic of China Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Communications
Issuing agency(ies) General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People Republic of China, China National Standardization Administration Committee
Summary This Standard specifies the basic standard requirements and test methods related to the safe operation of the vehicle and the main assembly, security guards and other motor vehicles. This standard also specifies additional requirements of environmental protection requirements and fire engines, ambulances and engineering emergency vehicles and police cars in a motor vehicle. This Standard is applicable to the motor vehicle on our roads.

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GB 7258-2004
Safety specifications for power driven vehicles operating on roads [including MODIFICATION 1]
ICS 43.020
National Standards of People's Republic of China
Replace GB 7258-1997
Motor vehicle safety technical conditions
Released on July.2004
Implementation of.2004-10-01
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China
China National Standardization Administration issued
Foreword I
Introduction III
1 range 1
2 Normative references 1
3 Terms and Definitions 2
4 vehicle 5
5 engine 9
6 steering system 9
7 brake system 10
8 Lighting, signalling devices and other electrical equipment15
9 driving system 18
10 drive train 18
11 body 19
12 safety guards 20
13 Additional requirements for fire trucks, ambulances, engineering rescue vehicles and police vehicles 23
14 Motor vehicle environmental protection requirements 23
Appendix A (normative appendix) Speedometer indication error test method 24
Appendix B (normative appendix) Method for lateral lateral slip of steering wheel 24
Appendix C (Normative) Braking Performance Test Method 25
Appendix D (Normative) Headlamp beam illumination position inspection method 26
Appendix E (Normative Appendix) Airtightness Test Method 27
Appendix F (normative appendix) Driver's ear noise test method 27
Appendix G (informative appendix) List of technical requirements for four types of motor vehicles
Reference 32
The appendices to this standard are recommended and the rest are mandatory.
This standard replaces GB 7258-1997 "Safety Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation".
Compared with GB 7258-1997, the main revisions of this standard are as follows.
--- Added "3 terms and definitions" to clarify the concepts of center-mounted axle trailers, passenger trains, electric vehicles, etc.;
The car was renamed as "three-wheeled car", and the "four-wheeled agricultural transport vehicle" was renamed as "low-speed truck". It is clear that the "agricultural transport vehicle" is essentially
A category of automobiles; the name of "Tractor for Transport" was renamed as "Tractor Transport Unit", and it was clear that tractors can be used to drive trailers.
Road transportation operations.
--- In the "4.1 Complete Vehicle Mark", a) removed the "visible part of the outer surface of the vehicle body" in 3.1.1 of GB 7258-1997.
The requirements of the device shall be able to identify the signs of the vehicle; b) the items to be marked on the signs of various types of motor vehicles shall be refined, and the items shall be clearly defined.
The name of the item should be in Chinese, allowing the use of flexible signs (4.1.2) that meet the requirements; c) clarifying the car, motorcycle and portable
The vehicle and semi-trailer must have a vehicle identification code, which stipulates that the vehicle identification code cannot be changed or changed once it is inscribed (4.1.3);
d) cancel the requirement that the engine model and the factory number in 3.1.3 of GB 7258-1997 should be easy to be printed; e) increase
The requirements for road transport of dangerous goods vehicles (4.1.5).
---In the "4.4 Axle Load and Quality Parameters", the requirements for axle load and quality parameters of vehicles and trains and trailers have been added.
--- Adjusted and refined the requirements for the number of motor vehicles (or the number of passengers) in the "4.5 nuclear load".
--- In the "4.8 graphic and text mark" added the "motor vehicle warning text should be marked in Chinese" requirements.
---In the "7.2 Parking Brake", some heavy-duty vehicles and trailers should be equipped with anti-lock braking devices, in the "7.12 system"
The "alarm device" stipulates that the vehicle using hydraulic brake should be equipped with the requirements of the component failure alarm device of the hydraulic energy transmission device and
Vehicles with anti-lock brakes should have an anti-lock brake failure alarm function.
---In the "7.13 Road Test Inspection Braking Performance", it is added to test the three-wheeled vehicle with a fully issued average deceleration MFDD.
The regulation of the service performance of the speed truck; the passenger vehicle and the total mass are added to the "7.14 test brake performance"
The rear axle braking force of the 3500kg truck and the vehicle braking force of the three-wheeled vehicle are required for inspection by the flat test bench.
Special requirements are imposed on the brakes of the vehicle.
--- In the "8.4.6 high beam luminous intensity", the luminous intensity requirements of some high beam of motor vehicles are appropriately increased; in "8.4.7
The beam irradiation position requirement" adjusts the height irradiation position and the horizontal irradiation position of the low beam and the high beam of the headlight
---In the "8.5 Other Electrical Equipment and Meters", the requirements for the installation of the driving record device for some vehicles have been added.
---In the "9 driving system", the requirements for the tread wear indicator for passenger car tires (9.1.8) and the wheels of some motor vehicles have been added.
