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                                          List of Chinese Industry Standard: MT; MT/T; MTT
Chinese National Standard: GB GB/T GBT
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MT 141-2005 Plastic net protecting top-plane in coal mining MT 141-2005
MT 209-1990 Electrical and electronic products for coal mine - Communication, testing and control - General technical requirements MT 209-1990
MT 210-1990 Electrical and electronic products for coal mine - Communication, testing and control - Basic test method MT 210-1990
MT 451-2011 General specification for low voltage three phases flameproof induction motor for coal mine MT 451-2011
MT/T 1078-2008 Direct current power supply with intrinsically safe output for a coal mine MT/T 1078-2008
MT/T 249-1997 Flameproof mining type double speed three-phase induction motors MT/T 249-1997
MT/T 478-2011 YBS series flameproof three phases asynchronous motor for conveyer MT/T 478-2011
MT/T 821-2006 Belt conveyor for coal mines - ldlers - Technical specification MT/T 821-2006
MT 218-1990 (Cement anchor rod) MT 218-1990
MT 218-2002 Cement anchor bolts. Bars MT 218-2002
MT 219-1990 (Cement anchor roll Anchorage) MT 219-1990
MT 219-2002 Cement anchor bolts. Cementitious anchoring capsule MT 219-2002
MT 2-1966 (Chinese Industry Standard) MT 2-1966
MT 220-1990 Specification for detection of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide in exhaust of flameproof diesel machines intended to be used in mines MT 220-1990
MT 221-1991 (Mine explosion-proof lighting) MT 221-1991
MT 221-2005 Explosion proof lamp for coal mine MT 221-2005
MT 22-1975 (Coal Mine Shaft more rope cage. Variety, the series with the basic parameters) MT 22-1975
MT 222-1990 (Chinese Industry Standard) MT 222-1990
MT 222-1996 (Mine Local Ventilator) MT 222-1996
MT 222-2007 Technical specification for contrarotating auxiliary fans MT 222-2007
MT 223-1990 (Determination of coal and rock permeability) MT 223-1990
MT 224-1990 (Coal and rock permeability coefficient determination) MT 224-1990
MT 225-1990 (Unidirectional compression determination of coal and rock creep conditions) MT 225-1990
MT 231-1991 (Mine scraper conveyor drive sprocket) MT 231-1991
MT 23-1975 (Mine hanging belt conveyor. Types and basic parameters) MT 23-1975
MT 232-1991 (1t tub. Shaft more rope cage) MT 232-1991
MT 233-1991 (1. 5t tub. Shaft more rope cage) MT 233-1991
MT 233-2011 Multi-rope cage with 1.5 t mine-car in shaft MT 233-2011
MT 234-1991 (3t tub. Shaft more rope cage) MT 234-1991
MT 235-1991 (Shaft more rope cage. Counterweights) MT 235-1991
MT 235-2011 Counterweight for multi-rope cage in shaft MT 235-2011
MT 236-1991 (Combination of steel cans road. Wheel tank ear) MT 236-1991
MT 236-2011 Cage roller for rectangular steel cage guide MT 236-2011
MT 237.1-1991 (Multirope liter container. B wedge wire rope suspension Shengka) MT 237.1-1991
MT 237.2-1991 (Multirope liter container. B type of pad first rope suspension rope suspension) MT 237.2-1991
MT 237.3-1991 (Multirope liter container type. B round tail rope suspension wire rope suspension) MT 237.3-1991
MT 237.4-1991 (Multi Rope Hoist. B type container flat tail rope suspension wire rope suspension) MT 237.4-1991
MT 237.5-1991 (Multirope liter container. B type rope suspension device technology) MT 237.5-1991
MT 239-1991 (Lignite wax technical conditions) MT 239-1991
MT 240-1991 (Coal dust nozzle general technical conditions) MT 240-1991
MT 241-1991 (Coal injection pump technical conditions) MT 241-1991
MT 24-1979 (Chinese Industry Standard) MT 24-1979
MT 242-1991 (Chinese Industry Standard) MT 242-1991
MT 100-1985 (Scraper conveyor with hydraulic coupling test specifications) MT 100-1985
MT 101-1985 (Scraper conveyor with reducer test specifications) MT 101-1985
MT 10-1975 Lapping connection clamps MT 10-1975
MT 103-1985 (Chinese Industry Standard) MT 103-1985
MT 1035-2007 Technical Criterion of Monitoring and Controlling for Gas Drainage in Goaf MT 1035-2007
MT 1036-2007 Technology condition of long-hole controlling presplitting blasting in mine MT 1036-2007
