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GB/T 17166-1997 PDF in English

GB/T 17166-1997 (GB/T17166-1997, GBT 17166-1997, GBT17166-1997)
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GB/T 17166-1997: PDF in English (GBT 17166-1997)

GB/T 17166-1997
ICS 27.010
F 01
General principle of energy audit on
industrial and commercial enterprise
Issued by. State Bureau of Technical Supervision
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 4 
2 Normative references ... 4 
3 Definition ... 5 
4 Contents of enterprise energy audit ... 5 
5 Enterprise energy audit method ... 6 
6 Enterprise energy audit procedures ... 6 
7 Preparation of enterprise energy audit report ... 7 
Appendix A (Normative) Enterprise energy cost indicator calculation analysis
method ... 9 
General principle of energy audit on
industrial and commercial enterprise
1 Scope
This standard specifies the definition, content, methods, procedures and report
preparation of enterprise energy audit.
This standard applies to enterprises and other energy-user units with
independent accounting.
2 Normative references
The provisions of the following standards constitute provisions of this standard
by reference in this standard. At the time of publication, the versions indicated
were valid. All standards will be modified and parties using this standard shall
explore the possibility of using the latest version of the following standards.
GB/T 2588-81 The general principles for calculation of thermal efficiency of
GB/T 2589-90 General principles for calculation of total production energy
GB/T 6422-86 Directives for measuring and testing energy consumption in
industrial enterprises
GB/T 13234-91 Method of calculating energy saved in industrial enterprise
GB/T 15587-1995 Guides for energy management in industrial enterprise
GB/T 16614-1996 Statistical method of energy balance in enterprises
GB/T 16615-1996 Methods of drawing up energy balance table in
GB/T 16616-1996 Methods of drawing energy network diagram in
GB/T 17167-1997 Guides for providing and managing of the measuring
instruments of energy in enterprise
6.2 Signing an entrusted audit agreement
The auditing unit and the auditing entrusting party sign an agreement entrusted
to conduct an energy audit, as the basis for the auditing unit to conduct an
energy audit.
6.3 Implementing an energy audit
Perform data collection, collation, verification, conduct relevant calculation
analysis and review in accordance with the requirements of the task proposal;
make necessary on-site examination and testing of the audited unit.
6.4 Proposing an energy audit report
After the audit is over, the auditing unit shall submit an audit report to the
auditing client within 15 days.
7 Preparation of enterprise energy audit report
7.1 The enterprise energy audit report is divided into two parts. the abstract and
the main text.
7.2 The summary of the corporate energy audit report shall be placed in front
of the text and the number of words shall be within 2000 words.
The summary shall include a brief description of some of the following.
a) The main tasks and content of enterprise energy audit;
b) The enterprise energy consumption structure (in the audit period);
c) Various energy consumption indicators,
d) Evaluation of energy costs and energy use effects,
e) Financial analysis and economic evaluation of energy-saving
technological renovation projects;
f) Problems existed and energy saving potential analysis;
g) Audit conclusions and recommendations.
7.3 The main text of the enterprise energy audit report shall be prepared in
detail. The report shall include a detailed description of the contents listed in
7.2. In addition, the following shall be included.
a) Enterprise profile (including the main process characteristics of the
enterprise, the position of the enterprise in the domestic and the same
Ri - The total cost of the ith energy consumed by the enterprise, 10000
Note. Usually it is in the unit of year; if the audit period is not 1 year, the auditing
unit or personnel may determine the calculation unit by itself based on actual
A2 Direct production process unit product energy cost
A2.1 The energy cost per unit of product in the direct production process is
calculated in accordance with the physical energy consumed per unit product
and the unit price.
A2.2 The physical energy consumption per unit of product can be calculated
based on the physical energy consumption of the production system and the
output of qualified products during the audit period.
A3 Indirect energy consumption and energy loss
A3.1 Enterprise energy audit shall examine the level of indirect energy
consumption of enterprises, analyze the proportion of the indirect energy
consumption in the total energy consumption of enterprises.
A3.2 Enterprise energy audit shall analyze the magnitude and cause of energy
A3.3 When calculating the enterprise product unit comprehensive energy
consumption and the enterprise exit-factory product unit energy cost, it shall
allocate the indirect energy consumption and energy loss to the energy
consumption indicators of each product in accordance with the proportion of the
direct production energy consumption of the product.
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