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GB/T 959.1-2017 PDF in English

GB/T 959.1-2017 (GB/T959.1-2017, GBT 959.1-2017, GBT959.1-2017)
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GB/T 959.1-2017: PDF in English (GBT 959.1-2017)

GB/T 959.1-2017
ICS 21.060.30
J 13
Replacing GB/T 959.1-1986
Specifications for Retaining Rings – Circlips
ISSUED ON. JULY 12, 2017
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Quarantine of the People's Republic of China;
Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of
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Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Application Scope ... 5 
2 Normative References ... 5 
3 Materials ... 5 
4 Properties ... 6 
5 Surface Treatment ... 7 
6 Test Methods ... 7 
7 Surface Defects ... 11 
8 Acceptance Inspection ... 11 
9 Marking and Packaging ... 12 
Annex A (Normative) Technical Requirements for Steels C67S and C75S
... 13 
This Part belongs to the serial standards under the national standard “Retaining Rings”.
The series include.
-- GB/T 893, Retaining Rings for Bores;
-- GB/T 894, Retaining Rings for Shaft;
-- GB/T 896, “E” Rings;
-- GB/T 959.1, Specifications for Retaining Rings – Circlips.
This Part is Part 1 of GB/T 959.
This Part was drafted in accordance with the rules given in GB/T 1.1-2009.
This Part replaces GB/T 959.1-1986, Specifications for Ring – Circlips. Compared with
GB/T 959.1-1986, the major changes of this Part are as follows.
-- the material designations 70, C67S and C75S are added and it is specified that
the materials of retaining rings are to be determined by the manufacturer (see
Article 3);
-- it adds for heat treatment. d1 > 200 mm ~ 300 mm; hardness 390 HV ~ 470 HV;
40 HRC ~ 47 HRC (see Table 2);
-- it adds bending test for retaining rings for bores and shafts (see 4.1 and 6.1);
-- it adds conical deformation test for retaining rings for bores and shafts (see 4.2
and 6.2);
-- it modifies the technical requirements and methods for resilience test of retaining
rings for bores and shafts (see 4.4 and 6.4);
-- it deletes zinc plating passivation, adds surface phosphating treatment and
surface corrosion resistance and specifies that the surface treatment of retaining
rings is to be determined by the manufacturer (see Article 5 and 6.6);
-- it adds dimensions, properties and acceptable quality levels (AQL) of retaining
rings (see Table 6 and Table 7).
This Part was proposed by China Machinery Industry Federation.
This Part shall be under the jurisdiction of the National Standardization Technical
Committee on Fasteners (SAC/TC 85).
The responsible drafting organization of this Part. China Productivity Centre for
Specifications for Retaining Rings – Circlips
1 Application Scope
This Part of GB/T 959 specifies the specifications for retaining rings for bores and
shafts and “E” rings.
This Part applies to retaining rings for bores and shafts and “E” rings as specified by
the national Standards, as well as other standard and non-standard retaining ring
2 Normative References
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this
document. For dated references, only the edition dated applies to this document. For
undated references, the latest edition of the referenced documents (including all
amendments) applies to This Standard.
GB/T 90.1, Fasteners – Acceptance Inspection
GB/T 90.2, Fasteners – Marking and Packaging
GB/T 1222, Spring Steels
GB/T 4357, Cold-drawn Non-alloy Steel Wire for Springs
GB/T 10125, Corrosion tests in Artificial Atmospheres – Salt Spray Tests
GB/T 11376, Phosphate Conversion Coatings for Metals
JB/T 3411.47, Pincer for Assembly Spring Thrust Collar on Shaft – Dimensions
JB/T 3411.48, Pincer for Assembly Spring Thrust Collar in Hole – Dimensions
3 Materials
The materials of retaining rings and heat treatment hardness are to be determined by
the manufacturer and shall be as specified in Table 1 and Table 2.
Table 1 – Materials
Annex A
Annex A
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