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Standard ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
YD 1032-2000 Limits and Measurement Methods of Electromagnetic Compatibility for 900/1800MHz Digital Cellular Telecommunications System - Part 1: Mobile Station and its Ancillary Equipment YD 1032-2000
YD 121-1977 (Rectangular and flat torch-shaped waveguide flanges) YD 121-1977
YD 122-1976 (Posts and Telecommunications Industry nameplate) YD 122-1976
YD 1268-2003 The safety specification and test method for lithium batteries and charger YD 1268-2003
YD 152-1978 (Data communications equipment nomenclature) YD 152-1978
YD 166-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YD 166-1978
YD 167-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YD 167-1978
YD 172-1978 (Chinese Industry Standard) YD 172-1978
YD 2001-1992 Technical specifications for engineering construction and acceptance of all-plastic cable and lines for urban local communication YD 2001-1992
YD 200-1980 (Round blue plate waveguide structure size series) YD 200-1980
YD 2002-1992 Engineering design specifications for long distance communication trunk cables and lines YD 2002-1992
YD 2003-1992 (Communications equipment installed seismic design Interim Provisions) YD 2003-1992
YD 2004-1992 Specification for installation engineering design of digital multiplex equipment of long distance communication trunk YD 2004-1992
YD 2005-1993 (County (city) Post Office Engineering Design Specification) YD 2005-1993
YD 2006-1992 (Rural Posts and Telecommunications Branch of the engineering design specifications) YD 2006-1992
YD 2007-1993 (Public mobile telephone engineering design specifications) YD 2007-1993
YD 2010-1993 Engineering Design Code for Pestal Transportation Station YD 2010-1993
YD 2011-1993 Code for design of lighting protection and earthing of micro wave station YD 2011-1993
YD 2012-1994 Technical code for microwave relay communication equipment installation and acceptance YD 2012-1994
YD 2013-1994 The Standard of Engineer Design for Post Kiosque, News Stand and Newspaper and Periodical Sales Department YD 2013-1994
YD 206-1981 (Overhead communication lines Iron General technical conditions) YD 206-1981
YD 222-1981 (Foot) YD 222-1981
YD 223-1981 (Cross Steel) YD 223-1981
YD 232-1981 (Single strand three plywood) YD 232-1981
YD 233-1981 (Three dual-slot Strand plywood) YD 233-1981
YD 234-1981 (Ground splints monocular) YD 234-1981
YD 235-1981 (Strengthen legs straight screw) YD 235-1981
YD 236-1981 (Tam straight steel screw pin) YD 236-1981
YD 242-1981 (Lead nailing) YD 242-1981
YD 243-1981 (Headless nailing) YD 243-1981
YD 244-1981 (Screw nut) YD 244-1981
YD 245-1981 (Square washer) YD 245-1981
YD 247-1981 (Wood screws) YD 247-1981
YD 248-1981 (A planted nail bar) YD 248-1981
YD 249-1981 (Chinese Industry Standard) YD 249-1981
YD 249-1997 (Nail bar on B species) YD 249-1997
YD 250-1981 (Pull the double helix) YD 250-1981
YD 251-1981 (Pull the collar) YD 251-1981
YD 252-1981 (Cable anchor) YD 252-1981
YD 253-1981 (Steel anchor) YD 253-1981
YD 254-1981 (Ground rods) YD 254-1981
YD 255-1981 (Strand clips) YD 255-1981
YD 256-1981 (Cable hook) YD 256-1981
YD 258-1981 (Large platform distribution boxes) YD 258-1981
YD 259-1981 (Trumpet junction box platform) YD 259-1981
YD 260-1981 (A species of bear clip) YD 260-1981
YD 262-1981 (Cross beam) YD 262-1981
YD 280-1982 (Square shaped ferrite pot size series) YD 280-1982
YD 281-1982 (Cans shaped ferrite bobbin main dimensions series) YD 281-1982
YD 282-1982 (General Post and Telecommunications Equipment Reliability Test Methods) YD 282-1982
YD 284-1982 (2048 kbit/s regenerative relay Technical conditions) YD 284-1982
YD 285-1982 (2048 kbit/s Line Terminal Equipment Technical conditions) YD 285-1982
YD 295-1982 Main technical requirement for 620KHz selective level meter YD 295-1982
YD 296-1982 Main technical requirement for 620KHz attenuator YD 296-1982
YD 300-1983 (Precision polystyrene and mica capacitors nonlinear index and test methods) YD 300-1983
YD 301-1983 Test method for level oscillator YD 301-1983
YD 302-1983 Test method for level meter YD 302-1983
YD 305-1983 (Carrier unmanned repeater reliability test method (Interim)) YD 305-1983
