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GB/T 33584.3-2017 PDF in English

GB/T 33584.3-2017 (GB/T33584.3-2017, GBT 33584.3-2017, GBT33584.3-2017)
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GB/T 33584.3-2017English90 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto-delivery. Seawater quality requirements and analysis methods for seawater cooling system -- Part 3: Determination of chloride Valid

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GB/T 33584.3-2017: PDF in English (GBT 33584.3-2017)

GB/T 33584.3-2017
ICS 17.060; 13.060
Z 17
Seawater Quality Requirements and
Analysis Methods for Seawater Cooling
System – Part 3. Determination of Chloride
ISSUED ON. MAY 12, 2017
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Standardization Administration of PRC.
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Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 4
2 Normative References ... 4
3 Water Quality Requirements ... 5
4 Principle ... 5
5 Reagents and Materials ... 5
6 Apparatus ... 6
7 Analytical Procedures ... 6
8 Result Calculation ... 7
9 Precision ... 8
GB/T 33584 Seawater Quality Requirements and Analysis Methods for Seawater
Cooling System can be divided into the following 6 parts.
--- Part 1. Determination of Calcium and Magnesium;
--- Part 2. Determination of Zinc;
--- Part 3. Determination of Chloride;
--- Part 4. Determination of Sulfate;
--- Part 5. Determination of Dissolved Solids;
--- Part 6. Determination of Heterotrophic Bacteria.
This Part belongs to Part 3 of GB/T 33584.
This Part was drafted as per the rules specified in GB/T 1.1-2009.
This Part was proposed by State Oceanic Administration.
This Part shall be under the jurisdiction of National Technical Committee for
Standardization of Ocean (SAC/TC 283).
Drafting organizations of this Part. State Oceanic Administration Tianjin Institute Sea
Water Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization, Zhejiang Guohua Zheneng Power
Generation Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Tanggu Zhonghai Anti-Corrosion Technology
Development Company.
Chief drafting staffs of this Part. Cheng Guochen, Ye Yunyun, Wu Yunfang, Yin Jianhua,
Jia Chunlian, Xu Na, Liu Yu, Zhang Yi, and Luo Shaohui.
Seawater Quality Requirements and
Analysis Methods for Seawater Cooling
System – Part 3. Determination of Chloride
Warning – Personnel using this Standard shall have practical working
experience in the formal laboratory. This Standard doesn’t indicate all possible
safety issues. The users shall be responsible to take appropriate safety and
health measures, and ensure to satisfy the conditions specified in relevant
national regulations.
1 Scope
This Part of GB/T 33584 specifies the seawater cooling water quality requirements and
the method of adopting silver nitrate volumetric method to determine the chloride in
the seawater cooling water.
This Part is applicable to the determination of chloride content in the seawater cooling
water at 10 000mg/L ~42 000mg/L.
2 Normative References
The following documents are essential to the application of this document. For the
dated documents, only the versions with the dates indicated are applicable to this
document; for the undated documents, only the latest version (including all the
amendments) are applicable to this document.
GB/T 6682 Water for Analytical Laboratory Use – Specification and Test Methods
GB/T 12804 Laboratory Glassware – Graduated Measuring Cylinders
GB/T 12805 Laboratory Glassware – Burettes
GB/T 12806 Laboratory Glassware – One-Mark Volumetric Flasks
GB/T 12807 Laboratory Glassware – Graduated Pipettes
GB/T 12808 Laboratory Glassware – One-Mark Pipettes
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