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YB/T 4001.1-2007 (YB/T4001.1-2007)

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YB/T 4001.1-2007: PDF in English (YBT 4001.1-2007)

ICS 77.140.50
H46 YB
Professional Ferrous Metallurgy Standard of the
People's Republic of China
Replace YB/T 4001-1998
Steel Bar Grating and Matching Parts
Part 1. Steel Bar Grating
Issued by National Development and Reform Commission
YB/T 4001 "Steel Bar Grating and Matching Pa1ts'· comprises three pa.its.
--Part 1. Steel Bar Grating;
- -Pait 2. Steel Railing;
- -Part 3. Steel Ladder.
This is Patt 1 of YB(f 4001.
This part is formulated by referring to ISO 14122- 2.2001 "Safety of Machinery Permanent
Means of Access to Machines and Industrial Plants-Part 2. Working Platforms and Gangways".
This part wi 11 replace YB/T 400 L -1998 "Steel Bar Grating".
Compared with the primary standard, this pa1t mainly includes the following revision.
--Design requirements on steel bar grating safety of working platform and gangway are
--The table of safe allowable load is revised; the maximum allowable deflection of steel bar
grating is revised from lOmm to 4mm;
--The testing methods for load and deflection are revised;
--Appendix steel bar grating gully cover is added.
hi this part, Appendix A, B and C are Normative; Appendix D and E are Informat ive.
This part was proposed by the China Iron & Steel Association.
This part is under the jurisdiction of National Technical Committee on Steel of Standardization.
Drafting organizations of this part. Nanhai DAHE Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Xinxing Ductile Iron
Pipes Co., Ltd., Hebei Huaye Steel Grating Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dahe Grating Co., Ltd., Beijing Dahe
.vietal Industries Co., Ltd ., Yantai Xinke Steel Grating Co., Ltd. and China Metallurgical Information
and Standardization Institute
Chief drafting staff of this part. Chen Zhangwen, Chen Jinlei, Li Sheng, Wang Zhizhong,
Li Baimao, Li Mingyi Zhang Wenmin, Wang Xiaohu, and Tang Yifan.
This part was firstly issued in October, 1990.
Scope ... I
2 Normative References ... 1
3 Terms and Definition ... 1
4 Product Structure ... 2
5 Types and Marks ... 4
6 Order Contents ... 4
7 Size, Appearance and Permissible Variation ... 5
8 Computation for Weight and Area of Steel Bar Grating ... 6
9 Technical Requirements ... 8
l 0 Design of Steel Bar Grating ... 10
11 Testing Method and Rules ... 11
12 Packaging, Mark and Quality Certificate ... 12
Appendix.A (Nonnative) Staircase Tread ... 13
Appendix B (Normative) Gully Cover ... 16
Appendix C (Normative) Loading and Deflection Test ... 24
Appendix D (Informative) Safe Allowable Load and Deflection ... 26
Appendix E (Informative) Safe Allowable Load and Deflection ... 28
Steel Bar Grating and ~latching Parts
Part 1. Steel Bar Grating
1 Scope
This part specifies the structure, dimension, technical conditions, design, installation, test rules,
packaging, and mark and quality ce1tificate of steel bar grating. As for steel bar grating of other types
and other metal gratings urunentioned in this part, it is required to refer to relevant regulations of this
This pait is applicable to industrial building, public facility, installation frame, platform, floor,
walkway, broad-step, gully cover, railing and suspended ceiling of many industries including petroleum,
chemical, metallw-gical, light industry, shipbuilding, energy resources and municipal industries.
2 Normative References
The following normative documents contain provision which, through reference in this text,
constitute provisions of this standard. For dated reference, subsequent amendments (excluding those
for correction) or revisions are not applicable to this standard. However, parties to agreements based
on this standard are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of
the standards indicated below. For undated references, the latest edition of the normative document
referred to applies.
GB/T 700 "Carbon Structural Steels"
GB/T 13912- 2002 "Metallic Coatings-Hot Dip Galvanized Coatings on Fabricated Iron and
Steel Art icles- Specifications"
GB/T 14452- 1993 "Metallic Materials-Dete1minatioo of Bending Mechanical Properties"
YBIT 5349 "2006 Metallic materials-Determination of Bending Mechanical Prope1ties"
3 Terms and Definition
The fo llowing terms and definition are applicable to this pa1t.
3.1 Steel Bar Grating
Steel bar grating is a kind of open plate type steel member fixed with welding or pressure lock,
\\'h ich is composed of bearing bar and cross bar through perpendicular array with certain spacing.
