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GB 50053-2013 (GB50053-2013)

GB 50053-2013_English: PDF (GB50053-2013)
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GB 50053-2013English85 Add to Cart 0--9 seconds. Auto-delivery Code for design of 20kV and below substation Valid GB 50053-2013

Standard ID GB 50053-2013 (GB50053-2013)
Description (Translated English) Code for design of 20kV and below substation
Sector / Industry National Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard P62
Classification of International Standard 27.100
Word Count Estimation 58,511
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) GB 50053-1994
Quoted Standard GB 50052; GB 50054; GB 50058; GB/T 50065; GB 4208; GB 17467; GB/T 20635; GB/T 16895
Drafting Organization China Machine and Electrical Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Administrative Organization Machine Design and Research Institute of Electric Co., Ltd.
Regulation (derived from) Announcement of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, No. 268
Summary This standard specifies the AC voltage is 20kV and below new construction, expansion and renovation project substation design.

Standards related to: GB 50053-2013

Code for Design of 20kV and Below
Jointly issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
(MOHURD) and the General Administration of Quality
Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) of the
People's Republic of China
This code is revised from the original national standard "Code for Design of 10kV &
under Electric Substation" (GB 50053-94) jointly by China Electric Design & Research
Institute, Co., Ltd. and other organizations concerned according to the requirements of the
former Ministry of Construction-"Notice on Printing 'Development and Revision Plan of
National Engineering Construction Standards in 2001~2002'" (JIANBIAO [2002] No. 85).
The drafting group of this code formulated and finalized this code by conducting
extensive investigations, earnestly summarizing the practical experiences, making reference
to the related international standards and foreign advanced standards as well as extensively
soliciting opinions.
This code comprises 6 chapters with the main contents as follows. general provisions,
selection of substation location, electrical part, layout of switchgear and transformer, shunt
capacitor and requirements on relevant specialties.
There have been some significant changes in this code in the following technical aspects.
1 Code name was changed into "Code for Design of 20kV and Below Substation" from
"Code for Design of 10kV & under Electric Substation";
2 Application scope of this code was expanded to "design of 20kV and below
substation" from "10kV and under substation";
3 Technical requirements for aspects of design of 20kV substation were added;
4 Design requirements and fire protection requirements for substations in high-rise
civil buildings were added;
5 Contents of "prefabricated substation" were added;
6 Provision for new type operational power supply of substation was added;
7 Provision for engineering design of shunt capacitor was supplemented;
8 Provisions for design of substation over aspects such as fire protection and building
were supplemented, improved and modified;
9 Other provisions of the former code were supplemented, improved and modified.
Provisions printed in bold type are compulsory ones and must be enforced strictly.
Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is in charge of the administration of
this standard and the explanation of the compulsory provisions; China Machinery Industry
Federation is responsible for daily management, and China Electric Design & Research
Institute, Co., Ltd. is responsible for the explanation of specific technical contents. During the
process of implementing this code, if contents that need modification or supplementation are
found, please send opinions and suggestions to China Electric Design & Research Institute,
Co., Ltd. (address. China Electrical Engineering Building, No. 9, Shouti South Road, Haidian
District, 100048, Beijing).
Chief development organizations, participating development organizations, chief
drafting staffs and chief examiners of this code.
Chief development organization. China Electric Design & Research Institute, Co., Ltd.
Participating development organizations.
China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd.
China Aviation Planning and Construction Development Co., Ltd.
1 General Provisions...1
2 Selection of Substation Location... 2
3 Electrical Part...4
3.1 General Requirement... 4
3.2 Main Circuit Connection...4
3.3 Transformer...6
3.4 Power Supply... 6
3.5 Operational Power Supply... 6
3.6 Preassembled Substation...7
4 Layout of Switchgear and Transformer... 8
4.1 Type and Layout...8
5 Shunt Capacitor... 12
5.1 General Requirements...12
5.2 Electrical Circuit Connection and Accessory...13
5.3 Layout... 13
6 Requirements on Relevant Specialties...15
6.1 Fire Protection...15
6.2 Building...16
6.3 Heating and Ventilation...17
6.4 The Others...18
Explanation of Wording in the Code... 19
List of Quoted Standards... 20
1Code for Design of 20kV and Below Substation
1 General Provisions
1.0.1 This code is formulated with a view to assuring personal and property safety as well as
power supply reliability, to achieving technical advancement and economic rationality, and to
making easy installation and maintenance.
1.0.2 This code is applicable to design of newly-built, extended and rebuilt 20kV and below
1.0.3 Design of 20kV and below substations shall, in accordance with factors such as
requirements of engineering characteristic, load property, capacity for power consumption,
substation location environment, power supply condition, electricity conservation, installation,
operation and maintenance, reasonably select equipment and determine design scheme, and
consider developmental possibility as well.
1.0.4 Design of 20kV and below substation shall meet not only the requirements of this
code but also the current relevant national and professional standards.
22 Selection of Substation Location
2.0.1 Location of substation shall be determined through comprehensive analysis of
technical and economic factors etc. in accordance with the following requirements.
1 Should be close to load center;
2 Should be close to power supply side;
3 Shall be convenient for wire incoming and outgoing;
4 Shall be convenient for equipment transportation;
5 Shall not be arranged in areas with violent vibration or high temperature;
6 Should not be arranged in areas with much dust or corrosive materials; when
unavoidable, it should not be arranged at leeside of prevailing wind direction and pollution
sources or should be taken with effective protection measures;
7 Should not be arranged underneath areas such as toilet, bath room, kitchen or other
locations frequently with accumulated water, nor should be arranged at locations adjacent to
aforesaid areas; when unavoidable, water-proof treatment shall be carried out for adjacent
partitions to avoid leakage and moisture condensation;
8 When adjacent to buildings with explosion or fire hazard, location of substation
shall be in accordance with the relevant requirements of the current national standard
"Electrical Installations Design Code for Explosive Atmospheres and Fire Hazard" (GB
9 Shall not be arranged at areas with low topography or areas which may accumulate
10 Should not be arranged at places above or below equipment room which has high
requirements for anti-electromagnetic interference or at adjacent places; when necessary,
anti-electromagnetic interference measures shall be taken.
2.0.2 Substation in workshop of oil immersed transformer shall not be arranged in
buildings with the fire resistance grade of 3 and 4; when it is arranged in a building with
the fire resistance grade of 2, the building shall be taken with local fire control measures.
2.0.3 Substation of oil immersed transformer should not be arranged in annexes of
multi-story buildings or high-rise buildings; when unavoidable due to restrictions, it shall be
arranged at the position near the external wall at first floor of building, and shall not be
arranged at positions above, below, near places with crowded people or at both sides of
evacuation exit. Substation of oil immersed transformer shall not be arranged in high-rise
main buildings.
2.0.4 When switchgear station and substation for non-oil-filled electrical equipment at
underground floor of a multi-story or high-rise building, the following requirements shall be
1 When there are several underground floors, it shall not be arranged at the bottommost
floor; where there is only one underground floor, measures for lif...