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GB/T 308.1-2013 PDF in English

GB/T 308.1-2013 (GB/T308.1-2013, GBT 308.1-2013, GBT308.1-2013)
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GB/T 308.1-2013: PDF in English (GBT 308.1-2013)

GB/T 308.1-2013
ICS 21.100.20
J 11
Replacing GB/T 308-2002
Rolling bearings – Balls - Part 1. Steel balls
滚动轴承 球
(ISO 3290-1.2008, NEQ)
Issued by.
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection
and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China;
Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 5 
2 Normative references ... 5 
3 Terms and definitions ... 6 
4 Symbols ... 10 
5 Size ... 11 
6 Technical requirements ... 13 
7 Measurement and inspection method ... 16 
8 Inspection rules ... 17 
9 Marking ... 17 
10 Packaging and storing ... 18 
Annex A (Informative) Illustration of ball gauge and sorting principles . 19 
Annex  B (Informative) Crush load value for finished ball of high-carbon
chromium steel ... 21 
Annex C (Informative) Assessment method of roundness error ... 23 
Annex D (Informative) The comparison of nominal ball diameter and the
rounded nominal diameter ... 24 
GB/T 308 "Rolling bearings balls" includes two parts.
-- Part 1. Steel balls.
-- Part 2. Ceramic balls.
This Part is the first part of GB/T 308.
This Part is drafted according to specifications of GB/T 1.1-2009.
This Part replaces GB/T 308-2002 "rolling bearings steel balls". Compared with GB/T
308-2002, the main technical changes are as follows.
-- The standard title is modified (see cover-page and the first page in this edition; and
that in 2002 edition);
-- The scope is modified (see chapter 1 in this edition; and that in 2002 edition);
-- Some informative references are modified (see chapter 2 in this edition; and that in
2002 edition);
-- Some terms and definitions are added and modified (see chapter 3 in this edition;
and that in 2002 edition);
-- "Symbols" is edited as a separate chapter (see chapter 4 in this edition; and chapter
3 in 20002 edition)
-- Decimal places of nominal ball diameter is modified (see table 1 in this edition; and
that in 2002 edition);
-- Some content concerning material and heat treatment, harness as well as crush load
are added (see sub-clause 6.1 and 6.2);
-- Appearance and surface defect is modified (see sub-clause 6.4 in this edition; and
sub-clause in 2002 edition);
-- Measurement method of surface roughness is modified (see sub-clause 7.3 in this
edition; and that in 2002 edition);
-- Inspection regulations of finished balls are modified (see chapter 8 in this edition;
and that in 2002 edition);
-- Marking content and examples are modified (see sub-clause 9.1, 9.3 in this edition;
and sub-clause 6.1, 6.3 in 2002 edition);
-- Deviation from spherical form assessment method is moved from annex B to annex
C (see annex C in this edition; and annex B in 2002 edition);
-- Comparison between nominal ball diameter and rounded nominal ball diameter is
added (see annex D).
This Part adopts re-drafting method and is drafted with reference to ISO 3290-1.2008
"Rolling bearings - Balls - Part 1. Steel balls". The consistent degree is not equivalent to
ISO 3290-1.2008.
This Part was proposed by China Machinery Industry Federation.
This Part shall be under the jurisdiction of National Rolling Bearings Standardization
Committee (SAC/TC 98).
Drafting organizations of this Part. Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd, Luoyang
Bearing Science& Technology Co., Ltd, Shandong Donge Steel Ball Group Co., Ltd, and
Jiangsu LiXing General Steel Ball Co., Ltd.
Main drafters of this Part. Ma Suqing, Zhang Yongqian, Yang Yong, Sha Xiaojian, and Ma
Previous versions replaced by this Part are as follows.
-- GB 308-1964, GB 308-1977, GB 308-1984, GB/T 308-1989, GB/T 308-2002.
Rolling bearings – Balls -
Part 1. Steel balls
1 Scope 
This Part of GB/T 308 specifies the size, technical requirements, marking, measurements,
inspection method, inspection regulation, packaging, and storage of finished steel-balls
used with rolling bearings.