YD 322-1984 (Chinese Industry Standard) YD 322-1984
YD 322-1987 (Over 12 road open wire carrier systems and equipment technical requirements) YD 322-1987
YD 329-1987 (Hydraulic Binder) YD 329-1987
YD 330-1987 (Heatless regenerative molecular sieve drying inflatable equipment technical requirements) YD 330-1987
YD 331-1987 General technical requirement for supporting carrier communication equipment for standard coaxial integrated communication cables YD 331-1987
YD 335-1988 Digital Line Signalling for Intertoll Exchange YD 335-1988
YD 336-1988 Digital Line Signalling for Manual Toll Exchange to Local Exchange YD 336-1988
YD 339-1987 (YN801 lead-Chi clamp) YD 339-1987
YD 339-1990 YN801-type lead seal tongs YD 339-1990
YD 340-1990 Seals model for YN801-type lead seals tongs YD 340-1990
YD 341-1990 (Chi lead with two holes) YD 341-1990
YD 342-1990 (Wax cotton cord rope bag) YD 342-1990
YD 343-1990 Networking requirement for point-tc-multipoint radio telecommunication systems YD 343-1990
YD 344-1990 Requirements for PABXs access to public telephone switching network YD 344-1990
YD 5002-1994 Design Standard for Fire Protection of Posts and Communications Building YD 5002-1994
YD 5003-1994 (Telecom provides special housing design) YD 5003-1994
YD 5003-2014 (Communications Construction Engineering Design Specification) YD 5003-2014
YD 5004-1994 Code for design digital microwave relay telecommunication system (PDH part) engineering YD 5004-1994
YD 5005-1994 (No. 7 signaling network engineering Interim Provisions) YD 5005-1994
YD 5006-1995 Subscriber Line Engineering Design Standard for Local Telephone Network YD 5006-1995
YD 5006-2003 Designing Standard For Local Telephone Network Line Engineering YD 5006-2003
YD 5007-1995 Communication Conduit and Passage Engineering Design Standard for Local Telephone Network YD 5007-1995
YD 5007-2003 Communication Conduit and Passage Engineering Designing Standard YD 5007-2003
YD 5008-1995 Specifications for Mail Transfer Ppst Project YD 5008-1995
YD 5009-1995 Temporary technical regulation for construction and acceptance of postal equipment installation project volume 2 power sorter YD 5009-1995
YD 5010-1995 (Urban residential area architectural design and installation of telephone communications Atlas) YD 5010-1995
YD 5011-1995 Technical Specification for Construction and Acceptance of Telegraph and Fax Equipment Installation Project YD 5011-1995
YD 5012-1995 Insulation Objective to Ground and Testing Method for Optical Cable Line YD 5012-1995
YD 5012-2003 Insulation Objective to Ground and Testing Method for Optical Cable Link YD 5012-2003
YD 5013-1995 Technical Specifications for the of the Posts Center Prject YD 5013-1995
YD 5014-1995 Technical specification of digital multiplxer equipment installation and acceptance YD 5014-1995
YD 5016-1996 Technical Specifications for the Desing of the Magazines and Newspapers Distribute Building YD 5016-1996
YD 5017-1996 Technical Specification of Execution and Acceptance of Equipment Installation Engineering for Satellite Communication Earth Station YD 5017-1996
YD 5018-1996 Fiber Optic Submarine Cable Transmission System Engineering Design Standard YD 5018-1996
YD 5018-2005 Engineering Design Specification for Fiber Optic Submarine Cable Transmission System YD 5018-2005
YD 5019-1996 Temporary Specifications of Engineering Design for Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) Microwave Relay Telecommunication System YD 5019-1996
YD 5020-1996 Standards of Engineering Design for Digital Synchronization Network YD 5020-1996
YD 5021-1996 (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) long-distance optical transmission engineering Bing Interim Provisions) YD 5021-1996
YD 5022-1996 Design Code for Public Packet Switched Data Network Engineering YD 5022-1996
YD 5023-1996 (Users access network engineering Interim Provisions) YD 5023-1996
YD 5024-1996 SDH Optical Fiber Cable Trunk Transmission Project Designing Standard for Local Telephone Network YD 5024-1996
YD 5025-1996 Designing Specifications of Plastic Duct for Long Haul Telecommunication Optical Cable YD 5025-1996

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