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GB 29924-2013 (GB29924-2013)

GB 29924-2013_English: PDF (GB29924-2013)
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GB 29924-2013English189 Add to Cart 3 days [Need to translate] National Standard of Food Safety -- General rule of designation of food additives GB 29924-2013 Valid GB 29924-2013

Standard ID GB 29924-2013 (GB29924-2013)
Description (Translated English) National Standard of Food Safety--General rule of designation of food additives
Sector / Industry National Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard C53
Classification of International Standard 67.020
Word Count Estimation 8,855
Drafting Organization National Food Industry Standardization Technical Committee
Administrative Organization National Health & Family Planning Commission of PRC
Regulation (derived from) China Food & Drug Administration [2013] No. 234, November, 1, 2013
Issuing agency(ies) National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China
Summary This standard applies to food additives logo. Fortified Food identifying reference to the standard used. This standard does not apply to to provide protection, identify storage package labels.

GB 29924-2013
National Standard of Food Safety - General rule of designation of food additives
National Standards of People's Republic of China
National Food Safety Standard
General food additive identity
Issued on. 2013-11-29
2015-06-01 implementation
People's Republic of China
National Health and Family Planning Commission released
National Food Safety Standard
General food additive identity
1 Scope
This standard applies to identify food additives. Fortified Food logo refer to this standard use.
This standard does not apply to food additives to provide identification storage packaging label protected during storage during transport.
2 Terms and definitions
2.1 Label
Text of food additives on the packaging, graphics, symbols and all instructions.
2.2 specification
Sales of food additives provided when materials other than the label instructions.
2.3 production date (date of manufacture)
Food additives becomes the final product, ie food additive load (sink) the packaging or container to form the final selling unit
2.4 Shelf Life
Food additives are identified under specified storage conditions, to maintain the quality of life.
2.5 Specifications
When the same package includes a number of pieces of food additives, net weight and number of items contained relations representation.
3 identifies the basic requirements of food additives
3.1 should be consistent with national laws, regulations, and related product standards.
3.2 should be clear, prominent, indelible, and readily legible.
3.3 should be true, accurate, and should not be false, exaggerated, so that food additives users misunderstood or deceptive text, graphics, etc. to introduce food
Additives, should not use font size or color of food additives to mislead consumers.
3.4 GB 2760 should not be used in violation of the principle of use of food additives in the language of presentation of food additives; not to be directly or indirectly dark
Exemplary language, graphics, symbols, misleading use of food additives.
3.5 should not directly or indirectly suggestive language, graphics, symbols, food additives cause the user to purchase food or food additive
A functional additive and another product confusion, does not contain derogatory references to another product (including other food and food additives).
3.6 should not be marked or implied with prevention, treatment of diseases of the role of the content.
3.7 Text identification of food additives GB 7718-2011 shall comply with the requirements specified in 3.8 to 3.9.
3.8 mark in the form of multiple packaged food additive labeling shall comply with the provisions of GB 7718-2011 3.10 ~ 3.11.
3.9 If a food additive label covers all the elements specified in this standard shall be marked and may not be supplied with instructions.
4 available to producers and operators of food additives identified content and requirements
4.1 Name
4.1.1 should be prominently labeling of food additives clearly marked words "food additive."
4.1.2 The single species of food additives should be GB 2760, product quality specifications and the national authorities approved the use of food additives
Food additive provisions in the name of the food additive labeling Chinese name. If the GB 2760, food additive product quality specification standard
When registration and national authorities approved the use of food additives has specified one or more of the name of a food additive, which should be used
one of.
4.1.3 The name of the complex food additives should comply with GB 26687-2011 in Chapter 3 of nomenclature.
4.1.4 lists the required food with spices and GB 2760 national authorities approved the use of food additives specified in Chinese name, you can make
With "natural" or "synthetic" qualitative statements.
4.1.5 flavor food should be labeled with the product's aroma, flavor, and other production processes adapted name and model number, and should not cause false
Solutions or confusion, should be clearly marked "food flavor," the words.
4.1.6 In addition to the above name label outside, you can select mark "corresponding Chinese name English name or initials" "transliteration