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NB/T 47014-2011 PDF in English

NB/T 47014-2011 (NB/T47014-2011, NBT 47014-2011, NBT47014-2011)
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NB/T 47014-2011English305 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto-delivery. Welding procedure qualification for pressure equipment [including Corrigendum] Valid

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NB/T 47014-2011: PDF in English (NBT 47014-2011)

NB/T 47014-2011
ICS 25.160.10
J 33
NB/T 47014-2011 (JB/T 4708)
Replacing JB 4708-2000
Welding Procedure Qualification
for Pressure Equipment
ISSUED ON. JULY 01, 2011
Issued by. National Energy Administration
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 6 
2 Normative References ... 6 
3 Terms and Definitions ... 10 
4 General Rules ... 12 
5 Welding Procedure Qualification Factors and Classification ... 13 
6 Procedure Qualification of Butt Weld and Fillet Weld... 37 
7 Qualification Rules for Anti-Corrosion Build-Up Welding ... 59 
Annex A (Informative) Flow Chart of Welding Procedure Specification ... 70 
Annex B (Normative) Supplementary Regulations on Parent Metal, Filler Metal and
Welding Methods ... 71 
Annex C (Normative) Welding Procedure Qualification of Composite Metal Material ... 74 
Annex D (Normative) Welding Procedure Qualification and Additional Welding procedure
Qualification of Heat Exchange Tubes and Tube Plates ... 77 
Annex E (Normative) Qualification of Stud Arc Welding Procedure... 81 
Annex F (Informative) Recommended Format of Welding Procedure Qualification Form
... 86 
Annex G (Informative) Common Abbreviations and Codes in Welding Procedure
Qualification ... 92 
Announcement (Corrigendum) ... 94 
Compared with JB 4708-2000 Welding procedure qualification for steel pressure vessels, the
main changes of this Standard are as follows.
— Extended the scope of application from pressure vessel to boiler, pressure vessel and
pressure pipeline;
— Added six annexes such as “Flow chart of WPS”, “Additional regulations on base metal,
filler metal and welding method”, “Welding Procedure Qualification of Composition Metal
Materials”, “Welding procedure qualification of heat exchange pipe and tube plate and
additional qualification of welding procedure”, “procedure qualification of screw-bolt arc
welding” and “Commonly Abbr. and Code of Welding Procedure Qualification”, etc.;
— Added the welding procedure qualification of welding methods such as plasma arc welding,
electrogas welding, screw-bolt arc welding and friction welding, etc.;
— Added the welding procedure qualification of titanium products, aluminum products, copper
products and nickel products;
— Added the classification and welding procedure qualification of filler metal (such that
welding rod, welding wire and welding flux);
— Added the terms of welding procedure qualification, changed the “Guide book of welding
procedure” as “Pre-welding procedure specification”;
— Added the terms of “Additional qualification of welding procedure”, “Welding operation
instruction”, “Screw-bolt arc welding” and “Imperfection”;
— Cancelled the Annex A “Welding procedure qualification of Stainless composite steel” in JB
— Modified the written structural of JB 4708-2000, centralized the WPQ factor and category; a
variety of welding procedure qualification will be written by qualification rules, qualification
method, test requirements and evaluation of results;
— Clause 4
Cancelled the welding procedure qualification of type test specimen;
— Clause 4
1) Added the metal materials for boiler and pressure pipeline, and distribute the category
and class;
Hefei General Machinery Research Institute. Ge Zhaowen, Dou Wanbo, Fang Wunong;
China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute. Shou Binan, Xie Tiejun, Yang
Special Equipment Safety Supervision Bureau of General Administration of Quality
Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China. Zhang Jianrong,
Wang Xiaolei.
Participating drafting organizations and drafters of this Standard.
Shanghai Boiler Works Co., Ltd., Yang Peiliang;
Harbin Boiler Company Limited, Yang Song;
Lanzhou Lanshi Machine Equipment Co., Ltd., Lei Wanqing;
Fushun Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hu Xihai;
Zhonghang Liming Jinxi Chemical Machinary (group) Co., Ltd., Wang Niuwei;
Dalian Bingshan Group Jinzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhan Qi;
