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FZ/T 01057.1-2007 PDF in English

FZ/T 01057.1-2007 (FZ/T01057.1-2007, FZT 01057.1-2007, FZT01057.1-2007)
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FZ/T 01057.1-2007: PDF in English (FZT 01057.1-2007)

FZ/T 01057.1-2007
ICS 59.080.01
W 04
Replacing FZ/T 01057.1-1999
Test Method for Identification of Textile Fibers -
Part 1. General Introduction
ISSUED ON. MAY 29, 2007
Issued by. National Development and Reform Commission of the
People's Republic of China
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 5 
2 Normative References ... 5 
3 Terms and Definitions ... 5 
4 Principle ... 5 
5 Reagents ... 6 
6 Specimen ... 6 
7 General Procedures of Fiber Identification Test ... 6 
8 Test Report ... 6 
FZ/T 01057 "Test method for identification of textile fibers" includes the following nine
-- Part 1. General introduction;
-- Part 2. Burning behavior;
-- Part 3. Microscopy;
-- Part 4. Solubility;
-- Part 5. Qualitative observation of color-production for chlorine and nitrogen;
-- Part 6. Fiber melting point;
-- Part 7. Density gradient column method;
-- Part 8. Infrared absorption spectrum;
-- Part 9. Birefringence.
This Part is Part 1 of FZ/T 01057.
This Part replaces FZ/T 01057.1 - 1999 "Test method for identification of textile fibers
-- Introduction".
Compared with FZ/T 01057 - 1999, the former 11 parts were changed to 9 ones and
the order of each part was adjusted in this revision. The former Part 5 "Dye and stain
tests" and Part 11 "Comprehensive method" were deleted; former Part 6 "Qualitative
observation of color-production for chlorine and nitrogen" was changed to Part 5;
former Part 7 "Fiber melting point" was changed to Part 6; former Part 9 "Density
gradient column method" was changed to Part 7; former Part 10 "Birefringence" was
changed to Part 9.
Compared with FZ/T 01057.1 - 1999, this Part has the following revisions.
1) Standard name was changed to "Test method for identification of textile fibers -
Part 1. General introduction";
2) The chapter "Normative References" was added;
3) The chapter "terms and definitions" was added;
4) The chapter "General procedures of fiber identification test" was added;
Test Method for Identification of Textile Fibers –
Part 1. General Introduction
1 Scope
This Part of FZ/T 01057 is the general introduction of the test method for identification
of textile fibers. This part specifies some common technical requirements of the test
method for identification of textile fibers and provides the general procedures of fiber
identification test.
This Part is applicable to the identification of textile fibers.
2 Normative References
The following standards contain the provisions which, through reference in this part of
FZ/T 01057, constitute the provisions of this standard. For dated reference, the
subsequent amendments (excluding correction) or revisions of these publications do
not apply. However, the parties who reach an agreement based on this standard are
encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the
standards. For undated references, the latest edition of the normative document
referred to applies.
GB/T 4146 Textile - Terms and terminology (parts of chemical fibers)
GB/T 11951 Textiles - Natural fibers - Generic names and definitions
FZ/T 01053 Textiles - Identification of fiber content
3 Terms and Definitions
The names of fibers adopted in this series of standards shall meet the requirements of
the relevant national standards or industry standards. Names specified in GB/T 11951
shall be adopted for the natural fibers; those specified in GB/T 4146 shall be adopted
for the chemical fibers and other fibers. Fibers whose names are not specified in the
national standards or industry standards may be implemented in reference to the
requirements of FZ/T 01053.
4 Principle
The contents required by the test report shall be indicated under this title of each
method. Except the necessary information such as test results, any deviation
conditions in the operation procedures shall be indicated.
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