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GB 4806.1-1994 PDF in English

GB 4806.1-1994 (GB4806.1-1994) PDF English
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GB 4806.1-1994: PDF in English

GB 4806.1-1994
UDC 678.7. 614.3. 664
C 53
Replacing GB 4807~4808-84, GB 7057-86, and GB 11311-89
Hygienic Standard for
Foodstuff Rubber Products
Issued by. Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China
Table of Contents
1 Subject Content and Application Scope ... 3
2 Normative References ... 3
3 Hygienic Requirements ... 3
4 Inspection Method ... 4
Additional Note... 6
1 Subject Content and Application Scope
This standard specifies the hygienic requirements and test methods of foodstuff rubber
This standard is applicable to the rubber products such as sheet, ring, and pipe. They are made
of natural or synthetic rubber as the main raw material, with specific additive. And they are
used to contact with foodstuff. This standard is not applicable to rubber nipples.
2 Normative References
GB 5009.60 Method for Analysis of Hygienic Standard of Products of Polyethylene
Polystyrene and Polypropyrene for Food Packaging
GB 5009.64 Method for analysis of Hygienic Standard of Rubber Sheet (Ring) for
Food Use
GB 9685 Hygienic standards for Uses of Additives in Food Containers and
Packaging Materials
GB 11332 Hygienic Analysis Method of Rubber Hose for Food Use
3 Hygienic Requirements
3.1 Additive. The additive used for foodstuff rubber product. It shall meet the requirements
of GB 9685.
3.2 Sensory index.
3.2.1 Finished product appearance. It shall be with normal color and luster, free from
abnormal odor and foreign matters.
3.2.2 Soaked solution. It shall be free from colorization, abnormal odor and foreign matters.
3.3 Physiochemical Index
Physiochemical indexes shall meet the requirements of the following table.
Sealing ring of pressure cooker Other
Evaporation Residues, mg/L
4% Acetic acid soaked solution ≦ - 2000
65% Ethanol soaked solution ≦ - 40
Water soaked solution ≦ 50 30
Normal hexane soaked solution ≦ 500 2000
4.6 Zinc
Operate according to Chapter 8 of GB 5009.64. If it shows in blue color, 20% sodium sulfite
may be added to 0.2~0.5mL. And it is required that the sodium sulfite and potassium
ferrocyanide solution shall be prepared freshly while using.
4.7 Heavy Metal
Operate according to Chapter 9 of GB 5009.64.
Additional Note.
This standard was proposed by The Health Supervision Department of the Ministry of Health.
Drafting organizations of this standard. Food Safety Control and Inspection Institutes of
Public Health (Shanghai, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Shenyang), Shanghai Yonghe Rubber Factory,
and Shenyang Rubber Product Factory.
Chief drafting staffs of this standard. Shun Zhenhua, Zhang Weilan, Qi Yong, Chen
Xiaojun, Lu Guifu, Song Jiechen, and Deng Wei.
This standard shall be interpreted by The Health Institute of Food Safety Control and
Inspection – the technical administrative organization entrusted by the Ministry of Health.
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