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GB/T 4622.1-2009 PDF in English

GB/T 4622.1-2009 (GB/T4622.1-2009, GBT 4622.1-2009, GBT4622.1-2009)
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GB/T 4622.1-2009: PDF in English (GBT 4622.1-2009)

GB/T 4622.1-2009
ICS 23.040.60
J 15
Replacing GB/T 4622.1-2003
Classification for Spiral Wound Gaskets
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection
and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China;
Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 4 
2 Types ... 4 
3 Codes ... 6 
4 Marks and Symbols ... 7 
GB/T 4622, "Spiral Wound Gaskets", consists of three parts.
— Classification;
— Dimensions of gaskets for pipe flanges;
— Specification.
This part replaces GB/T 4622.1-2003 "Specification and Symbol of Spiral Wound
Compared with GB/T 4622.1-2003, the main changes of this part are as follows.
— Corresponding relation for the selection of types of flange sealing surfaces and
gaskets is added;
— Two metal strip materials are deleted and one centering ring material is added;
— "Marking (Chapter 4 of the 2003 edition)" is replaced by "Marks and Symbols".
This part was proposed by China Machinery Industry Federation.
This part shall be under the jurisdiction of the National Technical Committee on Pipe
Fitting of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC 237).
Drafting organizations of this part. China Productivity Center for Machinery, Cixi
Hengli Packing & Sealing Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Tiansheng Sealing Packing Co., Ltd.
Chief drafting staffs of this part. Li Junying, Qiu Kuanheng, Li Xinggen.
The previous editions replaced by this part are as follows.
— GB/T 4622.1-1993, GB/T 4622.1-2003.
Figure 5 Typical Construction of Spiral Wound Gasket
2.3 Spiral wound gaskets for tongue and groove face flanges shall be of basic type.
2.4 Spiral wound gaskets for male and female flanges shall be with an inner ring.
2.5 Spiral wound gaskets for raised face and full face flanges may be with a
centering ring1).
2.6 Spiral wound gaskets with an inner ring and a centering ring shall be given
priority to be used with raised face and full face flanges. If the filler material is PTFE,
this type shall be applied.
3 Codes
3.1 Codes for spiral wound gasket types are specified in Table 1.
Table 1 Type Codes
Type Code Suitable Flange Sealing Surface
Basic type A Tongue and groove face
With an inner ring B Male and female face
With a centering ring C Flat face
With an inner ring and a centering ring D Raised face
3.2 Codes for spiral wound gasket materials are specified in Table 2.
Table 2 Material Codes
Material of centering ring Material of metal strip Material of filler Material of inner ring
Name Code Name Code Name Code Name Code
Without centering
ring 0
(0Cr18Ni9) 2 Asbestos 1 Without inner ring 0
Low carbon steel 1 06Cr17Ni12Mo2 (0Cr17Ni12Mo2) 3 Flexible graphite 2
(0Cr18Ni9) 2
(0Cr18Ni9) 2
(00Cr17Ni14Mo2) 4 PTFE 3
(0Crl7Ni12Mo2) 3
1 Users of this standard shall take into consideration the risks that the spiral wound gasket without an inner ring or restriction
on the inner diameter may be subjected to radial buckling and then affect the normal use.
identifying the materials of the metal strip and the filler. The color coding method is
detailed in 4.2.2.
4.2.2 Color codes
A continuous color around the centering ring edge shall identify the metal of the metal
strip. Intermittent stripes around the edge of the centering ring shall identify the filler
material. Gaskets of DN40 and above are indicated by four color strips spaced 90
degrees apart, and gasket sizes below DN 40 are indicated by two symmetrical color
stripes. The color codes may be applied according to Table 3 or as per user’s request.
Table 3 Color Codes
Material Color code Material Color code
Material of metal
(0Cr18Ni9) Yellow
Material of metal
Hastelloy Cb Beige
(00Cr19Ni10) No color
a Inconel 600b Gold
(2Cr23Ni13) No color
a Inconel 625b Gold
No colora Incoloy 800b White
(00Cr17Ni14Mo2) Green Incoloy 825
b White
(00Cr19Ni13Mo3) Maroon
(0Cr18Ni11Nb) Blue
Filler material
asbestos No Color
(0Cr18Ni10Ti) Turquoise Flexible graphite Gray strips
Zirconium No colora PTFE White strips
Pure nickel Red non-asbestos fiber Black strips
Pure titanium Purple Micab Pink strips
Monel 400b Orange Ceramic Light green strips
a Both the manufacture and the purchaser are encouraged to develop an appropriate color code to differentiate the
same type gaskets made of different materials.
b The materials are simply names of products provided by certain suppliers. They are provided for the convenience
of the users of this part, not for the approval of such products. Other equivalent products may be applied.
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