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JB/T 9008.1-2014 (JB/T9008.1-2014)

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JB/T 9008.1-2014English150 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto-delivery. Electric wire rope hoists. Part 1: Types and basic parameter, specification Valid

JB/T 9008.1-2014: PDF in English (JBT 9008.1-2014)

JB/T 9008.1-2014
ICS 53.020.99
J 80
Registration number. 45477-2014
Replacing JB/T 9008.1-2004
Electric wire rope hoists
- Part 1. Types and basic parameter, specification
ISSUED ON. MAY 06, 2014
Issued by. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the
People's Republic of China
Table of contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 5 
2 Normative references ... 5 
3 Terms and definitions ... 6 
4 Types and basic parameters ... 7 
4.1 Type ... 7 
4.2 Basic parameters ... 9 
5 Technical requirements ... 11 
5.1 Working conditions ... 11 
5.2 Basic Requirements ... 12 
5.3 Use performance ... 12 
5.4 Safety and hygiene ... 14 
5.5 Lifting mechanism service life ... 16 
5.6 Painting and appearance ... 17 
5.7 Major components ... 17 
6 Test methods ... 24 
7 Inspection rules ... 24 
7.1 Motor inspection ... 24 
7.2 Inspection classification ... 25 
7.3 Exit-factory inspection (test) ... 25 
7.4 Type test ... 26 
7.5 Service life test ... 27 
8 Marking, packaging, transportation and storage ... 27 
JB/T 9008 “Electric wire rope hoist” is composed of the following two parts.
- Part 1. Type and basic parameter, specification;
- Part 2. Test methods.
This part is Part 1 of JB/T 9008 “Electric wire rope hoist”.
This part was drafted in accordance with the rules given in GB/T 1.1-2009.
This part replaces JB/T 9008.1 -2004 “Electric wire rope hoists - Part 1. Types
and basic parameter, specification”. As compared with JB/T 9008.1-2004, the
main technical changes are as follows.
- ADD the environment to which this part is not applicable (SEE Chapter 1).
- MODIFY the contents of the normative references (SEE Chapter 2).
- MODIFY terms and definitions (SEE Chapter 3).
- MODIFY the type division of electric hoist (SEE 4.1);
- MODIFY the rated capacity, starting speed and operating speed of the basic
parameters (SEE 4.2.2, 4.2.4, 4.2.5).
- MODIFY the rated voltage of the main circuit of the electric hoist (SEE 5.1.1);
- ADD the relevant requirements for the electric hoist for molten metal (SEE
5.1.2, 5.3.15,,, 5.7.2, 5.7.3,, etc.).
- ADD the safety distance of the hook (SEE 5.3.13).
- ADD the energy efficiency requirements for electric hoist and motor (SEE
5.3.14 and;
- ADD the relevant requirements for electric protection and motor protection
- DELETE the quality warranty period of the original standard.
This part was proposed by the China Machinery Industry Federation.
This part shall be under the jurisdiction of the National Hoisting Machinery
Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC 227).
The responsible drafting organizations of this part. Jiangyin Kaicheng Crane
Machinery Co., Ltd., Beijing Hoisting and Transportation Machinery Design and
Research Institute, Tianjin Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd., National Hoisting and
Transportation Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.
The participating drafting organizations of this part. Nanjing Lifting Machinery
Plant Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Double Bird Machinery Co., Ltd., Demag Crane
Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Koni Crane Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.,
Hangzhou Zheqi Machinery Co., Ltd., Weihua Group Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Hoisting
Machinery Plant, Jiangsu Sanma Hoisting Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,
Hubei Yinlun Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd., Nanjing Special Motor Plant Co.,
Ltd., Hubei Huabo Sanliu Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., Bada Electric and
Mechanical Services Co., Ltd., Changzhou Wujin Hoisting Appliance Limited.
