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YS/T 575.5-2007

Chinese Standard: 'YS/T 575.5-2007'
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YS/T 575.5-2007English165 Add to Cart 0--15 minutes. Auto immediate delivery. Methods for chemical analysis of bauxite. Part 5: Determination of iron oxide content. Orthophenanthroline photometric method Valid YS/T 575.5-2007
YS/T 575.5-2007Chinese14 Add to Cart <=1-day [PDF from Chinese Authority, or Standard Committee, or Publishing House]

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YS/T 575.5-2007
ICS 71.100.10
Q 52
Replacing YS/T 575.5-2006
Methods for Chemical Analysis of Bauxite -
Part 5: Determination of Iron Oxide Content -
Orthophenanthroline Photometric Method
铝土矿石化学分析方法 第 5部分:
三氧化二铁含量的测定 邻二氮杂菲光度法
Issued by: National Development and Reform Commission
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 6
2 Method Principle ... 6
3 Reagents ... 6
4 Apparatus ... 7
5 Specimen ... 7
6 Analytical Procedures ... 7
7 Calculation of Analysis Results ... 8
8 Precision ... 8
9 Quality Assurance and Control ... 9
photometric method;
--- Part 16: Determination of phosphorus pentoxide content - Molybdenum blue
spectrophotometric method;
--- Part 17: Determination of sulfur content - Direct combustion-iodometric method;
--- Part 18: Determination of total carbon content - Non-aqueous titrimetric method
after combustion;
--- Part 19: Determination of the loss on ignition - Gravimetric method;
--- Part 20: Preparation of pre-dried sample;
--- Part 21: Determination of organic carbon content titrimetric method;
--- Part 22: Determination of hydroscopic moisture in analytical samples -
Gravimetric method;
--- Part 23: Determination of element contents X-ray fluorescence spectrometric
--- Part 24: Determination of carbon content and sulfur content - Infrared absorption
This Part is Part 5.
This Part replaces YS/T 575.5-2006 (formerly GB/T 3257.5-1999).
This Part revises YS/T 575.5-2006. Compared with YS/T 575.5-2006, this Part has the
major changes as follows:
--- Change the concentrations of orthophenanthroline solution and hydroxylamine
hydrochloride solution;
--- Supplement the provisions of color-development temperature and time;
--- Unify the drying temperature of the specimen to be 110°C±5°C;
--- Add the precision.
This Part was proposed by and under the jurisdiction of National Technical Committee
on Non-ferrous Metals of Standardization Administration of China.
Chief drafting organization of this Part: China Aluminum Corporation Zhengzhou
Research Institute.
Drafting organization of this Part: China Aluminum Corporation Guizhou Branch.
Methods for Chemical Analysis of Bauxite -
Part 5: Determination of Iron Oxide Content -
Orthophenanthroline Photometric Method
1 Scope
This Part specifies the determination of ferric oxide content in the bauxite.
This Part is applicable to the determination of ferric oxide content in the bauxite; the
determination range: ≤5.00%.
2 Method Principle
The specimen is melted by alkali, leached by hydrochloric acid; and the ferric iron is
reduced to ferrous iron with hydroxylamine hydrochloride under appropriate acidity. In
an acetate buffer medium, ferrous iron and orthophenanthroline form a colored
complex. The absorbance is measured at a wavelength of 510 nm.
3 Reagents
3.1 Sodium hydroxide.
3.2 Hydrochloric acid (1+1).
3.3 hydroxylamine hydrochloride solution (5%).
3.4 orthophenanthroline solution (0.5%).
3.5 Acetic acid-sodium acetate buffer solution (pH4.9): take 272g of sodium acetate
(CH3COONa · 3H2O) and dissolve it in 500mL of water; add 240mL of glacial acetic
acid (ρ1.05g / mL); dilute with water to 1000mL, and mix evenly.
3.6 Mixed solution: for hydroxylamine hydrochloride solution (3.3), orthophenanthroline
solution (3.4) and buffer solution (3.5), mix one-unit volume of hydroxylamine
hydrochloride solution, one-unit volume of orthophenanthroline solution, and three-unit
volume of buffer solution; stored in a brown bottle; and the storage period does not
exceed 4 weeks.
material adhere to the inner wall of the crucible and cool off. Heat the water to leach
the molten material; then pour it into a 250 mL volumetric flask filled with 40 mL
hydrochloric acid (3.2); shake to clarify the solution; cool to room temperature, dilute
to the mark with water, and mix evenly.
6.4.2 Transfer 5.00mL or 10.00mL of test solution into 100mL volumetric flask; add
30mL of mixed solution (3.6); rinse with water to the scale; mix evenly; stand for 30min.
6.4.3 Move a part of the test solution (6.4.2) into a 1cm absorption dish; and measure
its absorbance at 510nm of the spectrophotometer. Subtract the blank absorbance
along with the specimen to find out the corresponding amount of ferric oxide.
6.5 Drawing of working curve
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