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GB/T 40117-2021 (GB/T40117-2021, GBT 40117-2021, GBT40117-2021)
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GB/T 40117-2021: PDF in English (GBT 40117-2021)

GB/T 40117-2021
ICS 19.100
CCS J 04
GB/T 40117-2021 / ISO 18490:2015
Non-destructive testing -
Evaluation of vision acuity of NDT personnel
(ISO 18490:2015, IDT)
ISSUED ON: MAY 21, 2021
Issued by: State Administration for Market Regulation;
Standardization Administration of the PRC.
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 4 
2 Normative references ... 4 
3 Terms and definitions ... 4 
4 Chart print quality ... 5 
5 Health and safety ... 5 
6 Personnel administering the test ... 5 
7 Test charts ... 5 
8 Test procedure ... 6 
9 Acceptance level ... 8 
Annex A (Normative) Format and size of the optotypes ... 9 
Annex B (Normative) Spacing of the optotypes ... 11 
Annex C (Informative) Example test chart (Not to scale) ... 12 
This document is drafted in accordance with GB/T 1.1-2020 "Directives for
standardization - Part 1: Rules for the structure and drafting of standardizing
This document, using translation method, is identical to ISO 18490:2015 "Non-
destructive testing - Evaluation of vision acuity of NDT personnel".
China’s document which has a consistent correspondence with the international
document normatively referenced in this document is as follows:
- GB/T 9445-2015 Non-destructive testing - Qualification and certification of
NDT personnel (ISO 9712:2012, IDT)
Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document
may be the subject of patent rights. The issuing authority of this document shall
not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent rights.
This document was proposed by and shall be under the jurisdiction of National
Technical Committee 56 on Non-destructive Testing of Standardization
Administration of China (SAC/TC 56).
Drafting organizations of this document: CRRC Qishuyan Institute Co., Ltd.,
Shanghai Research Institute of Materials, Science and Technology Consulting
Service Department of Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society.
Main drafters of this document: Wan Shengyun, Song Fei, Jiang Jiansheng,
Zheng Xiaokang, Zhang Wenxian, Sang Jinpeng, Wu Gang.
Non-destructive testing -
Evaluation of vision acuity of NDT personnel
1 Scope
This document specifies the form of the optotype, the quality requirements for
the chart, the test procedure, and the acceptance level for near vision acuity of
NDT personnel. It also addresses the qualification requirements for personnel
permitted to carry out the test.
This document only addresses near vision acuity under defined conditions
similar to those encountered during routine NDT inspection. It does not address
an individual’s overall visual acuity and users are advised to consider the need
for a general eye examination by specialist medical personnel to ensure general
vision acuity is appropriate for job function.
This document does not address colour vision requirements.
2 Normative references
The contents of the following documents, through normative references in this
text, constitute indispensable provisions of this document. Among them, for
dated references, only the edition corresponding to that date applies to this
document. For undated references, the latest edition (including all amendments)
applies to this document.
ISO 9712 Non-destructive testing - Qualification and certification of NDT
EN 4179 Aerospace series - Qualification and approval of personnel for non-
destructive testing
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 9712
and EN 4179 and the following apply.
Source: Above contents are excerpted from the PDF -- translated/reviewed by: www.chinesestandard.net / Wayne Zheng et al.