Research Institute of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, Sui Yongli;
China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation, Xia Jiewen;
Zhejiang Jindun Holding Group Co., Ltd., Ma Xiakang;
Lanzhou Construction Quality Supervision of Petroligenic Natural Gas, Zhang Jianjun.
This Standard shall be administered by National Technical Committee 262 on Boilers and
Pressure Vessels of Standardization Administration of China.
The previous editions replaced by this Standard are as follows.
— JB 4708-1992;
— JB 4708-2000.
Welding Procedure Qualification
for Pressure Equipment
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the welding procedure qualification of butt-jointed weld and filled weld of
pressure equipment (Vessel, pressure vessel and pressure pipeline), welding procedure
qualification of corrosion resisting build-up welding, composition metal materials, heat exchange
tube and tube plate as well as rules, test methods and qualified requirements for screw-bolt arc
welding procedure.
This Standard is applicable to the welding procedure qualification for gas welding, arc welding by
electrodes, hidden arc welding, MIG Welding, gas tungsten-arc welding, electroslag welding,
plasma arc welding, friction welding, electrogas welding and screw-bolt arc welding, etc. of the
steel procedure vessels.
2 Normative References
The articles contained in the following documents have become this standard when they are
quoted herein. For the dated documents so quoted, all the modifications (excluding corrections)
or revisions made thereafter shall not be applicable to this Standard. For the undated documents
so quoted, the latest editions shall be applicable to this Standard.
GB 150 Steel Pressure Vessels
GB 151 Tubular heat exchangers
GB/T 228 Metal Tensile Test Method
GB/T 229 Metal Charpy Nick Impact Test Method
GB/T 699 Quality carbon structural steels
GB/T 700 Carbon structural steels
GB/T 710 Hot-rolled quality carbon structural steel sheets and strips
GB/ T 711 Hot-rolled quality carbon structural steel plates and wide strips
GB 713 Carbon and low alloy steel plates for boilers carbon and alloy steel plates
for boilers
GB 912 Hot-rolled sheets and strips of carbon structural steels and high strength
low alloy structural steels
GB/T 1176 Specification for cast copper alloys
GB/T 1527 Drawn tube of copper and copper alloys
GB/T 1528 Extruded tube of copper and copper alloys
GB/T 1591 High strength low alloy structural steels
GB/T 2040 Sheet of copper and copper alloy
GB/T 2054 Nickel and nickel alloy sheets
GB/T 2653 Bend test methods on welded joints
GB/T 2882 Nickel and nickel alloys tube
GB/T 3077 Alloy structure steels
GB 3087 Seamless steel tubes for low and medium pressure boiler
GB/T 3091 Welded steel pipes for low pressure liquid delivery
GB/T 3274 Hot-rolled Plates and Strips of Carbon Structural Steels and High Strength
Low Alloy Structural Steels
GB/T 3280 Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Plate Sheet and Strip
GB/T 3375 Welding terminology
GB 3531 Low alloy steel plates for low temperature pressure vessels
GB/T 3621 Titanium and titanium alloy plate and sheet
GB/T 3624 Titanium and titanium alloy seamless tubes
GB/T 3625 Titanium and titanium alloy tube for condensers and heat exchangers
GB/T 3670 Coated electrodes for copper and copper alloys
GB/T 3880 (All Parts) Aluminium and aluminium alloy rolled sheet
GB/T 4237 Hot rolled stainless steel plate sheet and strip
GB/T 4423 Copper and copper-alloy cold-drawn rod and bar
GB/T 4435 Nickel and nickel-copper alloys round bars
GB/T 4437.1 Aluminium and aluminium alloy extruded tubes - Part 1. Seamless tubes
GB/T 5293 Carbon steel electrodes and flux for submerged arc welding
GB 5310 Seamless steel tubes and pipes for high pressure boiler
GB 6479 Seamless steel tubes for high-pressure for chemical fertilizer equipment
GB/T 6614 Titanium and titanium alloy castings
GB 6653 Steel plates and strips for welded gas cylinders
GB/T 6893 Aluminium and aluminium alloys cold drawn(rolled) seamless tubes
GB/T 8163 Seamless steel tubes for liquid service
GB/T 8890 Seamless copper alloy tube for heat-exchanger
GB/T 9460 Welding wire and rods of copper and copper alloys
GB/T 9711.1 Petroleum and natural gas industries-Steel pipe for pipelines-Technical
delivery conditions - Part 1. Pipes of requirement class A
GB/T 9711.2 Petroleu...
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