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DL/T 5018-2004 (DLT5018-2004)

DL/T 5018-2004_English: PDF (DLT 5018-2004, DLT5018-2004)
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DL/T 5018-2004English250 Add to Cart 0--9 seconds. Auto-delivery Specification for manufacture installation and acceptance of steel gate in hydraulic and hydroelectric engineering Obsolete DL/T 5018-2004

Standard ID DL/T 5018-2004 (DL/T5018-2004)
Description (Translated English) Specification for manufacture installation and acceptance of steel gate in hydraulic and hydroelectric engineering [Quasi-Official / Academic version - scanned PDF, translated by Standard Committee / Research Institute in China]
Sector / Industry Electricity & Power Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard F22;P59
Classification of International Standard 27.140
Word Count Estimation 88,884
Date of Issue 2004-10-20
Date of Implementation 2005-04-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) DL/T 5018-1994
Drafting Organization China Gezhouba Group Electrical Construction Co., Ltd.
Administrative Organization Hydroelectric power industry, metal structures and hoisting device Standardization Technical Committee
Regulation (derived from) Development and Reform Bulletin (04/ 61)
Summary This standard specifies the hydropower and water gates (including trash rack, the same below) manufacturing, installation, technical requirements and acceptance criteria. This standard applies to large and medium-sized hydropower and water gates manufacture, installation and acceptance. Small water conservancy and hydropower project will also be implemented by reference.

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ICS 27.140
File No. J385-2004 DL
Hydropower Industry Standards of the People's Republic of China
This Standard Supersedes Standard DL/T 5018-1994
Specification for Manufacture Erection
and Acceptance of Steel Gates in
Hydraulic and Hydroelectric
Issue Date. October 20, 2004 Implementation Date. April 1 , 2005
Issued by. The State Development and Reform Commission, P. R. China
Foreword ... IV
Explanatory Notes to the Wording of This Specification ... V
1 Scope ... 1
2 Normative References ... 2
3 General Provisions ... 6
3.1 Technical documents ... 6
3.2 Materials ... 7
3.3 Bench marks and measuring tools ... 7
3.4 Marking, acceptance, packing and transportation ... 8
4 Welding ... 9
4.1 Assessment of welding technology... 9
4.2 Welder's qualification... 16
4.3 Basic provisions of welding ... 16
4.4 Weld inspection ... 23
4.5 Weld repairing and treatment ... 26
4.6 Postwelding stress-relief heat treatment ... 26
5 Bolted Connection ... 28
5.1 Preparation of bolt holes... 28
5.2 Preparation of bolts ... 29
5.3 Bolt tightening... 30
6 Surface Corrosion Protection ... 32
6.1 Pretreatment of surface ... 32
6.2 Surface coating ... 33
6.3 Quality inspection of paint coats ... 34
6.4 Metal spraying ... 35
DL IT 5018 - 2004
6.5 Quality inspection of metal coats ... 36
7 Manufacture of Gate and Embedded Parts ... 38
7.1 Manufacture of parts and individual members of gate... 38
7 .2 Castings and forgings ... 41
7.3 Manufacture of embedded parts··•... 4 7
7.4 Manufacture of flat gate ...• ... 5 3
7 .5 Manufacture of radial gate ... 61
7 .6 Manufacture of mitre gate... 68
8 Erection of Gate and Embedded Parts... 72
8.1 Erection of embedded parts ... 72
8.2 Erection of flat gate... 79
8 .3 Erection of radial gate...•... 81
8.4 Erection of mitre gate ... 83
8.5 Gate testing... 87
9 Manufacture and Erection of Trash Rack... 89
9 .1 Manufacture of trash rack... 89
9.2 Erection of trash rack ... 90
10 Ac;ceptance ... 92
10.1 General... 92
10.2 Phase acceptance ... 93
10.3 Acceptance materials ... 94
Appendix A (Informative) Properties of Commonly Used
Metal Materials ... 95
Appendix B (Normative) Assessment of Welding Technology
for Stainless Clad Steel... 109
Appendix C (Normative) Preparation of Mechanical Property
Test Plate, Sample Size, Testing Method
and Qualification Standard for Welding
Technology Assessment ... J 12
DL IT 5018 - 2004
Appendix D (Informative) Recommended Formats of
Welding Technology Guidance and
Welding Technology Assessment
Report... 121
Appendix E (Informative) Composition of Inorganic Zinc Rich
Paint for High-Strength Bolted
Connection Faces ... 127
Appendix F (Normative) Skid Resistance Coefficient and
Tightening Moment Testing of
High-Strength Bolts ... 128
Appendix G (Nonnative) De-rusting Grade of Steel Surface
Prior Coating ... 130
Appendix H (Informative) Calculation Table of Atmospheric
Dew Point ... 131
Appendix I (Informative) Inspection for Metal Coating
Thickness and Bonding Performance... 132
Appendix J (Informative) Steel Castings for General Works
and Structures ... 136
Appendix K (Informative) Quality Carbon Structural Steel and
Alloy Structural Steel ... 139
Appendix L (Normative) General Technical Conditions of
Forgings ... 144
Appendix M (Informative) Commonly Used Materials
for Supporting Slider ... 150
Appendix N (Informative) Physical and Mechanical Properties
of Rubber Seals ... 154
Appendix 0 (Informative) Preparation and Properties of
High-Strength Epoxy Packing
for Gate ... 156
DL IT 5018 - 2004
This Standard was first issued in 1980 and revised in 1994 for
the first time and revised again in October, 2004.
This Standard was initiated and solely managed by the Technical
Committee on Standardization of Metal Structures and Hoists of
Hydropower Stations in the Electric Power Industry.
This Standard was drafted by the Electro-Mechanical
Construction Co., Ltd. of China Gezhouba Group Corporation.The
participant in development of this Standard also includes the Jiajiang
Hydraulic Machinery Worlcs.
The leading authors of this Standard. Wang Shouyun, Huang
ZuShu, Gong Jianxin, Wang An, Lin Zhaohui, Mei Jun.
The English versions of the Hydropower Investigation and
Design Standards were initiated and solely managed by the China
Hydropower Engineering Cosulting Group Co. This Standard was
prepared by the Hydropower and Water Resources Planning and
Design General Institute. It was reviewed and examined by specialists
under the supervision of the China Hydropower Engineering
Consulting Group Co ..
The English version of this Standard was translated, reviewed
and edited by Xiang Shiwu, Yang Fan.
Explanatory Notes to the Wording
of This Specification
A. Definition
In this Specification, the following words and terms shall be
interpreted as indicated.
(a) "The Specification" means a technical Standard, a Code or a
(b) The word " Shall " is used for all contractually binding
requirements, explicit obligations or determination.
( c) The word " Should " is used to express a preferable,
desirable but non-mandatory requirement, a probability or
expectation (the equivalent of ought to).
(d) The word "May" is used to express a desired, but
non-mandatory requirement, or something to be permitted or allowed.
(e) The word "Will" is used to express a recommendation, an
intention, or a declaration of purpose.
In the case of difference and discrepancy, the Chinese version of
this Specification shall prevail.