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FZ/T 81006-2017 (FZT 81006-2017)

FZ/T 81006-2017_English: PDF (FZT81006-2017)
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Standard ID FZ/T 81006-2017 (FZ/T81006-2017)
Description (Translated English) Jeanswear
Sector / Industry Spinning & Textile Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard Y76
Classification of International Standard 61.020
Word Count Estimation 22,290
Date of Issue 2017-04-12
Date of Implementation 2017-10-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) FZ/T 81006-2007
Quoted Standard GB/T 250; GB/T 1335.1; GB/T 1335.2; GB/T 1335.3; GB/T 3917.1; GB/T 3921-2008; GB/T 3923.2; GB 5296.4; GB/T 6529; GB/T 8427-2008; GB/T 8629-2001; GB/T 8630; GB/T 14801; GB/T 15557; GB 18401; GB/T 21196.2; GB/T 21294; GB/T 29862; GB 31701; GB/T 31907
Drafting Organization Wenzhou City, the quality of technical supervision and inspection, the Shanghai Institute of Clothing, Guangzhou Fiber Products Testing Institute, Zhejiang Senma Clothing Co., Ltd., Jiangnan commoner Clothing Co., Ltd., nine animal husbandry Wang Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Ya Ying Group Co., Ltd., Rimula Men (Shanghai) Limited Company, Zhejiang Express Bird Clothing Co., Ltd., Fujian Qipai Trading Co., Ltd., Hailan Home Garment Co., Ltd.
Administrative Organization National Garment Standardization Technical Committee (SAC / TC 219)
Proposing organization China Textile Industry Federation
Issuing agency(ies) Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People Republic of China
Summary This standard specifies the terms and definitions of denim garments, requirements, inspection methods, inspection rules and marking, packaging, transportation and storage. This standard applies to cotton or cotton fiber as the main raw material of the production of denim denim clothing. This standard does not apply to infants and young children aged 36 months and below.

FZ/T 81006-2017
ICS 61.020
People 's Republic of China textile industry standards
Replacing FZ/T 81006-2007
Denim clothing
2017-04-21 release
2017-10-01 implementation
Issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People 's Republic of China
This standard is drafted in accordance with the rules given in GB/T 1.1-2009.
This standard replaces FZ/T 81006-2007 "denim clothing", compared with FZ/T 81006-2007 main technical changes are as follows.
- modified the scope of application of the standard (see Chapter 1, Chapter 1 of the.2007 edition);
- Added and modified normative references (see Chapter 2, Chapter 2 of the.2007 edition);
--- modified the original color products, washing products in English terms, delete the ordinary denim clothing, color denim clothing terms and definitions (see
Chapter 3, Chapter 3 of the.2007 edition);
- Added instructions for the use of instructions (see 4.1,.2007, 4.1);
--- modified the requirements of raw materials. modified fabric, lining requirements; increased accessories on the "decorative lace" "rope, elastic band"
(See 4.3, 4.3 of the.2007 edition); the requirements of the buttons, decorative buckles, zippers and other accessories;
--- amended the provisions of the warp and weft (see 4.4,.2007 version 4.4);
--- delete the provisions of the stitching (2007 version of 4.5);
- modified the appearance of the defects and requirements and modified the statement of the table (see 4.6,.2007 version 4.7);
--- modified the requirements of the sewing. the provisions of the thick line and thin line specifications; delete the requirements of the buckle; modified the trademark, the durability of the label
Requirements (see 4.8, 4.8 of.2007);
--- to modify the specifications of the size of the allowable deviation requirements. the sleeves are divided into long sleeve sleeves and short sleeve sleeves were assessed and modified the table
Note (see 4.9,.2007 version 4.9);
- modified the requirements for symmetrical parts in the ironing appearance (see 4.1.1,.2007, 4.11);
--- modified physical and chemical performance requirements. added "36 months to 14 years old children wearing denim clothing should also meet
GB 31701 provisions "; modified light fastness assessment indicators; delete the color fastness on the assessment of infant products
The modified strength of the test indicators; modified the finished fabric wear resistance to allow the degree of assessment indicators; modified the finished product
To the location of the crack crack the degree of assessment indicators; to remove the adhesive peel off the strength of the assessment requirements;
Assessment requirements; increase the post-wash appearance assessment requirements; modified the basic safety of the finished product requirements (see 4.11,2007
Year edition of 4.12);
--- Modified test method for appearance determination. Modification of specification size and yarn skewness measurement method (see 5.3,.2007 edition
Of 5.3);
--- added physical and chemical properties of the test. to add the size of the water wash the size of the cage to turn the drying temperature; added wear resistance of the sampling part
Bit; modified the location of the suture crack sampling site requirements and test methods; increased the work of the fastener with the fastness of the test method; deleted
In addition to the adhesive tape peeled off the strong test method; increased post-wash appearance of the test method; increased the "other physical and chemical properties
According to GB/T 21294 test "(see 5.4,.2007 version of 5.4);
- modified inspection rules (see Chapter 6, Chapter 6 of the.2007 edition);
Amend the provisions of Appendix A (see Appendix A of Appendix A,.2007);
Amend the provisions of Appendix B (see Appendix B, Appendix B of the.2007 edition);
- the original criteria Appendix C and Appendix D (see Appendix C and Appendix D of the.2007 edition) are deleted;
- Added Appendix C (see Appendix C).
This standard is proposed by China Textile Industry Federation.
This standard by the National Garment Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC219) centralized.
The drafting unit. Wenzh