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GBZ 125-2009: PDF in English

GBZ 125-2009
ICS 13.100
C 57
Replace GBZ 125-2002 and GBZ 137-2002
Radiological Protection Requirements for
Gauges Containing Sealed Radioactive Source
Issued by. The Ministry of Health (MOH) of the People's Republic of China
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 4
2 Normative References ... 4
3 Terms and Definitions ... 5
4 Requirements of Radiation Protection for Source Container ... 5
5 Radiation Protection and Safety Requirements of Instrument ... 7
6 Test and Inspection of Radiation Protection ... 10
Appendix A ... 14
Appendix B ... 18
Appendix C ... 19
Translation References and Original Chinese Documents ... 20
This Standard is formulated in accordance with the requirements of "Law of the People's
Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases".
Full text of this Standard is compulsory.
This Standard replaces "Radiological Protection Standards for Gauges Containing Sealed
Radioactive Source" (GBZ 125-2002) and "Specifications of Radiological Protection
Monitoring for Gauges Containing Sealed Radioactive Source" (GBZ 137-2002). From the date
of implementation, GBZ 125-2002 and GBZ 137-2002 shall be abolished simultaneously.
Compared with GBZ 125-2002 and GBZ 137-2002, the main changes in this Standard are as
- COMBINE GBZ 125-2002 and GBZ 137-2002 into this Standard;
- QUOTE GB 18871 for relevant contents such as "ionizing radiation mark";
- ADD relevant requirements of radioactive source safety and accident emergency
Appendix A of this Standard is normative; Appendixes B and C are informative.
This Standard was proposed by the Professional Committee for radiological health protection
standard of Ministry of Health.
This Standard was approved by the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China.
Chief drafting organizations. Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
Chief drafting staffs. Li Yachun, Wang Shijin and Kong Yuxia.
The previous standards replaced by this Standard are as follows.
- GB 16368-1996;
- GBZ 125-2002;
- GBZ 137-2002;
- WS/T 185-1999.
Radiological Protection Requirements for Gauges Containing Sealed
Radioactive Source
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the radiological protection requirements and safety requirements of
detection instruments of source container and sealed radioactive source (hereinafter referred as
“sealed source”); and requirements of radiological protection testing and inspection.
This Standard is applicable to those detection instruments with sealed source and based on
particle fluence measurement (hereinafter referred as “detection instrument”); such as the level
gage, densimeter, hygrometer and nuclear scale.
2 Normative References
The provisions of following standards, through reference of this Standard, constitute the
provisions of this Standard. For dated documents, subsequent amendments (excluding
corrigenda) or revisions are not applicable to this Standard. However, all parties who enter into
agreement according to this Standard are encouraged to study if the latest editions of these
documents are applicable. For undated documents, the latest editions are applicable to this
Standard [Translator. All following documents are undated].
GB 4075 "Sealed Radioactive Source - General Requirements and Classification"
GB 11806 "Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material"
GB 14052 "Radionuclide Gauges - Gauges Designed for Permanent Installation"
GB 18871 "Basic Standards for Protection against Ionizing Radiation and for the Safety of
Radiation Source"
GBZ 128 "Specifications of Individual Monitoring for Occupational External Exposure"
GBZ/T 208 "Classification of Radioactive Source Based on Dangerous Index"
5.3.2 The radiation protection and safety acceptance test of new-purchased detection
instrument shall be carried out according to this Standard.
5.3.3 At the regular use place of detection instrument, source container shall be fixed firmly
and reliably; it shall adopt security protection measures to avoid the lost of sealed source;
PREVENT people entering into the useful beam area between source container and tested
5.3.4 The operation staffs related to the installation, inspection and maintenance of sealed
source must be familiar with the structure of source container; GRASP the skills of radiation
protection; OBTAIN the qualification certificate of radiation staff; and ACCQUIRE
authorization of operation.
5.3.5 According to GBZ 128, radiation operation staffs in supervision area; and radiation
operation staffs during the reloading of radioactive source of various instrument and the
maintenance of source related to instrument shall be subject to personal dose monitoring.
5.3.6 Decommissioned sealed source shall be managed strictly as the radioactive dangerous
articles; they shall be sent back to manufacturer or transmitted to the preservation department of
decommissioned source and be provided with permanent records.
5.3.7 “ionizing radiation warning sign” (see GB 18871) shall be set up clearly at striking
position of use-place of detection instrument’s source container.
5.4 Transportation requirements
The transportation of sealed source and source container containing sealed source shall
comply with the requirements of GB 11806.
5.5 Accident emergency requirements
5.5.1 For instrument and its used sealed source, the hazard index and corresponding hazard
classification of radioactive source shall be judged according to GBZ/T 208 and according to
the contingent radiation accident risk; so as to provide basis for accident emergency preparation.
The hazard classification of major detection instruments are listed in Appendix C.
5.5.2 According to the situations of production, utilization, storage of sealed source and
instrument, and the contingent radiation accident risk, and according to the classification
requirements of radiation accident specified by the nation, corresponding radiation accident
emergency plan shall be formulated; and emergency preparation shall be well done.
Appendix B
Catalogue of Radiation Protection and Safety Management System
B.1 The reference catalogue of radiation protection and safety management system for the
organizations which manufacture and use the instrument with sealed source is as follows.
1) Radiation protection management organization and the responsibilities;
2) License management system for radiation source and instrument;
3) The standing book of radiation source and detection instrument, and management system for
manufacturing, utilization, storage and decommissioning;
4) The management system for radiation operational staffs;
5) Safety operation, maintenance and safety inspection system;
6) The dose-monitoring system for the device, site and staffs;
7) The emergency treatment plan for radiation accident;
8) Protection, safety evaluation and annual summarization system for radiation source and
detection instrument.
Translation References and Original Chinese
[1] GBZ 125-2009 Radiological protection requirements for gauges containing sealed
radioactive source.
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