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GB 5461-2000

Chinese Standard: 'GB 5461-2000'
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Standard ID GB 5461-2000 (GB5461-2000)
Description (Translated English) Edible salt
Sector / Industry National Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard X38
Classification of International Standard 67.220.20
Word Count Estimation 9,996
Date of Issue 2000-04-20
Date of Implementation 2000-10-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) GB 5461-1992
Quoted Standard GB/T 601-1988; GB/T 602-1988; GB/T 603-1988; GB/T 6682-1992; GB 7718-1994; GB/T 8618-1988; GB/T 13025.1-1991; GB/T 13025.2-1991; GB/T 13025.3-1991; GB/T 13025.4-1991; GB/T 13025.5-1991; GB/T 13025.6-1991; GB/T 13025.7-1991; GB/T 13025.8-1991; GB/T 13025.9 -1991; GB/T 13025.10-1991; GB/T 13025.11-1991; GB/T 13025.12-1991; GB/T 13025.13-1991
Adopted Standard �������� 13830-1984, NEQ
Drafting Organization National Sea Lake Salt Standardization Center
Administrative Organization National Sea Lake Salt Standardization Center
Proposing organization National Bureau of Light Industry
Issuing agency(ies) State Quality and Technical Supervision
Summary This Chinese standard specifies the technical requirements and practical salt, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, labeling, transportation and storage, this standard applies to edible refined salt, crushed salt and solar salt wash,

GB 5461-2000
ICS 67.220.20
X 38
Edible Salt
[Translator note. The changed contents of Corrigendum and Amendments are highlighted in BLUE]
Issued by. the National Environment Protection Bureau
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 4 
2 Normative References ... 4 
3 Product Category ... 5 
4 Technical Requirements ... 5 
5 Test Method ... 6 
6  Inspection Rules ... 8 
7 Package, marking, transportation and storage ... 9 
GB 5461 Corrigendum ... 10 
GB 5461-2000 Amendment 1 ... 10 
GB 5461-2000 Amendment 2 ... 10 
This Standard is a revision to GB 5461-1992 “Edible Salt”.
This Standard equivalently adopts TOCT 13830-1984 “Edible Salt”. In this Standard, calculation of
whiteness and chemical index according to wet basis percentage is added; and the limits for
hygiene index are specified according to the raw material, production process and product quality
of edible salt of our country.
Through the revision, the content for Class 3 products of ordinary salt, pulverized salt and solar salt
is deleted from this Standard; and the index for potassium iodate, grain size, whiteness and part of
the chemical composition parameters are adjusted.
This Standard replaces GB/T 5461-1992, from the date of implementation.
This Standard was proposed by the National Light Industry Bureau.
This Standard shall be interpreted and managed by the Nation Ocean and Lake Salt
Standardization Center.
Drafting organizations of this Standard. National Ocean and Lake Salt Standardization Center, and
National Well Mine Salt Standardization Center.
Main drafters of this Standard. Liu Zhida, Chen Sujuan, Zhang Nengjun, Wang Zhibin, and Fu
This Standard was issued for the first time in October, 1985; revised for the first time in June, 1992;
and revised for the second time in December, 1999.
Edible Salt
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the technical requirements, test method, inspection rules, package,
marking, and transportation and storage requirements of edible salt.
This Standard applies for edible refined salt, pulverized washing salt and solar salt.
2 Normative References
The articles contained in the following documents have become the articles of this Standard after
they are cited herein. For the dated documents so cited, all the modification list (excluding
correction) or revised editions made thereafter shall not be applicable to this Standard, but all
parties who have concluded agreements on the basis of this Standard are encouraged to study the
possibility to implement the latest version of these documents. For the undated documents so cited,
the latest version shall be applicable to this Standard.
