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GB 150.4-2011 (GB150.4-2011)

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I CS 23.020.30
National Standard of the People's Republic of China
Partially Replace GB 150-1998
Pressure Vessels-
Part 4. Fabrication, Inspection and Testing, and
Issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
of the People's Republic of China
Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China
Scope ... l
2 Normative References ... 1
3 Terms ... 2
4 General Provisions ... 3
5 Material Retesting, Segmentation and Symbol Transplantation ... 4
6 Cold Forming, Hot Forming and Assembly ... 5
7 Welding ... 13
8 Heat Treatment ... 16
9 Test Piece and Test Specilnen ... 20
I 0 Non-destructive Inspection ... 23
ll Pressure Test and Leakage Test ... 27
12 Layered Vessel ... 29
13 Exfactory Requirements for Vessels ... 34
Pressure Vessels-Part 4. Fabrication, Inspection and Testing, and
1 Scope
1.1 This pa11 specifies the requ irements for the fabrication, inspection and testing, and acceptance of
steel pressure vessels within the applicable scope of GB 150. The requirements for the fabrication,
inspection and testing, and acceptance of pressure vessels made of other materials shall be in accordance
with the relative standards.
1.2 This pru1 is applicable to the structures of pressure vessels as fo llows. single-layer welded pressure
vessels, forged-welded pressure vessels, and layered pressure vessels (including concentric wrapped, "i.
integrated wrapped, flat steel ribbon wound, and shrink fit pressure vessels).
1.3 For low temperature pressure vessels made of austenitic steels (at design temperan1re lower than
- 196.C), the requiJements for the fabrication, inspection and testing, and acceptance specified
according to the negotiation of the patties participating in the fabrication shall be specified in design
documents by the design organization.
2 Normative References
The following documents contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute
provisions of this standard. For dated references, only the dated versions apply to this standard. For
undated references, the latest edition of the normative document (include all the amendments) is
applicable to this standard .
GB 150.1-2011 "Pressure Vessels- Pa1t 1. General Requirements"
GB 150.2- 2011 "Pressure Vessels-Part 2. Materials"
GB 150.3 - 2001 "Pressure vessels-Patt 3. Design"
GB/T 196 "General Purpose MetTic Screw Threads-Basic Dimensions"
GB/T 197 "General Purpose Metric Screw Threads-Tolerances"
GB/T 228 "Metallic Materials-Tensile Testing at Ambient Temperature"
GB/T 229 "Metallic Materials-Charpy Pendulum Impact Test Method"
GB/T 232 "Metallic Materials- Bend Test"
GB/T 1804 "General Tolerances- Tolerances for Linear and Angular Dimensions Without Individual
Tolerance Indications"
GB/T 25198 "Heads for Pressure Vesse ls"
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Pressure Equipments"
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-section 1. General Rule''
NB/T 47018.2 (JB/T 4747.2) "Technical Permission of Welding Materials for Pressure Equipment
-Section 2. Steel Electrode"
NBrr 47018.3 (JB/T 4747.3) "Technical Permission of Welding Materials for Pressure Equipment
-section 3. Steel Electrodes and Rods for Gas Shielded Arc Welding"
NB/T 47018.4 (JB/T 4747.4) "Technical Pennission ofWelding Materials for Pressure Equipment
- Section 4. Electrodes and Fluxes for Submerged Arc Welding"
NB/T 47018.5 (JB/T 4747.5) "Technical Permission of Welding Materials for Pressure Equipment
-Section 5. Stainless Steel Strip Electrodes and Fluxes for Overlay Welding"
TSG R0004 "Supervision Regulation on Safety Technology for Stationary Pressure Vessel"
3 Terms
The terms and definitions specified in GB 150.1 and the follows apply to this part.
3.1 Forged-welded Pressure Vessel
Pressure vessels formed by the connections of circumferential welded joints, for which the cylindrical
d) The rubbing copy and photocopy of the product nameplate;
e) Manufacture supervision inspection certificate on special equipment (for pressure vessels
which require supervision and inspection);
f) Pressure vessel design documents (including the strength calculation note or the stress analysis
report, the risk assessment rep01t required by relevant specifications and other necessary design
13.2 Nameplate
13.2.1 The nameplate of a pressure vessel shall be fixed at a clearly visible location, but the nameplate
of a low-temperature pressure vessel cannot be directly riveted onto the shell.
13.2.2 A nameplate shall include at least the following content.
a) Product name;
b) Name of manufacturing organization;
c) License No. /Grade of the manufacturi11g organ ization;
d) Product standard;
e) Main materials;
f) Medium name;
g) Design temperature;
h) Design pressure or maximum allowable operating pressure (when it is necessary);
i) Pressure of pressure test;
j) Production code number
k) Device code;
I) Manufacturing date;
m) Pressure vessel type;
n) Volume (heat exchange area).
13.3 Coating and Transport Package for Pressure Vessels
The coating and transp01t packaging of pressure vessels shall be in accordance with those specified
in JB/T 4711 and the requirements of the design documents.
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