The main drafters of this part. Zhou Minxian, Dian Shujun, Zhu Mingang, Tao
Tianhua, Jiang Rangen, Yan Xuqiang, Li Benhong, Sheng Jiaqing, Xu Lei, Gao
Ning, Zhou Zenglin, Sun Minyao, Liu Xiaosheng, Zhao Jianhua, Ma Xiancai, Hu
Jianxing, Ma Xiansheng, He Guosheng, Shen Guoliang.
This Standard replaces the standard previously issued as follows.
- JB 773-1965, ZBJ 80013.1-1989, JB/T 9008.1-1999, JB/T 9008.1-2004;
- JB 2100-1984, ZBJ 80013.2-1989, JB/T 9008.2-1999, JB/T 9008.2-2004;
- JB 2101-1984, ZBJ 80013.3-1989, JB/T 9008.3-1999, JB/T 9008.1-2004;
- JB 2102-1977, ZBJ 80013.5-1989, JB/T 9008.5-1999, JB/T 9008.1-2004;
- ZBJ 80013.6-1989, JB/T 9008.6-1999, JB/T 9008.1-2004;
- ZBJ 80013.7-1989, JB/T 9009-1999, JB/T 9008.1-2004.
Electric wire rope hoists
- Part 1. Types and basic parameter, specification
1 Scope
This part of JB/T 9008 specifies the terms and definitions, type and basic
parameters, technical requirements, inspection rules, marking, packaging,
transportation and storage of electric wire rope hoists.
This part applies to the electric wire rope hoists used for general working
environment OR lifting molten metal (hereinafter referred to as electric hoist);
AND the electric hoists used for other environments can make reference to this
This part does not apply to electric hoists used in the following environments.
- Explosive gas, combustible dust and corrosive gas environment;
- Nuclear radiation environment, toxic gas environment.
2 Normative references
The following documents are essential to the application of this document. For
the dated documents, only the versions with the dates indicated are applicable
to this document; for the undated documents, only the latest version (including
all the amendments) are applicable to this document.
GB 755-2008 Rotating electric machines - Rating and performance
GB/T 783 Lifting appliances - Range of maximum capacities for basic models
GB/T 3797-2005 Electric control assembles
GB/T 3811-2008 Design rules for cranes
GB/T 4205 Basic and safety principles for man-machine interface (MMI),
marking and identification - Actuating principles
GB 4208-2008 Degree of protection provided by enclosure (IP code)
GB/T 4942.1 Degree of protection provided by the integral design of rotating
electric machined (IP code) - Classification
GB 5226.1-2008 Electric safety of machinery - Electric equipment of
machines - Part 1. General requirements
GB 5226.2-2002 Safety of machinery - Electric equipment of machines - Part
32. Requirements for hoisting machines
GB 6067.1 Safety rules for lifting appliances - Part 1. General
GB 8918 Steel wire ropes for important purposes
GB/T 9286 Paint and varnishes - Cross cut test for films
GB/T 10051.1 Lifting hooks - Part 1. Mechanical properties, lifting capacities,
stresses and materials
GB/T 13306 Plate
GB/T 13384 General specifications for packing of mechanical and electric
GB 14048.1-2012 Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 1. General
GB/T 20118 Steel wire ropes for general purpose
JB/T 3907 Machine tool electric apparatus - Push button switches
JB/T 9008.2-2015 Electric wire rope hoist - Part 2. Testing method
3 Terms and definitions
The following terms and definitions apply to this document.
Electric hoist
It refers to the listing hoist composed of motor, reducer, brake and so on,
which uses the reel to wind or release the rope OR the chain wheel to wind
or release the lifting chain, in order to drive the load handling device up and
Electric wire rope hoist
5.2 Basic Requirements
The design of electric hoist shall comply with the relevant provisions of GB/T
3811, GB 6067.1 and this part.
5.3 Use performance
5.3.1 It shall, based on the use level and load status level, reasonably select
the electric hoist of corresponding working level (SEE Table 1).
5.3.2 The structural type, basic parameters, performance, and siz...
(Above excerpt was released on 2017-02-11, modified on 2021-06-07, translated/reviewed by: Wayne Zheng et al.)
Source: https://www.chinesestandard.net/PDF.aspx/JBT9008.1-2014