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GB/T 4240-1993 PDF in English

GB/T 4240-1993 (GB/T4240-1993, GBT 4240-1993, GBT4240-1993)
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GB/T 4240-1993: PDF in English (GBT 4240-1993)

GB/T 4240-1993 (GB/T 4240-93)
GB/T 4240-93
Replacing GB/T 4240-84
Stainless Steel Wires
Issued by. China State Bureau of Technical Supervision
Table of Contents
1 Subject content and applicability ... 3 
2 Normative references ... 3 
3 Classification and designations ... 3 
4 Dimension and shape ... 4 
5 Technical requirements ... 5 
6 Test methods ... 8 
7 Inspection rules ... 8 
8 Package, marks, and quality certificate ... 9 
Additional explanation... 10 
Stainless Steel Wires
1    Subject content and applicability   
This Standard specifies classifications, designations, dimension, shape,
technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, package, marks, and
quality certificate for stainless steel wires.
This Standard is applicable to stainless steel wires (hereinafter referred to as
“steel wire”); it is not applicable to the ones that are used for spring, cold
upsetting, and welding.
2    Normative references   
GB 222 Method of Sampling Steel for Determination of Chemical
Composition and Permissible Variations for Product Analysis
GB 223 Methods for Chemical Analysis of Iron, steel, and Alloy
GB 228 Tensile Test Method for Metal
GB 342 Dimension, Shape, Mass, and Tolerance for Cold-drawn Round
Steel Wires
GB 1220 Stainless Steel Bars
GB 2103 General Provisions for Checking, Packing, Marking, and Quality
Certification of Steel Wire
GB 3207 Bright Steel
3    Classification and designations   
The steel wire is divided into three types according to its texture; its type,
designations, condition, and code are listed in Table 1.
Table 1
Types Designations Delivery state Code
Austenitic type OCr17Ni12Mo2 1Cr18Ni9
Cold drawing
Light drawing
Table 2 in. mm
Steel wire diameter Inner-diameter of steel wire reel not less than
0.05 ~ 0.45
> 0.45 ~ 1.40
> 1.40 ~ 2.00
> 2.00 ~ 6.00
> 6.00 ~ 14.00
Reel or 100
4.6 It can provide straightening wire and bright steel wire according to the
requirement of purchasers. The dimension and shape of straightening wire
shall be in accordance with those specified in GB 342. And the dimension and
shape of bright steel wire shall be in accordance with those specified in GB
4.7 Marking example
The cold-drawing steel wire with diameter of 1.0 mm manufactured with
1Cr18Ni9 is marked as.
Stainless steel wire 4240/9181
5    Technical requirements   
5.1 Chemical compositions
5.1.1 The chemical compositions (smelting analysis) of the steel used in steel
wires shall be in accordance with those specified in GB 1220.
5.1.2 The permissible variation of chemical compositions for steel wire shall be
in accordance with those specified in GB 222.
5.2 Delivery state
The steel wire shall be delivered according to the delivery state specified in
Table 1.
Soft (R). steel wire has acid pickling and the similar treatment after having
bright heat treatment or heat treatment.
Light drawing (Q). steel wire is drawn of small extent of deformation after
the heat treatment.
Cold drawing (L). steel wire has general drawing after the heat treatment.
those specified in Table 6.
7.4 Re-inspection and determining rules
Re-inspection and determining rules shall be in accordance with the provisions
specified in GB 2103.
8    Package, marks, and quality certificate   
Package, marks, and quality certificate shall be in accordance with the
provisions specified in GB 2103. Steel wire of austenite and ferrite types shall
be packed according to type-Ⅱc; and that of martensite type shall be packed
according to type-Ⅲ.
Additional explanation. 
This Standard was proposed by the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry of the
People's Republic of China.
This Standard shall be under jurisdiction of China Metallurgical Industry
Information and Standardization Research Institute.
This Standard was drafted by Dalian Steel Plant.
Main drafters of this Standard. Xu Xiaoqian and Wang Xinchong.
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