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FZ/T 81007-2012 (FZT 81007-2012)

Chinese Standard: 'FZ/T 81007-2012'
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Standard ID FZ/T 81007-2012 (FZ/T81007-2012)
Description (Translated English) Casual wear
Sector / Industry Spinning & Textile Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard Y76
Classification of International Standard 61.020
Word Count Estimation 21,294
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) FZ/T 81007-2003
Quoted Standard GB/T 250; GB/T 251; GB/T 1335.1; GB/T 1335.2; GB/T 1335.3; GB/T 2668; GB/T 2910.1; GB/T 2910.2; GB/T 2910.3; GB/T 2910.4; GB/T 2910.5; GB/T 2910.6; GB/T 2910.7; GB/T 2910.8; GB/T 2910.9; GB/T 2910.10; GB/T 2910.11; GB/T 2910.12; GB/T 2910.13; GB/T 2910.14
Drafting Organization Shanghai Institute of Clothing
Administrative Organization National Clothing Standardization Technical Committee
Regulation (derived from) Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Bulletin 2012 No. 70; industry standard filing Notice 2013 No. 2 (No. 158 overall)
Proposing organization China Textile Industry Federation
Issuing agency(ies) Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China
Summary This standard provides a single, clip clothing requirements, test methods, inspection classification rules and signs, packaging, transport and storage, and all other technical features. This standard applies to textile fabrics as the main fabric productio

FZ/T 81007-2012
ICS 61.020
Y 76
Replacing FZ/T 81007-2003
Casual Wear
单, 夹服装
Issued on. December 28, 2012 Implemented on June 1, 2013
Issued by. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the
People's Republic of China
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 5 
2 Normative References ... 5 
3 Requirements ... 7 
3.1 Instructions for Use ... 7 
3.2 Sizing and Specifications ... 7 
3.3 Materials ... 7 
3.4 Warp and Weft Directions ... 8 
3.5 Stripe and Plaid Matching ... 8 
3.6 Splicing ... 9 
3.7 Color Difference ... 9 
3.8 Appearance Defect ... 9 
3.9 Sewing ... 11 
3.10 Allowable specification deviation ... 12 
3.11 Ironing ... 13 
3.12 Physiochemical Properties ... 13 
4 Testing Method ... 15 
4.1 Inspection tools ... 15 
4.2 Determination of Finished Product Dimension ... 16 
4.3 Appearance Determination ... 17 
4.4 Determination of Physiochemical Property ... 19 
5 Rules for Inspection Classification ... 21 
5.1 Inspection Classification ... 21 
5.2 Division Rules for Quality Grade and Defect ... 21 
5.3 Requirements on Sampling ... 26 
5.4 Judgment Rules ... 26 
6 Marking, Packaging, Transportation and Storage ... 27 
Appendix A (Normative) Test Methods for Seam Jointing Property ... 28 
Appendix B (Normative) Schematic Diagram for Sampling Positions of Jointing
Strength Test of Back Crotch Seam of Trousers ... 30 
This Standard is drafted in accordance with the rules specified in GB/T 1.1-2009.
This Standard replaces FZ/T 81007-2003 "Casual Wear"; compared with FZ/T
81007-2003, it has the following changes.
--Revise the application scope of the standard (see Chapter 1 in this Edition;
Chapter 1 in Edition 2003);
--Supplement the normative references (see Chapter 2 in this Edition; Chapter 2 in
Edition 2003);
--Revise the requirements on instructions for use of finished products (see 3.1 in
this Edition; 3.1 in Edition 2003);
--Revise the requirements on sizing specification (see 3.2 in this Edition; 3.2 in
Edition 2003);
--Revise the quality requirements on interlining, button, zipper and accessory (see
3.3.3 in this Edition; 3.3.3 in Edition 2003);
--Revise the requirements on warp and weft directions (see 3.4 in this Edition; 3.4
in Edition 2003);
--Revise the requirements on stripe and plaid matching (see 3.5.1 in this Edition;
3.5.1 in Edition 2003);
--Revise the requirements on inspection of color difference (see 3.7 in this Edition;
3.7 in Edition 2003);
--Revise the inspection index of appearance defects (see 3.8 in this Edition; 3.8 in
Edition 2003);
--Supplement the requirements on inspection of sewing (see 3.9 in this Edition; 3.9
in Edition 2003);
--Revise the allowable deviations of the specifications of the main positions of
finished product (see 3.10 in this Edition; 3.10 in Edition 2003);
--Revise the requirements on physiochemical properties (see 3.12 in this Edition;
3.12 in Edition 2003); add the requirements on color fastness to water, color
fastness to perspiration and color fastness to splicing and mutual dying for lining;
revise inspection index for color fastness to wet friction of shell fabric; revise
permissible degree of color fastness of surface fabric; revise the inspection
Casual Wear
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the requirements, inspection (testing) method, inspection
classification rules as well as marking, packaging, transportation, storage and other
technical features for casual wears.
