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GB 50303-2002 English PDF

GB 50303-2002_English: PDF (GB50303-2002)
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GB 50303-2002English95 Add to Cart 0--9 seconds. Auto-delivery Code for acceptance of construction quality of electrical installation in building Obsolete GB 50303-2002
GB 50303-2015English755 Add to Cart 0--9 seconds. Auto-delivery Code for acceptance of construction quality of building electrical engineering Valid GB 50303-2015

Standard ID GB 50303-2002 (GB50303-2002)
Description (Translated English) Code for acceptance of construction quality of electrical installation in building [Quasi-Official / Academic version - scanned PDF, translated by Standard Committee / Research Institute in China]
Sector / Industry National Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard P91
Word Count Estimation 144,166
Date of Issue 2002-04-01
Date of Implementation 2002-06-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) GBJ 303-1988; GB 50258-1996; GB 50259-1996
Quoted Standard GB 50300-2001
Drafting Organization Zhejiang Kaiyuan Installation Group Limited
Regulation (derived from) Jianbiao [ 2002 ] No. 82
Summary This Chinese standard applies to meet the functional requirements of the building is expected to use TC-W electrical construction quality acceptance. Applicable voltage rating of 1okV and below. This standard should be national standards, "Construction Quality Acceptance of uniform standards"GB 5030. A 2001 and the corresponding supporting the use of design specifications.

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GB 50303-2002
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National Standard of the People's Republic of China
Code of Acceptance Construction Quality of
Electrical Installation in Building
Date of issue. April 1, 2002 Date of enforcement. June 1, 2002
Jointly issued by. Ministry of Construction of the People's republic of China
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Quarantine of the People's Republic of China
Code of Acceptance of Construction Quality
of Electrical Installation in Building
Chief Editorial Department. Zhejiang Provincial Construction Department
Approving Department. Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China
Date of implementation. June ! '', 2002
Beijing 2002
According to the requirement of "notice on printing and distributing < the plan for
preparation and revision of national standards of project construction years 2000 to 200 I>"
(Jianbiao [200l]No.87) issued by the Ministry of Construction, this Code is prepared based on the
revision of "Standard for Inspection and Assessment of Construction Quality of Electrical
Installation in Building" GBJ 303-88, "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Wiring Works
for Electrical Installation Project of lkV and Below" GB 50258-96, and "Code for Construction
and Acceptance of Electrical Lighting of Electrical Installation" GB 50259-96 by the chief
editorial unit, Zhejiang Kaiyuan Installation Group Co. , Ltd (formerly called Zhejiang Industrial
Equipment Installation Co.,), jointly with other units under the organization of Zhejiang Provincial
Construction Department.
During the preparation of this Code, the editorial group has carried out extensive
investigation and research; has carefully summarized the practical experience in control and
acceptance of construction quality of electric installation in building in China, has kept in line
with "Uniform Standard for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Building Project" GB
50300-2001 in the principle of "separation of inspection and assessment, intensification of
acceptance, perfection of manner, control of process", and has extensively collected the
comments from the design, supervision and construction units. This Code is reviewed and
finalized in Oct. 200 L
This Code is of mandatory standard that contains mandatory clauses, which emphasizes
on ensuring project safety, application function, human health , environment benefit and
public benefit, and specifies the control and acceptance of construction quality of electrical
installation in building, and also properly specifies a few requirements on appearance quality.
This Code may be subject to partial revision in the future, which will be publicized on
the magazine of"Standardization of Project Construction".
Those clauses that are printed in bold are mandatory clauses, which must be forced
In order to improve the quality of this Code, the users of this Code are kindly required to
summarize experience and accumulate data, and send any suggestion or comment to Zhejiang
Kaiyuan Installation Group Co., Ltd (Address. 21 Kaiyuan Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang
Province, Post Code. 31OOO1 ), which shall be used as reference for any revision in the future .
Chief editorial unit, participating editorial units and major drafters of this Code.
Chief editorial unit. Zhejiang Kaiyuan Installation Group Co., Ltd
Participating editorial units. Beijing Construction Project Quality Supervision Station
Hangzhou Building Project Quality Station
Zhejiang Building Design Research Institute
Shanghai Construction Project Quality Supervision Station
Major drafters. Qian Dazhi, Wang Zhensheng, Fu Ciying, Liu Boping, Lin Han, Xu Naiyi,
Li Weiyu
General ... 1
2 Terms ... , ... 2
3 Basic Specifications ... 4
3.1 General ... 4
3.2 Acceptance of main equipment, material, finished product and semi-finished product
entering jobsite ... 5
3.3 Confirmation upon working procedure handover... 8
4 Installation of Overhead Line and Electric Equipment on Pole ... 14
4.1 Major Items ... 14
4.2 Common Items ... 14
5 Installation of Transformer and Box-type Substation ... 16
5.1 Major Items ... 16
5.2 Common Items ... 16
6 Installation of Complete Set of Distribution Cabinet, Control Cabinet (Screen, Console) and
Power and Lighting Distribution Box (panel) ... 18
6.1 Main Control Iten1s ... 18
6.2 General Items ... 19
7 Inspection and Wiring of LV Motor, Electric Heater and Electric Actuator ...