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Chinese Standard: 'GBT38889-2020'
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GB/T 38889-2020English365 Add to Cart 0--15 minutes. Auto immediate delivery. Antennas and reception systems for radio interference -- Antenna measurement -- Vehicle antennas and system Valid GB/T 38889-2020
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GB/T 38889-2020
ICS 33.100
L 06
Antennas and Reception Systems for Radio
Interference - Antenna Measurement - Vehicle
Antennas and System
天线及接收系统的无线电干扰 无线测量
Issued by: State Administration for Market Regulation;
Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 4 
2 Normative References ... 4 
3 Terms, Definitions and Abbreviations ... 4 
4 Measurement Parameters ... 7 
5 Measurement of AM / FM Receiving Antenna ... 14 
6 Measurement of Navigation Antenna ... 18 
7 Measurement of Vehicle-mounted Millimeter-wave Radar Antenna ... 23 
8 Measurement of Digital Broadcasting Antenna ... 33 
9 Measurement of Keyless Antenna ... 34 
10 Measurement Report ... 34 
Appendix A (normative) Requirements for Measurement Site ... 36 
Appendix B (informative) Classical Probe Compensation in Near Field - Far
Field Conversion ... 39 
Bibliography ... 41 
Antennas and Reception Systems for Radio
Interference - Antenna Measurement - Vehicle
Antennas and System
1 Scope
This Standard stipulates the measurement requirements and measurement
procedures of radiation characteristics and OTA characteristics of vehicle antenna
under complete-vehicle conditions. It includes the requirements for measurement
environment and measurement site; antenna pattern; the measurement procedures of
reception sensitivity, and power reception and transmission.
This Standard is applicable to the measurement of AM / FM receiving antenna,
navigation antenna, vehicle-mounted millimeter wave radar antenna, digital
broadcasting antenna, satellite digital broadcasting antenna and keyless antenna in
vehicle antenna. Other types of antennas may also be measured with reference to the
stipulations of this Standard.
2 Normative References
The following documents are indispensable to the application of this document. In
terms of references with a specified date, only versions with a specified date are
applicable to this document. In terms of references without a specified date, the latest
version (including all the modifications) is applicable to this document.
GB/T 14733.10-2008 Terminology for Telecommunication - Antenna
GB/T 26256-2010 Interference, Coexistence and Corresponding Measurement
Methods of 2.4 GHz Wireless Telecommunications Equipment
YD/T 2193-2010 Measurement Method for Radiated RF (radio frequency) Power and
Receiver Performance of WLAN Devices
YD/T 2868-2015 Testing Methods of Passive Antennas in Mobile Communication
IEEE 145-2013 IEEE Standard for Definitions of Terms for Antennas
3 Terms, Definitions and Abbreviations
3.1 Terms and Definitions
What is defined in GB/T 14733.10-2008, GB/T 26256-2010, YD/T 2193-2010, YD/T
2868-2015 and IEEE 145-2013, and the following terms and definitions are applicable
to this document.
3.1.1 Antenna
Antenna refers to a device that can effectively radiate or receive radio waves from the
NOTE 1: the term antenna is sometimes used for electromagnetic equipment, whose
coupling distance is less than the distance associated with the radiation field.
NOTE 2: antenna provides the required coupling between the transmitter or receiver and
the medium that transmits the radio waves.
3.1.2 Vehicle antenna
Vehicle antenna refers to a device that is installed on a vehicle to complete the function
of radiating or receiving radio waves in a radio transmission and reception system.
3.1.3 Passive antenna
Passive antenna refers to antenna that does not carry any active devices.
[Definition 4, IEEE 145-2013]
3.1.4 Active antenna
Active antenna refers to antenna packaged together with active devices (for example,
amplifier or impedance matching electronics).
[Definition 4, IEEE 145-2013]
3.1.5 Active antenna system
Active antenna system refers to an antenna system that integrates antenna transceiver
module, low noise amplifier module, power supply module and active impedance
matching resistance, etc.
3.1.6 Gain
Gain refers to the ratio of power density of the signal generated by the actual antenna
and the ideal radiating unit in the same point in space under the condition of equal
input power.
NOTE 1: the unit of gain is dBi;
NOTE 2: gain does not include the loss caused by impedance and polarization mismatch,
and ......
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