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Industry Standard: HG, HG/T, HGT
Chinese National Standard:  GB     GB/T     GBT
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Standard ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
HG 0-1495-1983 (General Chemical Reference Materials) HG 0-1495-1983
HG 0-1496-1983 (Chemical Substance Management Standard Measures) HG 0-1496-1983
HG 1-1052-1977 (Stannous) HG 1-1052-1977
HG 1-1203-1979 (J101 type methanation catalyst) HG 1-1203-1979
HG 1-1315-1980 (Low-temperature shift catalyst B202 type) HG 1-1315-1980
HG 1-1316-1980 (Desulfurizer T302 type) HG 1-1316-1980
HG 1-1384-1981 (Unified analysis of P and K, calcium and magnesium) HG 1-1384-1981
HG 1-1427-1981 (Chemical analysis of the temperature shift catalyst) HG 1-1427-1981
HG 1-1428-1981 (Methanol, low temperature shift catalyst chemical analysis methods) HG 1-1428-1981
HG 1-1430-1981 (Chemical analysis methods for ammonia synthesis catalyst) HG 1-1430-1981
HG 1-1500-1983 (Chinese Industry Standard) HG 1-1500-1983
HG 1-1530-1983 (Chinese Industry Standard) HG 1-1530-1983
HG 1-1546-1984 (Naphtha steam reforming catalyst Analysis) HG 1-1546-1984
HG 1-792-1975 (DCP) HG 1-792-1975
HG 2007-1991 (C01-7 alkyd varnish) HG 2007-1991
HG 2008-1991 (C 04-42 alkyd enamel) HG 2008-1991
HG 2009-1991 (C06-1 iron red alcohol primer) HG 2009-1991
HG 2012-1991 (Mill rubber lining technical conditions) HG 2012-1991
HG 2014-1991 (Rope pulling flame retardant conveyor belt) HG 2014-1991
HG 2014-2005 Steel cord pull flame retardant conveyor belts HG 2014-2005
HG 20201-2000 Specification for hoisting work of installation project of engineering construction HG 20201-2000
HG 20202-2000 Specification for construction and acceptance of degreasing work HG 20202-2000
HG 20202-2014 Code for construction and acceptance of degreasing project HG 20202-2014
HG 20203-2000 General specification for installation and acceptance of chemical machinery HG 20203-2000
HG 20225-1995 Metallic Piping Construction and Acceptance Code for Chemical Engineering HG 20225-1995
HG 20226-2015 Code for construction and acceptance for installation work of pipe heater HG 20226-2015
HG 20231-2014 Code for project commissioning in chemical industry HG 20231-2014
HG 20234-1993 General rules for inspection of imported equipment and materials for chemical industrial construction projects HG 20234-1993
HG 20235-1993 Standard for Construction Organization Design of Chemical Engineering Project HG 20235-1993
HG 20235-2014 Standard for construction organization plan of chemical engineering project HG 20235-2014
HG 20236-1993 (Chemical Equipment Installation Engineering Quality Inspection and Evaluation Standards) HG 20236-1993
HG 20237-1994 Regulation for technical document of delivery in chemical construction and acceptance of titanic piping HG 20237-1994
HG 2026-1991 (O-nitrotoluene) HG 2026-1991
HG 2030-1991 (Industrial L-cystine) HG 2030-1991
HG 2035-1991 (Phosphorus packaging drums technical conditions) HG 2035-1991
HG 2036-2006 (Glass-lined vessel parameters) HG 2036-2006
HG 20501-1992 (Chemical companies design requirements of environmental protection monitoring station) HG 20501-1992
HG 20502-1992 (Rubber construction project environmental protection design requirements) HG 20502-1992
HG 20503-1992 (Chemical Construction Project noise control design requirements) HG 20503-1992
HG 20504-1992 Regulations on design of landfill for waste slag in chemical industry HG 20504-1992
HG 20506-1992 (Professional construction design automation depth of content provision (a) (b)) HG 20506-1992
HG 20519.10-1992 (Equipment bolt Table) HG 20519.10-1992
HG 20519.11-1992 (Piping layout) HG 20519.11-1992
HG 20519.1-1992 (Chemical process design and construction plans Content) HG 20519.1-1992
HG 20519.12-1992 (Hose station layout) HG 20519.12-1992
HG 20519.13-1992 (Piping isometric drawing) HG 20519.13-1992
HG 20519.14-1992 (Piping isometric drawings and pipe segment table index index) HG 20519.14-1992
HG 20519.15-1992 (Tube and pipe segment table Characteristics Table) HG 20519.15-1992
HG 20519.16-1992 (Special pipe rack Figure) HG 20519.16-1992
