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TSG R7004-2013 (TSGR7004-2013)

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TSG R7004-2013
Special Equipment Safety Technical Regulation
Regulation on Supervision Inspection for
Pressure Vessel
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection
and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China
December 31, 2013
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
Chapter 1 General Provisions ... 9 
Chapter 2 General Requirements for Supervision-inspection of Pressure-vessels 13 
Chapter 3 Basic Requirements for Manufacture Supervision-inspection of
Pressure-vessels ... 17 
Chapter 4 Basic Requirements for Supervision-inspection on Installation, Alteration
and Significant Repair of Pressure-vessel ... 28 
Chapter 5 Supplementary Provisions ... 29 
Appendix A Special Requirements for Manufacture Supervision-inspection on
Nonmetal and Nonmetal-lined Pressure-vessels ... 31 
Appendix B Special Requirements for Supervision-inspection of Medical Oxygen
Chamber ... 40 
Appendix C Special Requirements on Supervision-inspection for Underground Gas
Storage Well ... 45 
Appendix D Special Requirements on Supervision-inspection for Imported
Pressure-vessel ... 48 
Appendix E Supervision-inspection Method for Batch-manufactured Products ... 52 
Appendix F Evaluation on Implementation for Quality Assurance System of
Pressure-vessel Manufacturer ... 55 
Appendix G Supervision Inspection Certificate of Special Equipment
(Sample-Pattern) ... 57 
Appendix H Contact List for Supervision-inspection of Special Equipment ... 62 
Appendix J Notice of Opinions on Supervision-inspection of Special Equipment .. 63 
Historical Development (Revision) of Relevant Regulations and Specifications ... 64 
In October, 2009, the Bureau of Special Equipment Supervision (hereinafter
abbreviated as Bureau of Special Equipment) of General Administration of Quality
Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter
abbreviated as AQSIQ) proposed the intention of drafting "Regulation on Supervision
inspection for Pressure Vessel". In November, 2009, the Bureau of Special Equipment
formally assigned it to China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute
(hereinafter abbreviated as CSEI) to draft this Regulation. In January, 2010, CSEI
organized relevant experts in accordance with the requirements of the Assignment to
form a drafting team and convened the first working conference in Beijing. In May,
2010, the drafting team convened the second working conference in Nanjing, Jiangsu
to discuss and modify the draft. In August, 2010, the “Request for opinion” version of
this Regulation was formed; and the Bureau of Special Equipment solicited opinions
of relevant organizations and experts by virtue of Inspection Special Letter [2010]
Document number. 41. In June, 2011, the drafting team convened a meeting again in
Beijing to modify the draft, and formed the draft for examination. In December, 2012,
the Bureau of Special Equipment submitted the draft for examination to the Special
Equipment Safety Technology Committee under the AQSIQ for discussion; the
drafting team formed the “draft for approval” version through alteration according to
opinions of experts; on December 31, 2013, AQSIQ approved to issue the regulation.
Manufacturing supervision inspection system for pressure vessels has almost
30-year-long history; during which each inspection agency has accumulated
abundant experience over supervision inspection. In recent years, the ability and
technical level of pressure vessel manufacturers in China have improved significantly,
while the quality awareness and management level of those organizations differ a lot.
High-parameter, large-scale, complicated pressure vessels and those applying new
materials and new structures have been the development tendency in this industry,
and in particular, revisions to "Supervision Regulation on Safety Technology for
Stationary Pressure Vessel" (TSG R0004) and "Supervision Regulation on Safety
Technology for Transportable Pressure Vessel" (TSG R0005) have raised higher
requirements over the supervision inspection for pressure vessels. To adapt the
trends of new circumstance, relevant contents on supervision inspection for pressure
vessels in "Supervisory Inspection Rule for Safety Performance of Boiler and
Pressure Vessel Products" (GUOZHIJIANGUO [2003], No. 194) needs revision.
In the process of revising this Regulation, according to basic national requirements for
safety performance of pressure vessels, the concept that the manufacturing,
installation, alteration and repairing organizations are the main body of quality
responsibility was embodied, previous experience was sufficiently absorbed and
international general practices were referenced, and basic principles are as follows.
1. Principle of legal inspection. Supervision inspection for pressure vessels is a legal
inspection. It embodies that China performs mandatory safety supervision for
pressure vessels, and this complies with international practice. Through the mode
of supervision inspection, the nation guarantees the implementation of relevant
safety technical regulations for pressure vessels; the arrangement of all
supervision inspection items (points), inspection contents and requirements are
proposed based on relevant safety technical regulations.
2. The principle that manufacturers are the main body of quality responsibility.
Product quality depends on the process of manufacturing, installation, alteration
and repairing. The manufacturing, installation, alteration and repairing
organizations of pressure vessels must strictly implement quality control and be
responsible for product quality. Supervision inspection is the process supervision
carried out on the basis of acceptable quality inspection, check and test through
the manufacturing, installation, alteration and repairing organizations of pressure
vessels, and is the conformance verification over manufacturers that their
behaviors and products meet the basic safety requirements. However,
supervision inspection can never take the place of self-inspection of those
manufacturing, installation, alteration and repairing organizations.
3. The principle that supervision inspection items are based on the product quality
plan (or inspection plan, the same below). The quality plan is a document of the
manufacturer. It stipulates special quality measures, resources and activity
sequence in allusion to specific product, service, contract or project. The basis of
preparing the quality plan includes product drawing, relevant regulations,
standards and contracts. Quality plan for pressure vessels may sufficiently
embodies the manufacturing process and inspection requirements. It may differ
with various structures, technological complexity and manufacturing difficulty; it
may also reasonably set the controlling links and control points (including break
points, witness points and check points) according to the requirements of quality
assurance system to meet different construction requirements for pressure
vessels and to effectively control the safety performance of pressure vessels; it is
an indispensable technical document for the manufacturing process of pressure
vessels. Safety technical regulations such as "Supervision Regulation on Safety
Technology for Stationary Pressure Vessel" (TSG R0004), clearly require that
manufacturers shall provide the quality plan or inspection plan to users when
delivering pressure vessels. Determination of supervision inspection items on the
basis of product quality plan may tightly combine the supervision inspection work
of pressure vessels with the manufacturing process, improve the pertinence and
allow the supervision inspection to play an role in improving the safety
performance of pressure vessels. This complies with international practice.
During this revision, the thought of determining supervision inspection items
according to the product quality plan was proposed; it emphasized that
supervision inspection personnel shall base on safety technical regulations and
Regulation on Supervision inspection for Pressure Vessel
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Article 1 This Regulation is formulated according to "Special Equipment Safety Law
of the People's Republic of China" and "Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special
Equipment" to standardize the supervision inspection [Translator note. hereafter
supervision-inspection] for pressure vessels.
Article 2 This Regulation stipulates the following safety technical regulations. It
requires carrying out the supervision-inspection work (hereinafter abbreviated as
supervision-inspection) for the pressure vessel manufacturing, installation, alteration
and significant repairing.
(I) "Supervision Regulations on Safety Technology for Stationary Pressure
(Above excerpt was released on 2015-07-07, modified on 2021-06-07, translated/reviewed by: Wayne Zheng et al.)
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