Dynamic balancing requirements (9.4) and suspension characteristics (9.8) require that passenger car spare tire specifications be different from other tires (9.1.8).
--- Added "Special requirements for 10.5 speed limited vehicles".
--- In the "11.6 doors and windows" further clarified the scope of application of various types of safety glass (11.6.3), allowing only along the
The bus used for operation on the bus lane set in the central lane of the road opens the passenger door on the left side of the vehicle body as needed.
--- All seats of the passenger car are specified in "12 Safety Protection Devices" (except for foldable seats after the third and third rows)
Both should be equipped with the requirements of car seat belts (12.1), "12.8 Safety protection for gas fuel special devices" and automobiles (three-wheeled vehicles)
Except) shall be equipped with the requirements of the specified triangular warning sign (12.12).
--- In the "14 Motor Vehicle Environmental Protection Requirements", the requirements for noise control outside the motor vehicle were added.
--- In the "Appendix", the inspection methods and equipment suitable for the safety technical inspection of motor vehicles are specified, and the requirements are full/loaded.
Trucks and semi-trailer tractors with a rear axle load ratio greater than 2.0 should be loaded (or fully loaded) to verify braking performance.
The transition period requirements for the implementation of this standard.
---4.8.3 The warning texts of motor vehicles should have the requirements marked in Chinese for imported motor vehicles;
Should be equipped with anti-lock braking device requirements; 7.12.2 vehicles with hydraulic brakes should be equipped with hydraulic energy transmission device components failure
Requirements for alarm devices; 8.2.5 For trailers and for vehicles with a length greater than 6 m, the requirements for side reflectors and side marker lights shall be installed.
For single-axle trailers that make up tractor transport units and for vehicles with a length of more than 6m and no more than 10m; 8.2.7 partial maneuvers
The vehicle shall be provided with the requirements for the reflective marking of the body; the requirements of 8.5.5 shall be for long-distance buses and tourist buses with a length of more than 9m;
9.1.8 Passenger car tires shall have the requirements for tire wear marks; 10.5 special requirements for vehicles with limited speed; 11.2
The reversible cab should have prompt text in the easy-to-see part near the turning control mechanism; 12.12 car (three-wheeled car)
Except) shall be equipped with the requirements of triangular warning signs; the above requirements shall start on the newly registered car from the 7th month after the issuance of this standard.
---7.12.4 The requirements for the alarm when the anti-lock brake device fails; 12.1.1 All the seats of the passenger car (the third row and the third row
The rear folding seat shall be equipped with the requirements of the car seat belt for passenger cars with a seat number not greater than 5; 12.1.1 long
The seat spacing of the co-directional or opposite seats of the coach and the tourist bus is greater than a certain limit and there is no shield within a certain distance in front of the seat.
The requirements for car seat belts shall be applied; the above requirements shall be implemented for the new production vehicles starting from the 13th month after the date of publication of this standard.
---4.1.2 The names of all items indicated on the product label shall have the requirements of the Chinese name for imported vehicles from this standard.
The new imported car will be implemented in the 19th month from the date of release.
---12.1.1 All seats of passenger cars (except for foldable seats after the third and third rows) shall be equipped with car seat belts.
It is required that passenger cars with a seat number greater than 5 be implemented for the new production vehicle from the 19th month after the date of publication of this standard.
---7.1.2 The vehicle shall have the requirements for emergency braking function. For the low speed truck, the 25th month from the date of issuance of this standard shall begin.
The new production car is implemented.
---4.1.2 and 4.1.3 regarding the requirements of the vehicle identification (carving) vehicle identification code, for three-wheeled vehicles and low-speed trucks
The implementation date shall be separately stipulated. Before the implementation date, the (complete vehicle) factory number (4.1.2) and the finished vehicle model and factory code shall be indicated.
No. (4.1.3).
---8.5.5 Requirements For other vehicles that should be equipped with a tachograph, the specific implementation date is in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
carried out.
Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C, Appendix D, Appendix E, and Appendix F of this standard are normative appendices, and Appendix G is an informative appendix.
This standard was proposed by the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Communications of the People's Republic
This standard is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Public Security Road Traffic Management Standardization Technical Committee.
This standard is drafted by. Traffic Management Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security and Highway Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Communications.
Participated in the drafting of this standard. China Automotive Technology Research Center, Machinery Industry Agricultural Transport Vehicle Development Research Center, Tianjin Motorcycle Technology
Center, Tianjin Public Security Traffic Management Vehicle Management Office, China Inspection Co., Ltd., Luoyang Tractor Research Institute, China Environmental Science Research
Institute, Beijing Municipal Public Transport Corporation.
The main drafters of this standard. Ying Chaoyang, Zhou Tianyou, Yan Lei, Zhang Xiansheng, Wang Yulin, Qin Qilin, He Yong, Wu Wei, Wei Jiawen, Wang Fan,
Shang Xiangsheng, Liu Xin, Zhao Jialin, Bao Xiaofeng, Li Aimin, Zhan Jianyun.
