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                                          List of Chinese Industry Standard: JT; JT/T; JTT
Chinese National Standard: GB GB/T GBT
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JT/T 1094-2016 Safety specifications for commercial bus JT/T 1094-2016
JT/T 155-2004 Automobile lift JT/T 155-2004
JT/T 475-2002 Trailer axle JT/T 475-2002
JT/T 496-2004 High-density polyethylene silicon duct for highway communication conduit JT/T 496-2004
JT/T 646-2005 Specifications and examining methods for highway noise barriers materials JT/T 646-2005
JTG D40-2011 Specifications for design of highway cement concrete pavement JTG D40-2011
JTG F10-2006 Technical Specification for Construction of Highway Subgrades JTG F10-2006
DBJT 08-101-2015 (Pre-tensioned prestressed concrete hollow plate (bridge) (Atlas)) DBJT 08-101-2015
DBJT 08-116-2013 (Residential construction of prefabricated concrete node Atlas) DBJT 08-116-2013
DBJT 08-117-2013 (Inorganic thermal insulation system building construction Atlas) DBJT 08-117-2013
DBJT 08-119-2015 (General Atlas road inspection wells) DBJT 08-119-2015
DBJT 08-120-2015 (Rain water standard chart) DBJT 08-120-2015
DBJT 08-121-2016 (Assembly of integral concrete components Atlas (Atlas)) DBJT 08-121-2016
JT 0013-1985 (Transport ships technical and economic feasibility Terminology) JT 0013-1985
JT 0014-1985 (Inland ship drinking water health standards) JT 0014-1985
JT 0016-1987 (Transport ships technical and economic feasibility term computer symbols) JT 0016-1987
JT 0018-1988 (Transportation standards development, revision procedures and requirements) JT 0018-1988
JT 107-1991 Work lifejackets for ships JT 107-1991
JT 133-1994 Motor passenger vehicle. Technical requirements and test method for heating system using engine residual heat JT 133-1994
JT 135-1994 Technical requirments for safety and health of ships with non-dangerous cargoes during navigation and loading/unloading operation JT 135-1994
JT 137-1994 The Envionmantal Technical standard in Asphalt Storehouse as Highways Material JT 137-1994
JT 14-1995 Sanitary standard for drinking water of inland waterway vessels JT 14-1995
JT 154-1994 Safety technical requirements for tank cleaning operation of oil tankers JT 154-1994
JT 195-1995 Regulation governing marine engineroom fire fighting emergency operations JT 195-1995
JT 196-1995 Regulation governing marine engineroom floodine emergency operations JT 196-1995
JT 197-1995 Electrostatic safety technique requirement for oil tankers JT 197-1995
JT 2006-1984 (Port of loading and unloading of coal dust concentration control targets) JT 2006-1984
JT 2011-1991 (Ships oil pollution incidents grade standards) JT 2011-1991
JT 2017-1990 (Transportation anti-static personal protective equipment General technical conditions) JT 2017-1990
JT 2019-1990 (Security requirements for tanker operations) JT 2019-1990
JT 2023-1992 (Port operations lifejacket) JT 2023-1992
JT 2025-1993 (Seamen medical requirements) JT 2025-1993
JT 2027-1993 (Inland ships lifejacket repair, scrapped) JT 2027-1993
JT 217-1996 TF88 Ventilated diving equipment with emergency supply JT 217-1996
JT 230-1995 Rubber belt of electrostatic conductivity for motor vehicle JT 230-1995
JT 243-1995 Signs for the Life-Saving Appliances of Inland Waterways Ships JT 243-1995
JT 26-1993 Technical grade standards for workers in the communications industry. General provisions JT 26-1993
JT 278-1995 (Ship crane safety technology rules) JT 278-1995
JT 282-1995 Steel ship-type buoy JT 282-1995
JT 296-1996 Hygienic standard for passenger coach station JT 296-1996
JT 304-1996 Hygienic standard for inland navigation passenger ships JT 304-1996
JT 3102-1981 (National road passenger vehicles series type spectrum (1981 - 1990)) JT 3102-1981
JT 3105-1982 (Loan-trailer General technical conditions) JT 3105-1982
JT 3105-1985 (Chinese Industry Standard) JT 3105-1985
JT 3106-1983 (LS10 type sprinkler) JT 3106-1983
JT 3109-1984 (Highway Bus Terminal and construction requirements of the approved level) JT 3109-1984
JT 3115-1985 (General technical conditions for truck trailer) JT 3115-1985
