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                                          List of Chinese Industry Standard: LY; LY/T; LYT
Chinese National Standard: GB GB/T GBT
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HDB/LY 010-2013 (Kitchen class wood furniture processing trade consumption standards) HDB/LY 010-2013
HDB/LY 011-2013 (Solid wood flooring processing trade consumption standards) HDB/LY 011-2013
HDB/LY 012-2013 (Processing trade consumption standard container floor with plywood) HDB/LY 012-2013
HDB/LY 013-2013 (Wood window processing trade consumption standards) HDB/LY 013-2013
HDB/LY 014-2013 (Solid wood doors processing trade consumption standards) HDB/LY 014-2013
HDB/LY 015-2013 (Flat wooden pallets processing trade consumption standards) HDB/LY 015-2013
LY/T 2025-2012 Technical regulation for controlling Dendroctonus valens LeConte LY/T 2025-2012
LY/T 2026-2012 Technical regulations of appling parasitoids to control Hemiberlesia pitysophila Takagi LY/T 2026-2012
LY/T 2027-2012 Regulation for control of Eupatorium adenophorum invasion LY/T 2027-2012
LY/T 2028-2012 Principles for restoration of degraded natural forests in mountain areas in southwest China LY/T 2028-2012
LY/T 2029-2012 Technical regulation for water-waiting afforestation in the river irrigation regions of northern China LY/T 2029-2012
LY/T 2030-2012 Technical regulation of rapid measurement of leaf area index in natural deciduous forests based on leaf litter collection LY/T 2030-2012
LY/T 2031-2012 Technical regulation for grafting of Jatropha curcas L. LY/T 2031-2012
LY/T 2032-2012 Technical regulations for plus tree selection of Jatropha curcas L. LY/T 2032-2012
LY/T 2033-2012 Oil-tea camellia seed LY/T 2033-2012
LY/T 2034-2012 Handling practice for postharvest oil-tea camellia seed LY/T 2034-2012
LY/T 2035-2012 Technical regulations for production of Prunrs domestica × armeniaca LY/T 2035-2012
LY/T 2036-2012 Technical regulations fo olive cultivation LY/T 2036-2012
LY/T 2037-2012 Technical regulation on Schima superba cultivation LY/T 2037-2012
LY/T 2038-2012 Technical regulations for high-yield plantation of Canarium album LY/T 2038-2012
LY/T 2039-2012 Technical regulations on Castanopsis fissa cultivation LY/T 2039-2012
LY/T 2040-2012 Technical regulations for the culture of Pleurotus eryngii in the North LY/T 2040-2012
LY/T 2041-2012 Tissue culture of Daemonorops margaritae Beccari and Calamus simplicifolius Wei LY/T 2041-2012
LY/T 2042-2012 Technical regulations for high-yield cultivation of Zanthoxylum armatum DC.cv.‘Jiu Ye Qing’ LY/T 2042-2012
LY/T 2043-2012 Technical standard of cultivation of bamboo shoot of Phyllostachys bambusoides Sieb.et Zucc.f.shouzhu Yi LY/T 2043-2012
LY/T 2044-2012 Technical regulations for planting Lobed Kudzuvine Root cultivars LY/T 2044-2012
LY/T 2045-2012 Techniques regulations for planting Sichuan corktree (Ph.chinense Schneid.) LY/T 2045-2012
LY/T 2046-2012 Technical regulations for seedling cultivation of Clerodendrum trochotomum Thunb. LY/T 2046-2012
LY/T 2047-2012 Technical regulations for seedling cultivation of Platanus spp. LY/T 2047-2012
LY/T 2048-2012 Technical regulations for seedling cultivation of Ampelopsis humulifolia Bunge LY/T 2048-2012
LY/T 2049-2012 Regulations of cultivation techniques for central China sphenanthera (Schisandra sphenanthera Rehd.et Wils.) LY/T 2049-2012
LY/T 2050-2012 Technical regulation on cultivation of willow firewood forest LY/T 2050-2012
LY/T 2051-2012 Technical regulation on cultivation and affforestation for plastic containerized seedlings of Pinus sylvestris var.mongolica Litv.in seniarid region LY/T 2051-2012
LY/T 2052-2012 Defects in rattan cane LY/T 2052-2012
LY/T 2053-2012 Standard method for near infrared qualitative analysis of wood LY/T 2053-2012
LY/T 2054-2012 Methods for evaluating machining properties of lumber LY/T 2054-2012
LY/T 2055-2012 Wooden mirror LY/T 2055-2012
LY/T 2056-2012 Wood-flour putty LY/T 2056-2012
LY/T 2057-2012 Square timber for interior decoration LY/T 2057-2012
LY/T 2058-2012 Blanks for soild wood flooring LY/T 2058-2012
LY/T 2059-2012 Steel nails for timber structures LY/T 2059-2012
LY/T 2060-2012 Exterior use molding articles fron wood particle LY/T 2060-2012
LY/T 2061-2012 Wood-based molding for industry pallet LY/T 2061-2012
LY/T 2062-2012 Insect resistant plywood LY/T 2062-2012
LY/T 2063-2012 Technical regulation for daylily production LY/T 2063-2012
LY/T 2064-2012 Technical regulation of production for potted anthurium LY/T 2064-2012
