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                                          List of Chinese Industry Standard: CJ; CJ/T; CJT
Chinese National Standard: GB GB/T GBT
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CJ 128-2007 Heat meters CJ 128-2007
CJ/T 112-2008 Integrated circuit card diaphragm gas meter CJ/T 112-2008
CJ/T 217-2013 Compound quick air inbreathe-release valve for water supply pipeline CJ/T 217-2013
CJ/T 224-2012 Electronic remote-reading water meter CJ/T 224-2012
CJ/T 225-2011 Metal reinforced polyethylene (PE) spirally corrugated pipe for underground sewer CJ/T 225-2011
CJ/T 393-2012 Cock assembly for domestic gas appliance CJ/T 393-2012
CJ/T 409-2012 Technical requirement of fiber-glass reinforced plastic septic tank CJ/T 409-2012
CJ/T 421-2013 Electronic controller of household gas burning appliances CJ/T 421-2013
CJ/T 390-2012 Plate waste conveyor CJ/T 390-2012
CJ/T 391-2012 Compactor for refuse collection station CJ/T 391-2012
CJ/T 39-1999 Plane bar screen CJ/T 39-1999
CJ/T 392-2012 Commercial gas oven for cooking CJ/T 392-2012
CJ/T 394-2012 Electro-magnetic emergency shut-off valve for gas CJ/T 394-2012
CJ/T 395-2012 Gas-fired heating and hot water condensing combi-boilers CJ/T 395-2012
CJ/T 396-2012 Duck-bill rubber check valve CJ/T 396-2012
CJ/T 397-2012 Controlling bus system equipment for city bus information network CJ/T 397-2012
CJ/T 398-2012 Electronic gas/air ratio adjustment devices for household gas appliances CJ/T 398-2012
CJ/T 399-2012 Synthetic sleepers of fiber reinforced polyurethane foam CJ/T 399-2012
CJ/T 400-2012 Ground brick and water permeable brick prepared by recycled aggregate CJ/T 400-2012
CJ/T 401-2012 Technology conditions of ladder sleeper CJ/T 401-2012
CJ/T 40-1991 (Passenger side windows with aluminum section) CJ/T 40-1991
CJ/T 402-2012 Bellows expansion joints for city heating pipeline CJ/T 402-2012
CJ/T 403-2012 Large flow sludge piston value CJ/T 403-2012
CJ/T 403-2013 Radiant cooling and heating unit thermal performance test methods CJ/T 403-2013
CJ/T 404-2012 Anti-cavitation pressure regulating valve CJ/T 404-2012
CJ/T 405-2012 Pressure filters for swimming pools CJ/T 405-2012
CJ/T 406-2012 Stainless steel faucets CJ/T 406-2012
CJ/T 407-2012 Technicl requirements of communication based automatic train control system for urban rail transit CJ/T 407-2012
CJ/T 408-2012 Automatic equipment of oxygen monitoring for aerobic composting CJ/T 408-2012
CJ/T 410-2012 Oil seperating and upgrading integrative equipment CJ/T 410-2012
CJ/T 411-2012 Technical specification for the electrical system of medium and low speed maglev vehicle CJ/T 411-2012
CJ/T 41-1991 (Bus with cold-formed steel) CJ/T 41-1991
CJ/T 412-2012 Technical specification for medium and low speed maglev turnout CJ/T 412-2012
CJ/T 413-2012 Techuical specification for low and medium speed maglev train transport rail row CJ/T 413-2012
CJ/T 414-2012 Technical requirements of aluminum-steel conductor rail for urban rail transit CJ/T 414-2012
CJ/T 415-2013 Non-negative pressure water supply equipment for water supply network booster pump station in cities and towns CJ/T 415-2013
CJ/T 416-2012 Fire protection requirements for urban rail transit vehicles CJ/T 416-2012
CJ/T 417-2012 General technical specifications for low floor tramcar CJ/T 417-2012
CJ/T 418-2012 Cleaning sweeper truck CJ/T 418-2012
CJ/T 419-2012 Compact electric refuse collecting vehicle CJ/T 419-2012
CJ/T 4-1999 General specification for repairing vehicles of urban transit system CJ/T 4-1999
CJ/T 420-2013 LED road and street luminaires CJ/T 420-2013
CJ 10-1984 (Chinese Industry Standard) CJ 10-1984
CJ 11-1984 (Cities with the trolleybus technical conditions) CJ 11-1984
CJ 115-2000 Safety signs in zoological park CJ 115-2000
CJ 12-1986 (Zoo Animal Management Technical Specification) CJ 12-1986
CJ 128-2000 Heat meters CJ 128-2000
CJ 131-2001 General constructions of gas burning appliances for domestic use CJ 131-2001
CJ 13-1986 (Hazard identification standard housing) CJ 13-1986
CJ 14-1986 (Urban landscape nursery seedling technical regulations) CJ 14-1986
CJ 16-1986 (Urban appearance standard) CJ 16-1986
CJ 164-2002 Domestic water saving devices CJ 164-2002
CJ 17-1986 (City bus repair technical conditions) CJ 17-1986
CJ 18-1986 (Sewage discharged into the city sewer water quality standards) CJ 18-1986
CJ 19-1987 (Chinese Industry Standard) CJ 19-1987