JT 3119-1985 (Beijing BJ 212 light off-road vehicle repair technical conditions) JT 3119-1985
JT 3121-1986 (EQ 140 Dongfeng Automobile repair technical conditions) JT 3121-1986
JT 3125-1987 (Asphalt Paver conditions) JT 3125-1987
JT 3129.1-1987 (Crawler stabilized soil mixing machine performance test method) JT 3129.1-1987
JT 3129.2-1987 (Tire stabilized soil mixing machine performance test method) JT 3129.2-1987
JT 3129.3-1987 (Soil mixing plant performance test method is stable) JT 3129.3-1987
JT 3130-1988 Rules of Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Automobile JT 3130-1988
JT 3132.3-1990 (Highway bridges mechanical properties of laminated rubber bearings finished testing rules) JT 3132.3-1990
JT 3133-1988 (Liquid asphalt truck) JT 3133-1988
JT 3135-1989 Technical requirements for enterprise of major repair of vehicle being managed JT 3135-1989
JT 3136-1989 (General technical conditions turntable trailer) JT 3136-1989
JT 3141-1990 (Highway bridge rubber bearing basin) JT 3141-1990
JT 3145-1991 Rules of transportation, loading and unloading of dangerous goods by automobile JT 3145-1991
JT 3146-1992 (Technical Requirements Manual Compactor) JT 3146-1992
JT 320-1997 Design rules for occupational safety and health of portengineering JT 320-1997
JT 322-1997 Regulation and measurement of noise on board with diesel engines, change to high gear JT 322-1997
JT 346-2004 Marine inflatable life jacket JT 346-2004
JT 366-1997 Requirements of safety technology and operation for ro-ro passenger ship terminal JT 366-1997
JT 376-1998 Navigable inland waters signs of bridges JT 376-1998
JT 377-1998 Broadcasting standards of marine radio beacon. Differential global positioning system JT 377-1998
JT 387-1999 Technical condition of inflatable lifebuoys JT 387-1999
JT 394-1999 Specification for safe navigation for river high speed passenger ship JT 394-1999
JT 397-1999 Safety management regulations for port dangerous cargo container JT 397-1999
JT 397-2007 The safety rules for handling dangerous goods container in port JT 397-2007
JT 399-1999 Resistance wind safety requirements for the port large size handling machines JT 399-1999
JT 4001-1965 (Hull lofting Technical Requirements) JT 4001-1965
JT 400-1999 Safety code for the harbour portal crane JT 400-1999
JT 4002-1965 (No member of the hull material. Technical requirements) JT 4002-1965
JT 4002-1979 (Chinese Industry Standard) JT 4002-1979
JT 4003-1965 (Marine steel processing. Technical requirements) JT 4003-1965
JT 4003-1979 (Chinese Industry Standard) JT 4003-1979
JT 4004-1965 (Marine steel processing. Technical requirements) JT 4004-1965
JT 4004-1979 (Chinese Industry Standard) JT 4004-1979
JT 4005-1965 (Marine carbon steel rivets. The type, size and technical requirements) JT 4005-1965
JT 4006-1965 (Marine rivet assembly and riveting. Technical requirements) JT 4006-1965
JT 4007-1965 (Caulking the hull structure. Technical requirements) JT 4007-1965
JT 4008-1965 (Horn hull structure. Technical requirements) JT 4008-1965
JT 4009-1965 (Hull plate thickness measurement. Technical requirements) JT 4009-1965
JT 4009-1979 (Chinese Industry Standard) JT 4009-1979
JT 4010-1965 (Welding riveted hull structure change. Technical requirements) JT 4010-1965
JT 4011-1965 (Ship repair bottom structure. Technical requirements) JT 4011-1965
JT 4011-1979 (Chinese Industry Standard) JT 4011-1979
JT 4012-1965 (The shipstructural repair department. Technical requirements) JT 4012-1965
JT 4012-1979 (Chinese Industry Standard) JT 4012-1979
JT 4013-1965 (Ship deck and platform repairs. Technical Requirements) JT 4013-1965
JT 4013-1979 (Chinese Industry Standard) JT 4013-1979
JT 4014-1965 (Ship deck hatch repair. Technical requirements) JT 4014-1965
JT 4014-1979 (Chinese Industry Standard) JT 4014-1979
JT 4015-1965 (Ship repair bulkheads and trunks. Technical requirements) JT 4015-1965
JT 4015-1979 (Chinese Industry Standard) JT 4015-1979
JT 4016-1965 (Ships dock. Technical requirements) JT 4016-1965
JT 4016-1979 (Chinese Industry Standard) JT 4016-1979
JT 4017-1979 (Chinese Industry Standard) JT 4017-1979

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