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                                          List of Chinese Industry Standard: JG; JG/T; JGT
Chinese National Standard: GB GB/T GBT
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BJG 13-1964 Specification for manufacturing and application of steam-curing flyash concrete masonry BJG 13-1964
BJG 24-1966 Temporary rule for application of general low-alloy steel bar including 16 Mn and 25 MnSi BJG 24-1966
JG/T 5067-1995 Complete equipments for producting small concrete block JG/T 5067-1995
JG/T 5068-1995 Floor polisher JG/T 5068-1995
JG/T 5069-1995 Pavement trowelling machine JG/T 5069-1995
JG/T 5070-1995 Formed steel cutter JG/T 5070-1995
JG/T 5072.1-1996 Guide rails for lifts. T-type JG/T 5072.1-1996
JG/T 5072.2-1996 Guide rails for lift. T-type inspecting regulations JG/T 5072.2-1996
JG/T 5072.3-1996 Hollow guide rails for elevatorcounterweight JG/T 5072.3-1996
JG/T 507-2016 (Digital Bonding Strength Detector) JG/T 507-2016
JG/T 5074-1995 Road milling machine JG/T 5074-1995
JG/T 5075.5-1995 Calibration of bucket volume for small dumpers JG/T 5075.5-1995
JG/T 5076.1-1996 Design standard for the isolating system of the vibratory rollers JG/T 5076.1-1996
JG/T 5076.2-1996 Checking standard for the isolating system of the vibratory rollers JG/T 5076.2-1996
JG/T 5077.1-1995 Technical specification for oscilation rollers JG/T 5077.1-1995
JG/T 5077.2-1995 Method of performance test for oscilation rollers JG/T 5077.2-1995
JG/T 5078.1-1996 Construction machinery and equipment Welded pulleys JG/T 5078.1-1996
JG/T 5079.1-1996 Construction machinery and equipment. Noise limits JG/T 5079.1-1996
JG/T 5079.2-1996 Construction machinery and equipment. Measurement method for noise JG/T 5079.2-1996
JG/T 5080-1996 Cold rolling ribbed steel wires and bars making machines JG/T 5080-1996
JG/T 5081-1996 Reinforcing bar bending machines JG/T 5081-1996
JG/T 5082.1-1996 Construction machinery and equipment. General specification of welding and code for technical examination of welder JG/T 5082.1-1996
JG/T 5082.2-1996 Construction machinery and equipment. Code for technical examination of welder JG/T 5082.2-1996
JG/T 508-2016 (Outer wall of water - based fluorine coating) JG/T 508-2016
JG/T 5084-1996 Hydraulic excavator and backhoe loader boom lowering control device. Requirements and tests JG/T 5084-1996
JG/T 5085-1996 Reinforcing bar cutting machines JG/T 5085-1996
JG/T 5086-1996 Reinforcing bar straightening and cutting machines JG/T 5086-1996
JG/T 5087.1-1997 Processing machine for doors and windows in aluminium and plastic - Butt welding machine for plastic doors and windows JG/T 5087.1-1997
JG/T 5087.2-1997 Processing machine for doors and windows in aluminium and plastic - Copy routing machine for profile in aluminium and plastic JG/T 5087.2-1997
JG/T 5087.3-1997 Processing machine for doors and windows in aluminium and plastic - Cutting saw for the profile in aluminium and plastic JG/T 5087.3-1997
JG/T 5087.4-1997 Processing machine for doors and windows in aluminium and plastic - V-cutting saw for profile in aluminium and plastic JG/T 5087.4-1997
JG/T 5088-1997 Evaluation method of cleanliness for fluid sample containers JG/T 5088-1997
JG/T 5089-1997 Determination of solid particulate contaminant in fluids by the automatic particle counting method JG/T 5089-1997
JG/T 5090-1997 Extraction method of fluid samples from lines of an operating system JG/T 5090-1997
JG/T 509-2016 (Non - woven wallpaper for architectural decoration) JG/T 509-2016
JG/T 5092-1997 Concrete product machinery. Vibration exciter JG/T 5092-1997
JG/T 5093-1997 Construction machinery and equipment - Classification and type JG/T 5093-1997
JG/T 5094-1997 Truck mixer JG/T 5094-1997
JG/T 5095-1997 Pipelaying JG/T 5095-1997
JG/T 5096-1997 Prestressed steel bar tension machine JG/T 5096-1997
JG/T 5097-1997 Combined crusher JG/T 5097-1997
JG/T 5098-1998 Asphalt emulsion slurry seal machine JG/T 5098-1998