CJ 20-1987 (Industrial enterprises water balance test method) CJ 20-1987
CJ 202-2004 Air admittance valves for building drainage systems CJ 202-2004
CJ 21-1987 (Chinese Industry Standard) CJ 21-1987
CJ 23-1987 (Chinese Industry Standard) CJ 23-1987
CJ 24.1-1988 (Treatment with quartz sand) CJ 24.1-1988
CJ 24.2-1988 (Anthracite filter media for water treatment) CJ 24.2-1988
CJ 24.3-1988 (Magnetite filter water treatment) CJ 24.3-1988
CJ 24.4-1988 (Ceramic water distribution mains) CJ 24.4-1988
CJ 24.5-1988 (Ceramic tile with double filtration water treatment) CJ 24.5-1988
CJ 244-2007 Water quality standards for swimming pools CJ 244-2007
CJ 247-2007 Quality of sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plant CJ 247-2007
CJ 248-2007 The disposal of sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plant The quality of sludge used for afforestation in gardens or forests CJ 248-2007
CJ 25.1-1989 (Miscellaneous Domestic Water Quality Standards) CJ 25.1-1989
CJ 25.2-1989 (Life miscellaneous water standards test) CJ 25.2-1989
CJ 26.10-1991 (Determination of the first urban sewage sulfide 1: Amino N, N-dimethyl aniline spectrophotometry Section 2: easy method - iodine method) CJ 26.10-1991
CJ 26.11-1991 (Determination of urban sewage sulfate gravimetric method) CJ 26.11-1991
CJ 26.1-1991 (Determination of pH urban sewage potentiometer method) CJ 26.1-1991
CJ 26.12-1991 (Municipal wastewater Determination of fluoride ion selective electrode method) CJ 26.12-1991
CJ 26.13-1991 (Determination of urban sewage aniline azo spectrophotometry) CJ 26.13-1991
CJ 26.14-1991 (Urban sewage BTEX (L6-L8) by gas chromatography) CJ 26.14-1991
CJ 26.15-1991 (Urban sewage copper by atomic zinc, lead, cadmium, manganese, nickel, iron absorption spectrometry Section 1: Direct method 2: chelating extraction) CJ 26.15-1991
CJ 26.16-1991 (Determination of urban sewage copper diethyl dithiocarbamate spectrophotometric) CJ 26.16-1991
CJ 26.17-1991 (Determination of zinc in urban sewage dithizone spectrophotometry) CJ 26.17-1991
CJ 26.18-1991 (Determination of mercury by cold vapor atomic absorption spectrophotometry urban sewage) CJ 26.18-1991
CJ 26.19-1991 (Determination of lead in urban sewage dithizone spectrophotometry) CJ 26.19-1991
CJ 26.20-1991 (Determination of total chromium urban sewage diphenyl hydrazine spectrophotometry) CJ 26.20-1991
CJ 26.21-1991 (Determination of hexavalent chromium urban sewage ethylbenzene carbon dihydrazide spectrophotometry) CJ 26.21-1991
CJ 26.2-1991 (Determination of suspended solids in municipal sewage gravimetric method) CJ 26.2-1991
CJ 26.22-1991 (Determination of cadmium urban sewage dithizone spectrophotometry) CJ 26.22-1991
CJ 26.23-1991 (Determination of total arsenic urban sewage workers diethyl dithiocarbamate silver spectrophotometry) CJ 26.23-1991
CJ 26.25-1991 (Determination of municipal wastewater ammonia first one: Nesslerreagent colorimetric Section 2: Capacity Act) CJ 26.25-1991
CJ 26.26-1991 (Determination of nitrite nitrogen in urban wastewater spectrophotometry) CJ 26.26-1991
CJ 26.27-1991 (After distillation of urban sewage TN titration) CJ 26.27-1991
CJ 26.28-1991 (Determination of total phosphorus in municipal wastewater spectrophotometry first one: ascorbic Act 2: stannous chloride reduction) CJ 26.28-1991
CJ 26.29-1991 (Determination of the total urban sewage to be non-dispersive infrared method of carbon) CJ 26.29-1991
CJ 26.3-1991 (Shen Yi municipal wastewater solids volumetric method) CJ 26.3-1991
CJ 26.4-1991 (Determination of total solids weight of urban sewage law) CJ 26.4-1991
CJ 26.5-1991 (Municipal wastewater BOD Dilution and seeding method) CJ 26.5-1991
CJ 26.6-1991 (Determination of urban sewage COD potassium dichromate method) CJ 26.6-1991
CJ 26.7-1991 (Determination of the weight of urban sewage oil law) CJ 26.7-1991
CJ 26.8-1991 (After the determination of volatile acids urban sewage distillation of 4-amino-antipyrine spectrophotometric Section 1: Section 2 chloroform extraction method: direct spectrophotometric) CJ 26.8-1991
CJ 26.9-1991 (Determination of cyanide in the first urban sewage 1: isonicotinic acid - pyrazolone) CJ 26.9-1991
CJ 26-1999 (Hazard identification standard housing) CJ 26-1999
CJ 266-2008 Safety regulations for cold potable water meters CJ 266-2008
CJ 27-1999 Acceptance standard of buildings taken over CJ 27-1999

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