According to the manufacturing method, it is mainly divided into pressure welded steel bar grating
and pressure locked steel bar grating.
3.2 Bearing Bar
It is referred to the flat steel bearing up primary load.
3.3 Cross Bar
It is referred to the twisted square steel. round steel or flat steel fixed to the bearing flat steel.
3.4 Clear Opening
It is referred to the diameter of the maximum inscribed circie for rhe open through-hole of steel
bar grating.
3.5 Bearing Bar Centers
It is referred to the distance between centers of two adjacent bearing bars.
3.6 Cross Bar Centers
It is refened to the distance between centers of two adjacent cross bars.
3.7 EndBar
It is referred to the flat steel or formed steel welded to bearing bar, opening or other cutting ends
of the steel bar grating.
3.8 Toe Plate
Jt is referred to the stop plate fixed around platform or at fringe of notch and open pore of steel
bar grating.
3.9 Length
It is referred to the maximum size of steel bar grating at the direction parallel with bearing bar,
namely length of steel bar i.,rrating (L).
3.10 Width
It is referred to the maximum size of steel bar grating at the direction perpendicular to bearing bar,
namely width of steel bar grating (W).
4 Product Structure
4.1 Pressure Welded Steel Bar Grating
At the intersecting point of bearing bar and cross bar, steel bar grating fixed through pressure
resistance welding is named as pressure welded steel bar grating. Twisted square steel, showed m
Figure 1, is usually adopted for cross bar of pressure welded steel bar grating.
'-----' '
Cross bar
Bearing bar
Bearing bar
' '
LJ Cross bar
Figure 1 Pressure Welded Steel Bar Grating
4.2 P ressure Locked Steel Bar Grating
At intersecting point of bearing bar and cross bar, steel bar grating fixed through pressing the
cross bar into bearing bar or pre-groo,·ed bearing bar with pressure is named as pressure locked steel
bar grating. Flat steel, showed in Figure 2, is usually adopted for cross rod of pressure locked steel bar
Cross bar
,,- ..
Figure 2 Pressure Locked Steel Bar Grating
4.3 Steel bar grating may be made in different dimensions and shapes according to user's
requirements .
..J.4 Space between bearing bars and that between cross bars may be determined by the supply and
demand sides according to design requirements .
.J.5 At the end of bearing bar, flat steel of the same specification of bearing bar is usually used for
wrapping, and formed steel or toe plate also may be used for wrapping. However, the sectional area of
end bar should not be less than sectional area of bearing bar.
..J.5.1 According to the requirements of demand side, products may be delivered without wrapping .
..J.5.2 One-side fillet welding whose welding height is no less than bearing bar thickness shall be
adopted for wrapping, and the weld length must not be less than 4 times of bearing bar thickness.
-t 5.3 Under condition of the end bar does not bear up load, it is allowed to weld for every four
bearing bars, and the space between welds must not be larger than 150mm .
.t.5.4 Space weld ing is forbidden if the end bar does bear up load .
..J.5.5 Al I of end bars in the same direction of bearing bar must be welded to each cross bar .
..J.5.6 As for steel bar grating whose notch and open pore exceeding 180mm, wrapping treatment
5hall be carried out .
..i.5. - End plate of the stair tread shall be fu ll-length welded at one side.
4.5.S I.- wrapping plate guard is adopted at front edge of stair tread, it must cover the whole tread.
4.6 3e..rbg bar may be flat steel with rectangular section, formed steel with I-shaped section, and
~...-..; ;..j 5teel \\"ith other geometrical cross-section.
4. - Bearing bar of the steel bar grating may be made with teeth so as to jmprove the anti-slip force
._.. f steel bar grating, and the tooth size shall comply with those indicated in Figure 3. No less than 5
teeth shall be set up every 1 OOmm.
f igure 3 Tooth Size
1.Smm.s;H< 2.5mm
4.8 Minimum width of steel bar grating of the p latform (walkway) should not be less than 300mm.
5 Types and Marks
5.1 Steel bar grating is divided into many types according to the specification of bearing bar,
resultant pitch of bearing bar and cross bar, structural shape of steel bar grating, appearance and
surface treatment state of bearing bar. Its type shall be expressed with the following methods.
Bearing bar width and thickness
Steel bar grating
011 I ~ s·"·" tre·""" •••
Bearing bar appearance
'------- Structural style of the steel bar grating
;Cross bar centers
Nore. 1. Structural style of the steel bar grating, for example.
W-Pressure welded steel bar grating (can be omitted in the mark);
L- ...