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Standard ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
DL 400-1991 (Relay protection and automatic safety device technical regulations) DL 400-1991
DL 401-1991 (High voltage cable guide for the selection) DL 401-1991
DL 407-1991 (Rural Electrification Standards (Amendment SD 178-86)) DL 407-1991
DL 408-1991 Rules of safe operation in power industry (power plants and electrical parts of transformer substations) DL 408-1991
DL 409-1991 Rules of safe operation in power industry (electric power line part) DL 409-1991
DL 410-1991 Rules of operational management of transducers for electrical measurement DL 410-1991
DL 411-1991 Embedded analog screen for electric power dispatch General technical conditions DL 411-1991
DL 412-1991 Technical requirements for electric power system reuse modem, 600bit/s FSK modem DL 412-1991
DL 413-1991 (35kV and below, heat shrinkable power cable accessories technical conditions apply) DL 413-1991
DL 414-1991 (Thermal Power Plant Environmental Monitoring Technical Specifications) DL 414-1991
DL 415-1991 Device for checking spark gap in live-wire work DL 415-1991
DL 416-1991 (Stick for measuring DC high voltage - stick gap) DL 416-1991
DL 417-1991 (Power Equipment Guide for field measurement of partial discharge) DL 417-1991
DL 418-1991 Method for determining breakdown voltage of insulating liquid from impact of thunder and lightning DL 418-1991
DL 419-1991 Terminology of oil for power plant DL 419-1991
DL 420-1991 Method of test for refractive index and specific dispersion of electrically insulating liquid DL 420-1991
DL 421-1991 Method for determining volume resistivity of insulating oil DL 421-1991
DL 422.1-1991 Test method of industrial synthetic hydrochloric acid for thermal power plant DL 422.1-1991
DL 422.2-1991 Determination of industrial hydrochloric acid content - Volumetric method DL 422.2-1991
DL 422.3-1991 Determination of iron content in industrial hydrochloric acid - Phenanthroline spectrophotometric method DL 422.3-1991
DL 422.4-1991 Determination of sulfate content in industrial hydrochloric acid - Barium chromate spectrophotometric method DL 422.4-1991
DL 423-1991 Determination of gas content in insulating oil Differential-vacuum-pressure method DL 423-1991
DL 424-1991 Test method of industrial sulphuric acid for thermal power plant DL 424-1991
DL 425.1-1991 Test method of sodium hydroxide for industrial use DL 425.1-1991
DL 425.2-1991 Determination of sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate content in industrial sodium hydroxide - Titrimetry DL 425.2-1991
DL 425.3-1991 Determination of sodium chloride content in industrial sodium hydroxide - Mercurimetry DL 425.3-1991
DL 425.4-1991 Measurement of iron in industrial sodium hydroxide - Phenanthroline (spectrophotometric method) DL 425.4-1991
DL 425.5-1991 Determination of sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate content in industrial sodium hydroxide - Volumetric method DL 425.5-1991
DL 425.6-1991 Determination of sodium chloride content in industrial sodium hydroxide - Silver nitrate volumetric method DL 425.6-1991
DL 426-1991 (SZH digital frequency relay inspection procedures) DL 426-1991
DL 427-1991 Technical conditions for ordering indoor type generator circuit breakers DL 427-1991
DL 428-1991 Electric power system automatic under-frequency load-shedding Technical stipulation DL 428-1991
DL 429.1-1991 Diapha nometry DL 429.1-1991
DL 429.2-1991 Color measurement method DL 429.2-1991
DL 429.3-1991 Water-soluble acid measurement method (acidometer method) DL 429.3-1991
DL 429.4-1991 Quantitative assay method of water-soluble acid DL 429.4-1991
DL 429.5-1991 Volatile water-soluble acid measurement method DL 429.5-1991
DL 429.6-1991 Moving oil open-beaker aging test method DL 429.6-1991
DL 429.7-1991 Fatlute precipitation test method DL 429.7-1991
DL 429.8-1991 (Corrosion assays) DL 429.8-1991
DL 429.9-1991 Dielectric oil dielectric strength test method DL 429.9-1991
DL 430-1992 Test method of trace copper in oil (zinc reagent spectrophotometric method) DL 430-1992
DL 433-1992 Test method of chlorinity in fire resistant oil (oxygen steel bomb method) DL 433-1992
DL 434-1991 Regulations for implementing the legal units of measure in power plant water chemistry DL 434-1991
DL 435-1991 (Pulverized coal combustion boiler thermal power plant explosion regulations) DL 435-1991
DL 436-1991 (HVDC overhead transmission lines Technical Guidelines) DL 436-1991
DL 438-1991 (Thermal power metal technical supervision regulations) DL 438-1991
DL 438-2000 Technical supervision codes for metal in thermal power plants DL 438-2000
DL 439-1991 (Fasteners temperature thermal power plant technology Guidance) DL 439-1991