HG 20519.17-1992 (Pipe rack bitmap index) HG 20519.17-1992
HG 20519.18-1992 (Pipe rack table) HG 20519.18-1992
HG 20519.19-1992 Spring summary table HG 20519.19-1992
HG 20519.20-1992 (Special fittings map) HG 20519.20-1992
HG 20519.21-1992 (Special valves and piping accessories table) HG 20519.21-1992
HG 20519.2-1992 (Drawing Catalog) HG 20519.2-1992
HG 20519.22-1992 (Insulation Materials Table) HG 20519.22-1992
HG 20519.23-1992 (Corrosion of materials) HG 20519.23-1992
HG 20519.24-1992 (With heat pipe heat pipe with maps and tables) HG 20519.24-1992
HG 20519.25-1992 (Materials Table) HG 20519.25-1992
HG 20519.26-1992 (Equipment nozzle orientation map) HG 20519.26-1992
HG 20519.27-1992 (Pipes commonly used abbreviations) HG 20519.27-1992
HG 20519.28-1992 (Flowcharts; equipment, piping layout; piping isometric drawings; fittings chart; equipment installation chart of the line width and font requirements) HG 20519.28-1992
HG 20519.29-1992 (Pipe rack number and pipe rack piping arrangement drawings notation) HG 20519.29-1992
HG 20519.30-1992 (Thermal and sound insulation Code) HG 20519.30-1992
HG 20519.31-1992 (Piping and instrumentation diagram of the equipment, machinery Legend) HG 20519.31-1992
HG 20519.3-1992 (Design Notes (including process, piping, insulation, sound insulation and corrosion design specifications)) HG 20519.3-1992
HG 20519.32-1992 (Piping and instrumentation diagram of pipes, fittings, valves and pipe fittings legend) HG 20519.32-1992
HG 20519.33-1992 (Piping layout and isometric drawings on pipes, fittings, valves and pipe special pieces legend) HG 20519.33-1992
HG 20519.34-1992 (Equipment, piping layout on the use of the legend) HG 20519.34-1992
HG 20519.35-1992 (The device name and tag number) HG 20519.35-1992
HG 20519.36-1992 (Material Code) HG 20519.36-1992
HG 20519.37-1992 (Annotation pipeline) HG 20519.37-1992
HG 20519.38-1992 (No piping and piping material grade rating table) HG 20519.38-1992
HG 20519.39-1992 (Gasket Code) HG 20519.39-1992
HG 20519.40-1992 (Gasket Code) HG 20519.40-1992
HG 20519.4-1992 (Home map) HG 20519.4-1992
HG 20519.5-1992 (Piping and instrumentation diagram) HG 20519.5-1992
HG 20519.6-1992 (Partition index map) HG 20519.6-1992
HG 20519.7-1992 (Equipment layout) HG 20519.7-1992
HG 20519.8-1992 (Equipment List) HG 20519.8-1992
HG 20519.9-1992 (Equipment installation drawings) HG 20519.9-1992
HG 20526-1992 (Rubber Factory saving design requirements) HG 20526-1992
HG 20527-1992 (Stainless steel ring protruding steel pipe flanges with welding) HG 20527-1992
HG 20528-1992 (Lined steel pipe with socket ring loose steel pipe flanges) HG 20528-1992
HG 20529-1992 (Stainless steel lining flange cover) HG 20529-1992
HG 20530-1992 (Welded steel pipe flanges with lip seal ring) HG 20530-1992
HG 20531-1993 (Steel, cast iron containers) HG 20531-1993
HG 20532-1993 Safety and dygiene specifications for the powder engineering of chemical industry HG 20532-1993
HG 20545-1992 Technical Specification of Shop Fabrication for Pressure Parts of Chemical Furnace HG 20545-1992
HG 20546.1-1992 (Chemical plant equipment layout design content and depth requirements) HG 20546.1-1992
HG 20546.2-1992 (Chemical plant equipment layout design engineering requirements) HG 20546.2-1992
HG 20546.3-1992 (Chemical Plant Equipment Layout technical regulations) HG 20546.3-1992
HG 20546.4-1992 (Conditions specialty chemical plant equipment arrangement proposed) HG 20546.4-1992
HG 20546.5-1992 (Chemical plant equipment layout design requirements) HG 20546.5-1992
HG 20571-1995 (Chemical companies health and safety design requirements) HG 20571-1995
HG 20571-2014 Code for safety and hygiene design of chemical enterprise HG 20571-2014
HG 20580-1998 Regulation specification for design base of steel chemical vessels HG 20580-1998
HG 20581-1998 Regulation specification for materials selected of steel chemical vessels HG 20581-1998
HG 20582-1998 Regulation specification for stress calculation of steel chemical vessels HG 20582-1998
HG 20583-1998 Regulation specification for structural design of steel chemical vessels HG 20583-1998

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