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GB/T 37752.1-2019 PDF in English

GB/T 37752.1-2019 (GB/T37752.1-2019, GBT 37752.1-2019, GBT37752.1-2019)
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GB/T 37752.1-2019: PDF in English (GBT 37752.1-2019)

GB/T 37752.1-2019
ICS 25.180.10
K 61
GB/T 37752.1-2019 / ISO 13577-1:2016
Industrial furnaces and associated processing equipment -
Safety - Part 1: General requirements
(ISO 13577-1:2016, IDT)
ISSUED ON: JUNE 04, 2019
Issued by: State Administration for Market Regulation;
Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China.
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 4
1 Scope ... 5
2 Normative references ... 5
3 Terms and definitions ... 6
4 Safety requirements and/or protective measures ... 7
4.1 General ... 7
4.2 Mechanical safety ... 9
4.3 Electrical safety ... 12
4.4 Thermal and cryogenic safety ... 13
4.5 Noise ... 16
4.6 Vibration ... 17
4.7 Radiation safety ... 17
4.8 Materials and substances processed, used or exhausted ... 19
4.9 Ergonomics ... 20
4.10 Hazard combination ... 20
4.11 Malfunction ... 20
4.12 Missing and incorrectly fitted safety devices ... 21
5 Verification ... 21
6 Information for use ... 24
6.1 General requirements ... 24
6.2 Location and nature of the information for use ... 25
6.3 Signals and warning devices ... 25
6.4 Instruction handbooks/manuals ... 27
Annex A (Informative) List of significant hazards ... 29
Annex B (Informative) List of common industrial furnaces and associated processing
equipment ... 40
Annex C (Informative) Typical test report ... 44
Annex D (Informative) Work-permit authorization ... 46
Annex E (Informative) Information specific to Japan ... 47
Annex F (Informative) Requirements specific to the USA ... 48
Annex G (Informative) Requirements specific to the EU and associated countries ... 51
Annex H (Informative) Requirements specific to Canada ... 53
Annex I (Informative) Requirements specific to China ... 54
Annex NA (Informative) List of Chinese documents that have consistent
correspondence with the international documents normatively referenced in this Part
... 55
Bibliography ... 56
GB/T 37752, Industrial furnaces and associated processing equipment - Safety, is
divided as follows:
— Part 1: General requirements.
This Part is Part 1 of GB/T 37752.
This Part is drafted in accordance with the rules given in GB/T 1.1-2009.
This Part is identical to ISO 13577-1:2016 Industrial furnaces and associated
processing equipment - Safety - Part 1: General requirements by using the translation
See Annex NA for Chinese documents that have consistent correspondence with the
international documents normatively referenced in this Part.
This Part makes the following editorial changes:
— Change the unit “gal” in 4.1.2 to “cm/s2”;
— Change the unit “bar” to “Pa”;
— Add the informative annex NA.
This Part was proposed by China Electrical Equipment Industry Association.
This Part shall be under the jurisdiction of the National Technical Committee on
Industrial Electro-heat Equipment of Standardization Administration of China
(SAC/TC 121).
Drafting organizations of this Part: Xi’an Electric Furnace Institute Co., Ltd.,
Chongqing CISDI Thermal & Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., Shaanxi
Hongxinyuan Metallurgical Equipment Industry Co., Ltd., Henan Tianli Thermal
Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou Electric Cooker Factory, National Center for Quality
Supervision and Test of Electric Furnace, Xi’an Flit Heat Treatment Co., Ltd.
Main drafters of this Part: Ge Huashan, Li Kun, Yu Weijiang, Cheng Shuming, Li
Mingke, Yang Zhen, Yan Xianbin, Zhang Yongwu, Yuan Fanglan, Yang Jia.
Industrial furnaces and associated processing equipment -
Safety - Part 1: General requirements
1 Scope
This Part of GB/T 37752 specifies the general safety requirements common to industrial
furnaces and associated processing equipment (TPE).
This document deals with the significant hazards, hazardous situations or hazardous
events relevant to TPE, as listed in Annex A, when TPE is used as intended and also
under conditions of misuse that are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer.
Annex B provides a list of common industrial furnaces and associated processing
This document specifies the requirements intended to be met by the manufacturer to
ensure the safety of persons and property during commissioning, start-up, operation,
shut-down, maintenance periods and dismantling, as well as in the event of foreseeable
faults or malfunctions that can occur in the equipment.
These general safety requirements apply to all TPE, unless an exception is given in
other parts of GB/T 37752 dealing with specific equipment. The provisions of other
parts of GB/T 37752 that directly apply to specific types of TPE take precedence over
the provisions of this document.
This document is not applicable to blast furnaces, converters (in steel plants), boilers or
equipment not covered under ISO 12100.
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of
their content constitutes requirements of this document. For dated references, only the
edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced
document (including any amendments) applies.
ISO 12100:2010, Safety of machinery - General principles for design - Risk
assessment and risk reduction
ISO 13577-2:2014, Industrial furnaces and associated processing equipment - Safety
- Part 2: Combustion and fuel handling systems
The manufacturer shall design the TPE to prevent unintended contact with workpieces,
flames, surfaces or devices, which can be at elevated temperatures or below ambient
Note: Such influences can be beyond the boundaries defined within the scope of this
document and are intended to be dealt with in contract with/among the supplier,
agent importers and/or users of the TPE.
4.4.2 Contact with hot/cold surfaces
Precautions shall be taken to prevent contact with operating controls at elevated or
below ambient temperature either accidentally or while operating them.
Where it is not possible, for process reasons or other constraints, to maintain surface
temperature at an appropriate level, steps should be taken to prevent hot operating
controls from being touched. Wherever possible, this shall be by means of guards
complying with ISO 14120.
If these measures are not practicable, areas of elevated temperatures shall be indicated
by means of suitable marking, warning signs, etc. (see 6.3). In addition, attention shall
be drawn in the technical documentation to the presence of such hazards.
Where it is not possible to avoid contact with controls, etc. that are at elevated or below
ambient temperatures, requirements for protective clothing shall be included in the
instruction handbook.
4.4.3 Fire/explosion Fire
The TPE shall be designed to minimize fire hazards resulting from overheating or those
inherent in the TPE from operating at elevated temperatures.
The design and construction of the TPE shall prevent the leakage of hot gases,
combustion products and flames, other than via designed flues, vents and doors, etc.
In particular, the following shall be considered:
a) discharge of hot gases or flames from openings;
b) loading and unloading of work pieces.
Where the TPE is heated by gaseous or liquid fuel, the fuel pipework shall be designed
to prevent leakage. In addition, the fuel pipework shall be capable of withstanding
foreseeable mechanical damage. Further guidance for gaseous and liquid fuels is given
in ISO 13577-2.
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