The previous versions of the standards replaced by this standard are.
---GB 7258-1987, GB 7258-1997.
The national standard "Safety Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation" (hereinafter referred to as "GB 7258") is the most basic of the safety technology management of motor vehicles in China.
The technical regulations are the registration of new vehicles and the inspection of safety vehicles in the traffic management department of the public security organs.
The main technical basis, but also the important technology of China's new motor vehicle mandatory inspection, new car factory inspection and imported motor vehicle inspection
One of the basis of surgery.
After the official implementation of GB 7258-1997 on January 1,.1998, the safety management of motor vehicles is strengthened.
The safety level of high motor vehicles and the safety of road traffic have played a very positive role. However, with the holding of the national economy
With the rapid development, the number of motor vehicles in China has increased rapidly (the growth of private cars is particularly rapid), and the four indicators of road traffic accidents have increased year by year.
The road traffic safety situation is very serious. To this end, according to the production technology level and road level of China's motor vehicle manufacturing industry, the actual improvement
In time, it is necessary to revise GB 7258 in time and improve the safety technical requirements of motor vehicles.
According to the spirit of the "Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" and the actual situation of China's motor vehicle safety management, the GB 7258
The revised principles of the revision work mainly include.
1. Replace the name of the “agricultural transport vehicle” and include it in the “car” to strengthen management;
2. Appropriately improve the safety technical requirements of passenger vehicles, and allow passenger cars to tow trailers to adapt to the rapid entry of cars into ordinary households.
status quo;
3. Appropriately improve the safety technical requirements of large passenger cars, medium and heavy-duty trucks and high-speed motor vehicles, and improve the operational safety of such vehicles
Can, in order to better ensure road traffic safety;
4. Increasing other basic safety technical requirements for gas-fueled vehicles, dual-fuel vehicles and dual-fuel vehicles to strengthen such vehicles
Security technology management;
5. The management link is appropriately simplified according to the development of the automobile and related technologies.
It should be noted that.
1. In view of the sufficient market cultivation period for new technologies and the maturity of technology, it is currently a common international practice to avoid irrationality.
The technical requirements limit the development of electric vehicle technology. The revised GB 7258 only clarifies the concept of electric vehicles, not for electric vehicles.
Develop specific and specific requirements. New car registration and special items for electric vehicles during regular vehicle inspections are temporarily exempt from inspection, but new
The electric vehicles produced shall comply with the relevant effective standards and regulations.
2. In order to meet the people's requirements for continuously improving the quality of life, the revised GB 7258 allows passenger cars to be towed by trailers, but did not propose
Targeted specific technical requirements. In order to ensure the safety of passenger trains, the relevant state departments should formulate passenger trailers for trailers as soon as possible.
Relevant technical standards and management regulations.
3. In view of the current standard system for emission control and noise control of motor vehicle exhaust pollutants in China, the national standard is still being improved.
The insurance department is developing a series of standards for the emission of pollutants from vehicles, and the revised GB 7258 only stipulates only "motor vehicle exhaust pollution.
The discharge of dyes shall comply with the relevant standards" and "the noise of motor vehicles shall comply with the relevant standards", and the relevant standards are not directly quoted.
The name and year number, the motor vehicle manufacturer, management and use department shall implement the relevant standards in accordance with the regulations.
4. The revised GB 7258 does not have the dimensions, braking performance, headlight illumination intensity and illumination position of the wheeled special mechanical vehicle.
It is stipulated that the manufacturer, management and use department of the wheeled special mechanical vehicle shall implement the relevant standards in accordance with the regulations.
5. Due to the special shape and structure, the forklift is not suitable for driving and using as a motor vehicle on the road. The revised GB 7258
It is clear that GB 7258 is not applicable to forklifts. The technical requirements of the forklift should comply with the relevant standards.
Motor vehicle safety technical conditions
1 range
This standard stipulates the basic technical requirements and inspection parties for the operation safety of the complete vehicle and main assembly of the motor vehicle and safety protection devices.
law. This standard also specifies the environmental requirements of motor vehicles and the additional requirements for fire engines, ambulances, engineering rescue vehicles and police vehicles.
This standard applies to motor vehicles traveling on our roads.
2 Normative references
The terms in the following documents become the terms of this standard by reference to this standard. All dated references, followed by all
Modifications (not including errata content) or revisions do not apply to this standard, however, parties to agreements based on this standard are encouraged to study
Is it possible to use the latest version of these files? For undated references, the latest edition applies to this standard.
GB 1589-2004 Road vehicle profile size, axle load and mass limit
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GB 5948 motorcycle incandescent light source headlights light distribution performance
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GB 8410 Combustion characteristics of automotive interior materials
GB 9656 car safety glass
Safety of agricultural and forestry tractors and machinery - Part 1 . General (GB 10395.1-2001, eqv ISO
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