GB/T 601-1988 Chemical Reagent-Preparation of standard solution for titration analysis
(volumetric analysis)
GB/T 602-1988 Chemical Reagent-Preparation of standard solution of contamination test
GB/T 603-1988 Chemical Reagent-Preparation of all pharmaceutics and products used in the
test method
GB 6682-1992 Quality and test method of water used in analysis laboratory
GB 7718-1994 General standard for labeling of foods
GB/T 8618-1998 The sampling methods of the main products in the salt industry
GB/T 13025.1-1991 General test method in salt industry - Determination of grain size
GB/T 13025.2-1991 General test method in salt industry - Determination of whiteness
GB/T 13025.3-1991 General test method in salt industry - Determination of moisture
GB/T 13025.4-1991 General test method in salt industry - Determination of insoluble matter
GB/T 13025.5-1991 General test method in salt industry - Determination of chloride ion
GB/T 13025.6-1991 General test method in salt industry - Determination of calcium and
magnesium ion
Chloride ion Cl- (4) Calcium chloride (5) Magnesium chloride (6) Sodium chloride
During the calculation according to the sequence numbers, if certain compound can not be formed
owing to absence of the anion or the cation, then the calculation can be conducted with the next
sequence number to fill-up the vacancies in the proper order. The calculation result shall be counted
to the third decimal point; and take the second decimal point.
When the percentage sum of inspected compounds and insoluble matters, moisture (the value
determined by loss of weight during baking plus the residual crystal water; or determination value
during burning at 600°C) is 99.5%-100.40%, the analysis data is deemed as valid.
For residual crystal water after baking of the edible salt at 140°C, the calculation is made based on
that 1/2 crystal water is contained in calcium sulfate; 1 crystal water is contained in magnesium
sulfate; 2 crystal water is contained in magnesium chloride; and 2 crystal water is contained in
calcium chloride. For residual crystal water after baking of the edible salt at 110°C, the calculation
is made based on that 1/2 crystal water is contained in calcium sulfate; 2 crystal water is contained
in magnesium sulfate; 4 crystal water is contained in magnesium chloride; and 2 crystal water is
contained in calcium chloride.
6 Inspection Rules
6.1 Group-batch
The products that are manufactured with the same-process; of the same-grade; and delivered in
same-time are deemed a group-batch.
6.2 Before shipment of edible salt products, the inspection department of the production plant (site)
or the sales department shall carry out inspection lot-by-lot according to this Standard. When the
inspection is qualified, the quality certificate shall be attached inside (outside) of the package; then
the product can be dispatched.
6.3 Sampling method and quantity
Conduct according to requirements of GB/T 8618.
6.4 The quality of edible salt product shall be based on the quality inspected upon delivery. When
there is dispute on product quality between the supplier and the purchaser, it shall be entrusted to
the arbitration organization by both parties for inspection and judgment according to requirements
of this Standard.
6.5 The quality deviation between the net mass of the edible salt product package and the indicated
mass shall conform to the requirements of the “Prepackaged goods metrological supervision
regulations" issued by the country.
6.6 If one of the indices in the inspection results (or two indices of grain size, whiteness and water-
soluble matter) can not conform to requirements of this Standard, then the standby-samples that
are same-lot as the sampled products shall be conducted for non-conformance items. If the retest
still can not satisfy the requirements for the lowest grade of that category-product, then the products
of this lot shall be deemed as unqualified.
GB 5461 Corrigendum
In Chapter 2, the quoted standards GB/T 13025.7-1991, GB/T 13025.11-1991, GB/T 13025.12-
1991 and GB/T 13025.13-1991 shall be respectively changed to. GB/T 13025.7-1999, GB/T
13025.11-1994, GB/T 13025.12-1994 and GB/T 13025.13-1994.
GB 5461-2000 Amendment 1
This Amendment was approved by State Quality Technical Supervision Bureau in March 21,
2001. It shall be implemented from June 1, 2001.
In Table 1 of Technical Requirements.
- Add “2)” for item Iodine (in I).
- Add the following contents at bottom-row.
2) For not-iodized salt that is specially supplied to high-iodine area residents and people
who are not suitable to eat iodized salt, the iodine content shall be less than 5 mg/......
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