LY/T 2065-2012 Production technical regulation for lily bulbs LY/T 2065-2012
LY/T 2066-2012 Production technical trgulation of carnation cut flowers in protected facilities LY/T 2066-2012
LY/T 2067-2012 Technical regulation for prodrction of Viola yedoensis seeds LY/T 2067-2012
LY/T 2068-2012 Technical regulation for production of Platycodon grandiflorum seeds LY/T 2068-2012
LY/T 2069-2012 Technical regulation for cultivation of ornamental Pennisetum young plants LY/T 2069-2012
LY/T 2070-2012 Comprehensive energy consumption of gallic acid production LY/T 2070-2012
LY/T 2071-2012 Comprehensive energy consumption of blockboard production LY/T 2071-2012
LY/T 2072-2012 Comprehensive energy consumption of wood drying production LY/T 2072-2012
LY/T 2073-2012 Comprehensive energy consumption of laminate floor covering production LY/T 2073-2012
LY/T 2074-2012 Comprehensive energy consumption of ply bamboo LY/T 2074-2012
LY/T 2075-2012 Lac wax LY/T 2075-2012
LY/T 2076-2012 Hand-holding forest hypsometer LY/T 2076-2012
LY/T 2077-2012 Electric garden shredder LY/T 2077-2012
LY/T 2078-2012 General-purpose seedling plate for forestry industrialized seedling nursery soft container LY/T 2078-2012
LY/T 2079-2012 Garden machinery. Pedestrian-controlled green topdresser LY/T 2079-2012
LY/T 2080-2012 Garden machinery. Hand-held lawn edge trimmers with a gasoline engine LY/T 2080-2012
LY/T 2081-2012 Portable fire-fighting lance with energy storage device LY/T 2081-2012
LY 1001.1-1991 (Southwest, Northwest state-owned forest timber production energy consumption. Overall energy consumption) LY 1001.1-1991
LY 1001.2-1991 (Southwest, Northwest state-owned forest timber production energy. Chain saw fuel consumption) LY 1001.2-1991
LY 1001.3-1991 (Southwest, Northwest state-owned forest timber production energy. Skidding mechanical fuel consumption) LY 1001.3-1991
LY 1001.4-1991 (Southwest, Northwest state-owned forest timber production energy consumption. The winch loading fuel consumption) LY 1001.4-1991
LY 1001.5-1991 (Southwest, Northwest state-owned forest timber production energy automobile transportation fuel wood consumption) LY 1001.5-1991
LY 1001.6-1991 (Southwest, Northwest state-owned forest timber production energy. Lumberyard production of energy consumption) LY 1001.6-1991
LY 1038-1991 (General technical conditions for timber transport trailer) LY 1038-1991
LY 1039-1991 (Test methods for timber transport trailer) LY 1039-1991
LY 1040-1991 (Timber transport trailer. Axle) LY 1040-1991
LY 1047-1991 (Wood Wheel Loader) LY 1047-1991
LY 1048-1991 (Timber truck side product quality grading. Quality Index) LY 1048-1991
LY 1049-1991 (Timber truck side product quality grading. Test methods) LY 1049-1991
LY 1050-1991 (Timber truck side product quality grading. Inspection Rules) LY 1050-1991
LY 1052-1991 (Lift sprayers. Technical conditions) LY 1052-1991
LY 1053-1991 (Lift sprayers - Test methods) LY 1053-1991
LY 1057.1-1991 (Marine veneer particleboard definition and classification) LY 1057.1-1991
LY 1057.2-1991 (Marine veneer particleboard. Technical requirements) LY 1057.2-1991
LY 1057.3-1991 (Marine veneer particleboard. Inspection Rules) LY 1057.3-1991
LY 1059-1992 (High Yield Technical) LY 1059-1992
LY 1060-1992 Carefully made hygienic chopsticks (A type and B type) LY 1060-1992
LY 1061-1992 Bamboo chopsticks LY 1061-1992
LY 1062-1992 (Lumber production and overall energy consumption) LY 1062-1992
LY 1076-1992 (Forest gantry crane use safety procedures) LY 1076-1992
LY 1092-1993 (Forest Products Model Rules for railway vehicles) LY 1092-1993
LY 1093-1993 (Forest Railway Locomotive Model Rules for) LY 1093-1993
LY 1097-1993 (Timber production machinery product naming and model preparation rules) LY 1097-1993
LY 1117-1993 (Tractor collective security procedures) LY 1117-1993
LY 1118-1993 (Winch use safety procedures) LY 1118-1993
LY 1120-1993 (Fresh mountain vegetables) LY 1120-1993
LY 1129-1993 (Forest ropeway. Types and basic parameters) LY 1129-1993
LY 1130-1993 (Forest ropeway. Guide pulley) LY 1130-1993
LY 1131-1993 (Forest ropeway. Polyspasts) LY 1131-1993
LY 1132-1993 (Forest aerial tramway. Rope selection, inspection and scrap) LY 1132-1993
LY 1133-1993 (Forest ropeway. Safety Regulations) LY 1133-1993
LY 114-1962 (Chinese Industry Standard) LY 114-1962
LY 1160-1995 (Plastic casings) LY 1160-1995
LY 1161-1995 (Paper shells) LY 1161-1995

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