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GB/T 50378-2014 PDF in English

GB/T 50378-2014 (GB/T50378-2014, GBT 50378-2014, GBT50378-2014)
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GB/T 50378-2014: PDF in English (GBT 50378-2014)

GB/T 50378-2014
Assessment Standard for Green Building
Issued by. Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development;
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Quarantine of the People's Republic of China.
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 5 
1 General Provisions ... 7 
2 Terms ... 7 
3 Basic Requirements ... 8 
3.1 General Requirements ... 8 
3.2 Assessment and Rating ... 8 
4 Land Saving and Outdoor Environment ... 9 
4.1 Prerequisite Items ... 9 
4.2 Scoring Items ... 10 
5 Energy Saving and Energy Utilization ... 13 
5.1 Prerequisite Items ... 13 
5.2 Scoring Item ... 13 
6 Water Saving and Water Resource Utilization ... 17 
6.1 Prerequisite Items ... 17 
6.2 Scoring Items ... 17 
7 Material Saving and Material Resource Utilization ... 20 
7.1 Prerequisite Items ... 20 
7.2 Scoring Items ... 20 
8 Indoor Environment Quality ... 23 
8.1 Prerequisite Items ... 23 
8.2 Scoring Items ... 23 
9 Construction Management ... 26 
9.1 Prerequisite Items ... 26 
9.2 Scoring Items ... 26 
10 Operation Management ... 28 
10.1 Prerequisite Items ... 28 
10.2 Scoring Items ... 29 
11 Promotion and Innovation ... 31 
11.1 General Requirements ... 31 
11.2 Bonus Items ... 31 
Explanation of Wording in This Standard ... 34 
List of Quoted Standards ... 35 
According to the requirements of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on
printing "Notification of Development and Revision Plan of National Engineering
Construction Standards and Codes in 2011" (Jian Biao [2011] No.17), this standard is
prepared on the basis of revision of the previous national standard GB/T 50378-2006
Assessment Standard for Green Building by China Academy of Building Research, Shanghai
Research Institute of Building Sciences (Group) Co., Ltd jointly with organizations
In the revision of this standard, standard drafting group made an extensive investigation
and study, summarized implementation and practical experience of GB/T 50378-2006
Assessment Standard for Green Building over the past few years and made reference to
foreign standards. Moreover, this standard was reviewed and finalized after multiple
monographic studies, extensive solicitation for the parties concerned and continuous
discussion, coordination and modification for the specific contents..
This standard consists of 11 chapters, including. general provisions, terms, basic
requirements, land saving and outdoor environment, energy saving and energy utilization,
water saving and water resource utilization, material saving and material resource utilization,
indoor environment quality, construction management, operation management and promotion
and innovation.
The main changes in this revision include.
1. The scope is extended to any civil building from the office buildings, shopping mall
and hotel building in the residential building and public buildings.
2. Assessment consists of design assessment and operation assessment.
3. As for the assessment index system of green buildings, "construction management" is
added besides land saving and outdoor environment, energy saving and energy utilization,
water saving and water resource utilization, material saving and material resource utilization,
indoor environment quality and operation management.
4. Adjust assessment methods. Each assessment index is scored and the green buildings
grade is determined depending on the total score provided that the scoring item for each
assessment index meets the minimum score requirements. The general terms and optimal
items in GB/T 50378-2006 Assessment Standard for Green Building are combined and
changed into scoring item.
5. Bonus item is added to encourage green buildings technology and management
enhancement and innovation.
6. Assessment means and grade determination method of comprehensive and
multifunctional individual building are specified.
7. Parts of assessment provisions are modified and all the scoring items and bonus items
are given with scores.
The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is in charge of the
administration of this standard and the China Academy of Building Research is responsible
for the explanation of specific technical contents. During the process of implementing this
standard, you are kindly requested to send your opinions and advice to China Academy of
1 General Provisions
1.0.1 This standard is prepared to implement the national policy for the technical economy,
save the resources, protect the environment, specify the assessment on the green buildings and
promote the sustainable development.
1.0.2 This standard is applicable to assessment of green and civil buildings.
1.0.3 The assessment for the green buildings shall be in accordance with local conditions
and consider the climate, environment, resource, economy, culture, etc. at the place where the
buildings are located and then a comprehensive assessment shall be given to the buildings in
terms of the energy, land, water and material saving together with environmental protection
within the total service life of the buildings.
1.0.4 The assessment of green buildings shall not only meet the requirements of this
standard, but also comply with those in the current relevant ones of the nation.
2 Terms
2.0.1 Green building
The environmental-friendly building that is able to maximally conserve the resources
(energy, land, water and material), protect the environment and reduce pollution to provide
people a healthy, suitable and high-performance application space in its whole life cycle.
2.0.2 Heat island intensity
The characterization parameter of urban heat island effect, by which the difference of the
temperature between one area in the city and the suburb is expressed by the temperature
difference between the typical measuring points.
2.0.3 Annual runoff volume capture ratio
Ratio of amount of accumulated annual rainfall under control, through natural and
artificial intensified infiltration, retention and storage, collection and reuse, in the field to the
total rainfall in one year.
2.0.4 Renewable energy
A general term of non-fossil energies, like wind energy, solar energy, water energy,
biomass energy, geothermal energy and ocean energy.
2.0.5 Reclaimed water
The undrinkable water obtained by appropriately treating the wastewater to reach a
certain water quality standard and to meet a certain kind of service requireme...
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