This Part is applicable to steel-balls supporting rolling bearings and commercial
2 Normative references 
The articles contained in the following documents have become part of this document
when they are quoted herein. For the dated documents so quoted, all the modifications
(including all corrections) or revisions made thereafter shall be applicable to this
GB/T 3086-2008 High carbon chromium stainless bearing steels
GB/T 4199-2003 Rolling bearings - Tolerances - Definitions (ISO 1132-1.2000, Rolling
bearings - Tolerances - Part 1. Terms and definitions, MOD)
GB/T 6930-2002 Rolling bearings - Vocabulary (ISO 5593.1997, IDT)
GB/T 7234-2004 Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) - Measurement of
roundness - Terms, definitions and parameters of roundness
GB/T 7235-2004 Geometrical Product Specifications(GPS) - Methods for the
assessment of departure from roundness - Measurement of variations in radius
GB/T 7811-2007 Rolling bearings - Symbols for quantities (ISO 15241.2001, IDT)
GB/T 8597-2013 Rolling bearings - Rust proof packaging
GB/T 18254-2002 High-carbon chromium bearing steel
GB/T 18579-2001 High-carbon chromium bearing steel wires
GB/T 24606-2009 Rolling bearings - Non-destructive testing - Magnetic particle testing
GB/T 24608-2009 Inspection rules for rolling bearings and commercial parts
JB/T 1255 Specification for heat-treatment of rolling bearing parts made from high
carbon chromium steel
JB/T 1460-2011 Rolling bearings - Bearing parts made from high-carbon chromium
stainless steel - Specifications for heat-treatment
JB/T 2850-2007 Rolling bearings - Parts made from Cr4Mo4V bearing steel elevated
temperature - Specification for heat-treatment
JB/T 6641-2007 Rolling bearings - Residual magnetism and its assessment method
JB/T 7051-2006 Rolling bearing parts - Methods for the measurement and assessment
of surface roughness
JB/T 7361-2007 Rolling bearings - Test method for hardness of parts
JB/T 10861-2008 Rolling bearings - Atlas and the assessment methods for surface
imperfections of steel balls
YB 688-1976 High temperature bearing steel – Technical specifications
3 Terms and definitions 
For the purpose of this document, terms and definitions in GB/T 4199-2003 and GB/T
6930-2002 and the following ones apply.
Nominal ball diameter
Diameter value which is used for identification of a ball size.
Note. Nominal ball diameters are the standard sizes for ball diameters of all nominal sizes
(standard diameters), which can be rounded with 4 decimal places.
[GB/T 6930-2002, definitions 05.04.01]
Single ball diameter
Distance between two parallel planes tangential to actual surface of the ball.
Mean ball diameter
Ball grade
Specific combination of dimensional, shape, surface roughness and sorting tolerance for
Note. Ball grade is identified by letters and numbers, such as. G20.
[GB/T 6930-2002, definitions 05.04.08]
Ball gauge
Amount by which the mean diameter of ball lot shall differ from the nominal diameter. this
amount is one of an established series and the illustration of principles is shown in annex
Note 1. Each ball gauge is an integral multiple of ball gauge interval established for the ball
Note 2. Ball gauge and ball grade as well as nominal diameter can be used as the most exact
ball size specification to be used by customer for ordering purpose.
[GB/T 6930-2002, definitions 05.04.09]
Deviation of a ball lot from ball gauge
The subtraction OF mean diameter of ball lot AND the sum of nominal ball diameter and
the ball gauge.
[GB/T 6930-2002, definitions 05.04.10]
Ball subgauge
Amount of a specific series which is the nearest to actual ball lot gauge deviation.
Note 1. Each ball subgauge is an integral multiple of ball subgauge interval established for the
ball grade.
Note 2. Combination of ball subgauge and nominal diameter as well as ball gauge which can
be used to denote the mean diameter of ball lot by manufacturers and is generally not used by
users for ordering purpose.
[GB/T 6930-2002, definitions 05.04.11]
Example 3. Cr4Mo4V 45 G100 b GB/T 308-2013 [Translator . it should be
GB/T 308.1-2013]
It represents high temperature bearing steel ball which complies with GB/T 308.1-2013
with nominal diameter of 45 mm, tolerance grade of 100, and which is not provided with
variation of diameter and gauge.
10 Packaging and storing 
10.1 Packaging
After being tested and proved to be qualified, finished steel balls shall be treated against
rust and packaged according to sp...
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