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YB/T 5235-2005 PDF in English

YB/T 5235-2005 (YB/T5235-2005, YBT 5235-2005, YBT5235-2005)
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YB/T 5235-2005English85 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto-delivery. Sealed iron-nickel-chromium, iron-nickel alloy with permanent expansion Valid

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YB/T 5235-2005: PDF in English (YBT 5235-2005)

YB/T 5235-2005
ICS 77.140.99
H 58
Replacing YB/T 5235-1993
Sealed Iron-Nickel-Chromium, Iron-Nickel Alloy with
Permanent Expansion
ISSUED ON: JULY 26, 2005
Issued by: National Development and Reform Commission of PRC
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 4
2 Normative References ... 4
3 Order Contents ... 4
4 Classification and Code ... 5
5 Size and Shape ... 5
6 Technical Requirements ... 5
7 Test Methods ... 7
8 Inspection Rules ... 7
9 Packaging, Marking and Quality Certificates ... 8
Appendix A (Informative) Typical Expansion Coefficient of Alloy ... 9
Sealed Iron-Nickel-Chromium, Iron-Nickel Alloy with
Permanent Expansion
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the size, shape, technical requirements, test methods,
inspection rules, packaging, marking, and quality certificates, etc. of iron-nickel-
chromium 4J6, 4J47, 4J49 alloy and iron-nickel 4J42, 4J45, 4J50 alloy
This Standard is applicable to sealed iron-nickel-chromium and iron-nickel alloy with
permanent expansion matched sealed on electrical components with soft glass or
2 Normative References
The provisions in following documents become the provisions of this Standard through
reference in this Standard. For dated references, the subsequent amendments
(excluding corrigendum) or revisions do not apply to this Standard, however, parties
who reach an agreement based on this Standard are encouraged to study if the latest
versions of these documents are applicable. For undated references, the latest edition
of the referenced document applies.
GB/T 14985 General Rules of Dimensions Shape Surface Quality Testing Method
and Inspection for Expansion Alloys
3 Order Contents
The contract or order placed according to this Standard shall include the following:
a) Standard number;
b) Product name;
c) Designation or unified digital code;
d) The weight (or quantity) of the delivery;
e) Size and shape;
f) Processing method;
g) Delivery status and performance;
h) Special requirements.
4 Classification and Code
According to the delivery status, the alloy may be divided into:
Soft state (S);
Hard state (H);
Deep drawing state (DQ);
Cold drawing and polishing (WCDG);
Hot rolling (forging) (WH).
5 Size and Shape
The size, shape and allowable deviation of the alloy materials shall conform to the
relevant provisions of GB/T 14985.
6 Technical Requirements
6.1 Smelting method
Unless specified in the contract, the smelting method is at the discretion of the
6.2 Designation and chemical composition
6.3 The designation and chemical composition (melting composition) of the alloy shall
meet the requirements of Table 1. When the average linear expansion coefficient
meets the requirements of this Standard, the content of nickel and chromium is allowed
to deviate from range specified in the standard.
6.4 Delivery status
6.4.1 The delivery status of alloy materials shall be indicated in the contract.
6.4.2 Bars are delivered in cold drawing, cold drawing and polishing (WCDG) and hot
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