MT 1038-2007 Technical requirements of permissible composed cartridge bag MT 1038-2007
MT 104-1985 (Chinese Industry Standard) MT 104-1985
MT 105-1985 (Chinese Industry Standard) MT 105-1985
MT 106-1985 (Slot machines along with general technical conditions reprint) MT 106-1985
MT 1066-2008 Technical criterion of reversing door design for coal-and-gas outburst mine MT 1066-2008
MT 107.10-1985 (Fixed bed coal gas quality standards by Hegang) MT 107.10-1985
MT 107.11-1985 (Smelting Hebi Coal Quality Standards) MT 107.11-1985
MT 107.1-1985 (Steam Locomotive with Datong Coal quality standards) MT 107.1-1985
MT 107.2-1985 (Fixed-bed gasifier with Datong Coal Quality Standards) MT 107.2-1985
MT 107.3-1985 (Datong coal pulverized coal boiler power quality standards) MT 107.3-1985
MT 107.4-1985 (Chinese Industry Standard) MT 107.4-1985
MT 107.4-1995 (Atmospheric fixed bed gasifier Coal Mining with Wing-technical conditions) MT 107.4-1995
MT 107.5-1985 (Chinese Industry Standard) MT 107.5-1985
MT 107.5-1995 (Metallurgical coke coal Mining with Wing-technical conditions) MT 107.5-1995
MT 107.6-1985 (Steam locomotives, industrial boilers with Hebi Coal Quality Standards) MT 107.6-1985
MT 107.7-1985 (Hebi power Pulverized coal boiler quality standards) MT 107.7-1985
MT 107.8-1985 (Hegang pulverized coal boiler power quality standards) MT 107.8-1985
MT 107.9-1985 (Hegang coal steam locomotive with quality standards) MT 107.9-1985
MT 1080-2008 Specification for the usage and management of the remote monitoring system for the output of coal MT 1080-2008
MT 108-1985 (Coal mine safety signs) MT 108-1985
MT 1082-2008 General technical requirements of the remote monitoring system for the output of coal MT 1082-2008
MT 1084-2008 Coal mine hydrogen sulfide alarm detector MT 1084-2008
MT 1085-2008 The oxygen fills pumps specification for mine MT 1085-2008
MT 109-1985 (Mud-based testing of coal and waste rock) MT 109-1985
MT 1093-2008 Flame-proof charger of battery electric locomotive for coal mine MT 1093-2008
MT 1098-2009 Optical interference type methane gas transducer for mine MT 1098-2009
MT 1099-2009 Frequency conversion equipment for coal mine MT 1099-2009
MT 110.10-1986 (Technical terminology mine ventilation safety) MT 110.10-1986
MT 110.11-1986 (Technical terminology coal mine electrician) MT 110.11-1986
MT 110.1-1986 (Coal mine geological technical terminology) MT 110.1-1986
MT 110.2-1986 (Mine shaft engineering technical terminology) MT 110.2-1986
MT 110.3-1986 (Technical terminology mine hoisting and transport) MT 110.3-1986
MT 110.4-1986 (Technical terminology coal underground mining) MT 110.4-1986
MT 110.5-1986 (Open pit mine technical terminology) MT 110.5-1986
MT 110.6-1986 (Technical terminology mine blast) MT 110.6-1986
MT 110.7-1986 (Technical terminology coal mining machinery) MT 110.7-1986
MT 110.8-1986 (Technical terminology coal mine surveying) MT 110.8-1986
MT 110.9-1986 (Mine technical terminology rock movement) MT 110.9-1986
MT 1101-2009 Mining truck-mounted type methane-monitor breaker MT 1101-2009
MT 1108-2011 Safety technical specification for plastic rotor used for coal mining auxiliary fan MT 1108-2011
MT 1109-2011 General specifications of mine displacement sensor MT 1109-2011
MT 111-1986 (Chinese Industry Standard) MT 111-1986
MT 111-1998 Mining explosion-proof low voltage alternating vacuum electromagnetic starter MT 111-1998
MT 111-2011 Mining explosion-proof low voltage alternating vacnaai electromagnetic starter MT 111-2011
MT 11-1975 Feeder clamps MT 11-1975
MT 112.1-2006 Hydraulic single prop for coal mine. Part 1: General requirements MT 112.1-2006
MT 112.2-2008 Hydraulic single prop for caol mine. Part 2: The valve MT 112.2-2008
MT 112-1985 (Chinese Industry Standard) MT 112-1985
MT 112-1993 (Mine hydraulic prop) MT 112-1993
MT 1122-2011 Technical specification of the arch-breakageair-shot in bulk material silo MT 1122-2011
MT 1125-2011 Plastic woven sack in coal mining MT 1125-2011

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