This Standard is applicable to casual wear mainly made of woven fabric.
This Standard is not applicable to wears for babies at an age of 36 months or below.
2 Normative References
The following documents are essential for the application of this Standard. For the
dated normative references, only the dated editions are applicable to this document.
For the undated references, the latest editions of the normative documents (including
all the amendments) are applicable to this document.
GB/T 250 Textiles - Tests for Color Fastness - Grey Scale for Assessing Change in
GB/T 251 Textiles - Tests for Color Fastness - Grey Scale for Assessing Staining
GB/T 1335.1 Standard Sizing Systems for Garments - Men
GB/T1335.2 Standard Sizing Systems for Garments - Women
GB/T 1335.3 Standard Sizing Systems for Garments - Children
GB/T 2668 Sizes for Coats and Suits
GB/T 2910 (all parts) Textiles - Quantitative Chemical Analysis
GB/T 2912.1-1998 Textiles - Determination of Formaldehyde - Part 1. Free and
Hydrolized Formaldehyde (Water Extraction Method)
GB/T 3920 Textiles - Tests for Color Fastness - Color Fastness to Rubbing
GB/T 3921-2008 Textiles - Tests for Color Fastness - Color Fastness to Washing with
Soap or Soap/Soda
GB/T 3922 Textiles - Testing Method for Color Fastness to Perspiration
GB/T 3923.1 Textiles - Tensile Properties of Fabrics - Part 1. Determination of
Breaking Force and Elongation at Breaking Force - Strip Method
GB/T 4802.1-2008 Textiles - Determination of Fabric Propensity to Surface Fuzzing
and To Pilling - Part 1. Circular Locus Method
GB/T 4841.3 Color Cards of Standard Depths for Dyeing With Dyestuffs 2/1, 1/3, 1/6,
1/12 and 1/25
GB 5296.4 Instructions for Use of Products of Consumer Interest - Instructions for Use
of Textiles and Apparel
GB/T 5711 Textiles - Tests for Color Fastness - Color Fastness to Dry Cleaning
GB/T 5713 Textiles - Tests for Color Fastness - Color Fastness to Water
GB/T 6529 Textiles- Standard Atmospheres for Conditioning and Testing
GB/T 7573 Textiles - Determination of pH of the Aqueous Extract
GB/T 8170 Rules of Rounding Off for Numerical Values & Expression and Judgement
of Limiting Values
GB/T 8427-2008 Textiles - Tests for Color Fastness - Color Fastness to Artificial Light.
Xenon Arc Fading Lamp Test
GB/T 8630 Textiles - Determination of Dimensional Change in Washing and Drying
GB/T 13769 Textiles - Test Method for Assessing the Smoothness Appearance of
Fabrics after Cleansing
GB/T 13771 Textiles - Test Method for Assessing the Smoothness Appearance of
Seams in Fabrics after Cleansing
GB/T 16988 Quantitative Determination for Mixtures of Special Animal Fibre and Wool
GB/T 17592 Textiles - Determination of the Banned Azo Colorants
GB/T 18132 Silk Garments
GB 18401 National General Safety Technical Code for Textile Products
GB/T 23344 Textiles - Determination of 4-aminoazobenzene
FZ/T 01026 Textiles - Quantitative Chemical Analysis - Quaternary Fibre Mixtures
FZ/T 01053 Textiles - Identification of Fiber Content
sleeve top, and the mutual deviation hereo......
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