DL 440-1991 (In testing, evaluation and treatment procedures of labor power station boiler drum) DL 440-1991
DL 441-1991 (High temperature and high pressure steam pipe creep power plant supervisory guidance) DL 441-1991
DL 442-1991 Technical conditions for ordering fuses used for protecting individual high-voltage parallel capacitor DL 442-1991
DL 443-1991 General specification of hydraulic turbine generator units delivery inspection DL 443-1991
DL 444-1991 Reaction turbine gas etching damage evaluation standard DL 444-1991
DL 445-1991 (Chinese Industry Standard) DL 445-1991
DL 447-1991 (Chinese Industry Standard) DL 447-1991
DL 448-1991 (Energy metering device management procedures) DL 448-1991
DL 449-1991 Method for determining water content in oil-impregnated insulating materials (extraction method) DL 449-1991
DL 450-1991 Method of test for gas content in insulating oil (CO2 elution method) DL 450-1991
DL 451-1991 CDT Telecontrol Communication Protocol DL 451-1991
DL 452.1-1991 (DOE authorities and relevant units Name Code) DL 452.1-1991
DL 452.2-1991 (Cadre job title code) DL 452.2-1991
DL 452.3-1991 (Nature of the unit code) DL 452.3-1991
DL 452.4-1991 (Unit-level code) DL 452.4-1991
DL 452.7-1991 (Economic Type Code) DL 452.7-1991
DL 453-1991 Technical schedule for high voltage oil-filled cable installation DL 453-1991
DL 460-1992 (Meter verification test procedures device) DL 460-1992
DL 462-1992 Technical conditions for ordering series reactors used for high-voltage parallel capacitors DL 462-1992
DL 463-1992 (Live working disc suspension insulator fixtures. The second part. 28-45kN grade fixtures) DL 463-1992
DL 464.1-1992 (Rated voltage 1kV and below overhead insulated wires fittings and insulation parts. (1) General Provisions) DL 464.1-1992
DL 464.2-1992 (Rated voltage 1kV and below overhead insulated wires fittings and insulation components. (2) Ordinary clamp connection) DL 464.2-1992
DL 464.3-1992 (Rated voltage 1kV and below overhead insulated wires fittings and insulation components. (3) puncture-type clamp connection) DL 464.3-1992
DL 464.4-1992 (Rated voltage 1kV and below overhead insulated wires fittings and insulation components. (4) Wedge Clamp) DL 464.4-1992
DL 464.5-1992 (Rated voltage 1kV and below overhead insulated wires fittings and insulation components. (5) fixed suspension clamp) DL 464.5-1992
DL 466-1992 (Pulverizing mill and power plant system selection guidelines) DL 466-1992
DL 467-1992 (Mill test procedures) DL 467-1992
DL 468-1992 (Power boiler fan selection and use of guidelines) DL 468-1992
DL 469-1992 (Power plant boiler fan site testing procedures) DL 469-1992
DL 470-1992 Test guidelines of utility boiler superheater and reheater DL 470-1992
DL 471-1992 Production and installation guidelines of boiler shell interior device DL 471-1992
DL 472-1992 (Controllable gas blowing breaker ordering technology) DL 472-1992
DL 473-1992 Technical conditions for forged tee joints with high diameters DL 473-1992
DL 474.1-1992 (Field Guide for insulation test insulation resistance, absorption ratio and polarization index test) DL 474.1-1992
DL 474.2-1992 (Field Guide for insulation test. DC high voltage test) DL 474.2-1992
DL 474.3-1992 (Field Guide for insulation test. Dielectric loss factor tgδ test) DL 474.3-1992
DL 474.4-1992 (Field Guide for insulation test. AC voltage test) DL 474.4-1992
DL 474.5-1992 (Field Guide for insulation test. Arrester test) DL 474.5-1992
DL 474.6-1992 (Field Guide for insulation test transformer operating induction voltage test) DL 474.6-1992
DL 475-1992 (Measuring guide grounding device parameters of the power frequency) DL 475-1992
DL 476-1992 Application-level protocol for real-time data traffic in electric power system DL 476-1992
DL 477-1992 (Rural and low voltage electrical safety procedures) DL 477-1992
DL 477-2001 The rural low-voltage electric safe working code DL 477-2001
DL 479-1992 Technical conditions for static distance protection device DL 479-1992
DL 480-1992 Static current phase comparison based pilot protection device Technical conditions (relay part) DL 480-1992
DL 481-1992 Technical conditions for static direction comparison based pilot protection device DL 481-1992
DL 482-1992 Static zero-sequence current direction protection device Technical conditions DL 482-1992
DL 483-1992 Technical conditions for static recloser device DL 483-1992
DL 484-1992 (Static compensated zero sequence reactance relay. Technical conditions) DL 484-1992
DL 488-1992 (Live working disc suspension insulator fixtures. The first part. 20kN grade fixtures) DL 488-1992
DL 489-1992 (Medium-sized hydro static excitation system and testing procedures rectifier device) DL 489-1992

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