JG/T 5100-1998 Scissors aerial work platform JG/T 5100-1998
JG/T 5101-1998 Arm aerial work platform JG/T 5101-1998
JG/T 510-2016 (Textile wall paper (cloth)) JG/T 510-2016
JG/T 5102-1998 Telescopic cylindrical aerial work platform JG/T 5102-1998
JG/T 5103-1998 Mast aerial work platform JG/T 5103-1998
JG/T 5104-1998 Truss aerial work platform JG/T 5104-1998
JG/T 5105-1998 Mechanical parking equipment classification JG/T 5105-1998
JG/T 5106-1998 The safety code for mechanical parking equipment. General principle JG/T 5106-1998
JG/T 5107-1999 Hydraulic press pile driver JG/T 5107-1999
JG/T 5108-1999 Full screw earth auger JG/T 5108-1999
JG/T 5109-1999 Guide rod type diesel pile hammer JG/T 5109-1999
JG/T 5110-1999 Impact-grab boring machine JG/T 5110-1999
JG/T 5111-1999 Long-term ptugging torque-motor type. Cable winch JG/T 5111-1999
JG 10-1999 Bolted joints of space grid structures JG 10-1999
JG 11-1999 Welded joints of space grid structures JG 11-1999
JG 118-2000 Rubber isolation bearings for buildings JG 118-2000
JG 121-2000 Building hoist. Pinion and cone progressive type safety device JG 121-2000
JG 12-1964 (Chinese Industry Standard) JG 12-1964
JG 12-1999 Inspection and acceptance standard for steel space grid structures JG 12-1999
JG 13-1999 Tubular steel frame scaffolding JG 13-1999
JG 135-2000 Dumbwaiter lift JG 135-2000
JG 138-2001 The support device of point supported glass curtain wall JG 138-2001
JG 139-2001 The support device of suspended glass curtain wall JG 139-2001
JG 142-2002 Electronic level meter for construction JG 142-2002
JG 143-2002 Heating radiator. Aluminium column-wing-type radiator JG 143-2002
JG 144-2002 Steel members of light-weight buildings with gabled frames JG 144-2002
JG 149-2003 External thermal insulation composite systems based on expanded polystyrene JG 149-2003
JG 158-2004 External thermal insulating rendering systems made of mortar with mineral binder and using expanded polystyrene granule as aggregate JG 158-2004
JG 160-2004 Expansion and undercut building anchors for use in concrete JG 160-2004
JG 161-2004 Unbonded prestressing steel strand JG 161-2004
JG 163-2004 Rolled parallel thread splicing of rebars JG 163-2004
JG 170-2005 Biosafety cabinet JG 170-2005
JG 171-2005 Parallel thread rebar splice with upsetting end JG 171-2005
JG 175-2011 Insulating aluminum alloy profiles with thermal barrier for building JG 175-2011
JG 190-2006 Cold-rolled and twisted bars JG 190-2006
JG 197-2006 Prestressed spun concrete square piles JG 197-2006
JG 2-2007 Steel panel radiator JG 2-2007
JG 220-2007 Copper-aluminum column-wing type radiator JG 220-2007
JG 221-2007 Copper tube convector JG 221-2007
JG 225-2007 Corrugated metal dusts for prestressee concrete JG 225-2007
JG 232-2008 Bath room radiator JG 232-2008
JG 237-2008 Mould for concrete specimens JG 237-2008
JG 238-2008 Standard curing chamber for concrete JG 238-2008
JG 244-2009 Mixers for concrete test JG 244-2009
JG 293-2010 Die-casting aluminum alloy radiator JG 293-2010
JG 3002.1-1992 Residential stair Prefabricated concrete flights JG 3002.1-1992
JG 3002.2-1992 Residential stair Prefabricated concrete intermediate landings JG 3002.2-1992
JG 3002.3-1992 Residential stair Balustrades and handrails JG 3002.3-1992
JG 3006-1993 Steel strand and steel wire unbonded tendons JG 3006-1993
JG 3007-1993 Corrosion-resistant and lubricating grease specialized for unbonded tendons JG 3007-1993
JG 3019-1994 Mould for concrete specimens JG 3019-1994
JG 30-2011 The line automatic doors safety requirements JG 30-2011
JG 3035-1996 Building curtain walls JG 3035-1996
JG 3036-1996 Mixers for concrete test JG 3036-1996
JG 3037-1996 Standard curing chamber for concrete JG 3037-1996
JG 3042-1997 Epoxy resin coated steel bars JG 3042-1997
JG 3043-1997 V-B consistometer JG 3043-1997
JG 3046-1998 Cold-rolled and twisted bars JG 3046-1998

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